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Magic of IBDesignable or we expand functionality of Interface Builder in Xcode

2 years, 9 months ago

Interface Builder in Xcode since some time saves to me a lot of time in work on a standard layaut of elements of the interface and sometimes helps with a problem of prototyping. From version 6 in Xcode added a feature for a render of the custom work line racks marked with the IBDesignable attribute and also display in a bilder of the fields of a class marked with the IBInspectable attribute.

From the Xcode 7 version this feature became more or less possible to use therefore I wanted to check its opportunities.

It is possible to esteem about IBDesignable/IBInspectable here and here.

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Objective-C integration testing on the example of part of the RSS eReader

2 years, 9 months ago
In last articles I considered unit-tests, this time it will be a question of integration tests.
That the example did not leave too big, but also contained material, I decided to write on the example of part of RSS Reader'a.
Counterfeit of the answer from the server for check of options of work will be considered.
Testing with CoreData will be considered.

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ToDo application creation by means of Realm and Swift

2 years, 10 months ago
With development of smartphones many tools were developed in recent years to simplify life to developers, having provided them with the maximum performance and quality. To borrow leading positions in App Store today not a simple task. And to teach to be scaled your application even more difficult. When millions of users use the application, you have to monitor the application and if necessary execute all operations instantly. Therefore one of problems which many developers face is Database. It really causes a severe headache for each of us, and I think that today you have only two options: SQLite and Core Data. I was a great admirer Core Data and its capability to work with records and the remaining data, but I understood that I for nothing spend a lot of time, working with it by applications programming. Recently, I faced Realm, new best replacement of SQLite and Core Data.

Realm and Swift

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iOs Debug Master

2 years, 11 months ago
Once I almost completely refused a mouse for navigation on Xcode and is quite glad to it. The following step is a failure from visual control facilities a debugger. What for? — we Increase opportunities, we reduce time of a debag, we spend less calories for movement of a tyazhelenky ruchishka (calories are necessary to us, that to work the head) and by that we provoke less tunnel syndrome.

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We start iOS applications from the console on a device and the simulator

2 years, 11 months ago
In article it will be briefly described how to collect the application by console commands and to start on a real device and the simulator without any need to open xcode for this purpose.

Generally, it is worth beginning with the fact that in my company there is a department of ios of development in structure> 10 people who work on a pack of applications. For automation of routine work we had to deploy the CI server (still samopisny, in view of the special historical reasons (well as at all), migration is planned for jenkins). I carry to routine things — assembly of projects, start of tests (if, of course, you write them), creation of ipashka for testers and for the calculation in app store. Generally, there was a wish that on clicking of a button or according to Hook in Geeta all this began to work. While everything works for us on clicking of the button by the developer, about git only in plans so far. In this article I will only touch upon a subject of compilation of the project and its packaging in file ipa. The functionality of start of projects on devices on the party of the CI server still is in a development stage, and here process of packaging in "fight" for a long time, can be useful to whom.

That we plan:

  • let's collect the application and we will start on the simulator
  • let's collect ipa and we will start on a real device
  • let's collect ipa for the calculation on a market
  • a little podebazhy assembly errors

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Три наиболее значимых нововведения с приходом watchOS2

3 years ago
Итак, о чем действительно стоит упомянуть при переходе к разработке на watchOS2 — это следующие три пункта:

  • WKInterfacePicker
  • Complications
  • WCSession

В данной статье я коротко расскажу о каждом из них.

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How many install are necessary for App Store TOP

3 years, 1 month ago
Quite recently I already wrote about that, how many it is necessary to receive loadings for TOP-10 the free games App Store. Today I want to continue this subject and to tell about more considerable boundaries in ratings of online shop from Apple, and also about that how many organic install it is possible to receive from the highest positions. To me the truth, was not succeeded to lift on the first place of the general TOP, but I was very close to it, and only the Viber company has prevented me. Generally business was so:

The release of my game of 1-2-3-4 Premium has been planned for August 31. In the Russian App Store she became visible per day earlier at 21:00 Moscow time, and active PR campaign has right there begun. In TOP-10 games it was succeeded to get already by 14:00, and for this purpose, as well as last time I needed about 6000 loadings which, however, managed to be made this time less than in days, having spent about 500 dollars.

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Preparation of application for iOS 9

3 years, 1 month ago
9 of September will leave new release of iOS and OS X. Remains to time less, and many developers already optimized the applications for work on new OS. That who has not made it yet, I suggest to consider shortly that is necessary for support of iOS 9.

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Дайджест полезных материалов для iOS-разработчиков

3 years, 3 months ago

В фары добавляются следящие элементы для предотвращения столкновения. Дно отслеживает разметку, чтобы автомобиль не ушел с дороги. В автомобиле все больше электронного управления. Wired показал удаленное управление Jeep. Хотя водитель был предупрежден, ему явно было не по себе. Больше внимания безопасности, товарищи. Больше внимания.

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Objective C organization of class

3 years, 3 months ago
In the previous article I have touched upon subject of structure of the project. In my opinion, it is the first step with which the beautiful code begins.
The second step is the correct organization of files of the class.

Articles about Obj C can seem to someone archaism, but so far we do not plan universal moving for Swift. This rather smooth substitution in new projects. Still there is huge code base on Objective C which needs to be supported.
Besides, on Swift experience in big projects is not saved up enough.

As anti-example I suggest to consider WYPopoverController.
Let's provide that it has come to us not from sweat, and it is our own class written to era of violent youth.

In the heading file of 279 lines, in the file of implementation of 2948 lines.
Hi, ⌘F, I did not miss.

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