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Useful additions to ReSharper

1 year, 10 months ago

Hi everyone!

As I noticed, many people use ReSharper, however completely ignore its expansions (plug-ins). In this article I will describe those from them which seemed to me useful.
Names of expansions are clickable and conduct on their detailed description.

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Vectorization, small bug and seven-stylish crutch

1 year, 10 months ago
Just I found a solution of a strange bug which pursued me the whole week. This small epic made such impression on me that I decided to share it with community. The error which I found, perhaps is present only at my firmware and most likely will never affect you. Unless you decide to do to Cordova/PhoneGap/HTML5 the application with vector graphics for Windows Phone 8.1

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Windows 10 Digest. November-December, 2015

1 year, 11 months ago
Hi everyone! We thought here that it would be quite good to collect periodically in one place different technology news around the Windows 10 platform.

Short video about a platform in which we tell what is Windows 10 from the point of view of the developer

Therefore, meet our first overview for November-December of the expiring year: from big updating of the most operating system, new SDK and new counters of Windows Store before tender of ideas for HoloLens.

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Change of a background of a desktop and the screen of blocking from C#/XAML the UWP applications

1 year, 11 months ago

Quite interesting possibility of the UWP applications is that it is possible to change a background and a welcome screen of the screen of blocking without special problems. What is strange, so is that no warning is even issued and installation of permissions in the manifesto is not required (though something like the point User Account Information from manifesto Capabilities quite could and be required).

Under a cat description of an unpretentious, but amusing trick.

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Free webinars on a Week of startups – be connected

1 year, 12 months ago
We collected the most interesting startups on a platform of Microsoft in Russia which are ready to tell about use of a cloud on the basis of own experience. To learn about their solutions, you will be able to try products and to ask questions on a week of startups from November 23 to November 27. Registration is necessary for participation.

Having visited week of webinars you learn:
  • 5 secrets of modern infrastructure with Docker;
  • experience of application of Azure for the organization of a hybrid cloud for corporate clients;
  • technologies of an application writing for the Windows Phone platform working with different wearable equipment through the Bluetooth 3, Bluetooth 4 and Bluetooth LE protocols;
  • how to increase controllability of business with the help of the cloudy business solution Actionspace integrated with Office 365, SharePoint and Azure.

And also as the databoom service can be used for fast prototyping of applications and many other things.

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Winium: now for Windows Phone

2 years ago

For test automation under Windows Phone and Windows there are no convenient and open tools which can be adapted easily under the needs. Those that is are closed, limited and offer the approach different from the commonly accepted standards like Selenium WebDriver.

My colleague wrote on Habré as we developed the selenium-like the instrument of automation of functional testing of desktop-applications under Windows. In parallel we developed the similar tool, only under mobile platforms from Microsoft.

About why undertook to write it what benefited from use of a uniform platform for test automation under all mobile platforms and how to implement it on your project, read in this article.

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Windows 10 on 10. Release #4. Giving of a final luster to an UWP-application

2 years ago
We continue transfer of a series of the articles Windows 10 on 10. New article is devoted to a subject of design of applications. Transfer is prepared by the Sly Lamb studio specializing in applications programming for a platform of Microsoft.

Several parenthesises from the head of studio Alexey Perezhogin:
Good afternoon! Before we wrote about our experience of adaptation of design of iOS of applications under WP 8.x. On the eve of an output of Windows of 10 Mobile we want to pay your attention to changes in guidelines of the Windows 10 platform in comparison with former Modern UI (the manuals, by the way, continue to be updated, and from the latest news — templates for designers in PSD appeared (before were only in Illustrator and PowerPoint)).

The subject is actual for Windows developers which are going to develop or port the applications under UWP. Therefore we decided to translate one of very useful articles on application design under Windows 10.

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On November 10-17 we invite to participate in an event for mobile razrabochtik and users – Russian AppFest

2 years ago
The IT companies of Russia, and also community, developers, users and all those to whom the industry of applications is not indifferent will participate in an event.

From November 10 to November 17 on the website Russian AppFest you will be able to find profitable sentences and bonuses on applications and services, actual announcements and actions of the industry.

For participation in an event 3 content types are accepted:
1) Discounts, special offers for applications and services;
2) Actions for a subject of applications, services which are connected with them, and mobile development;
3) Announcements from the companies – developers.

There are no restrictions for platforms, we welcome if your sentence extends to all mobile platforms.

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Application Lifecycle in Windows applications 8.1 and UWP

2 years ago

In Store Windows applications life cycle is quite similar to the picture. It quite simple also contains only 3 statuses: NotRunning – Running – Suspended

For myself I mentally identify it with "Not to dig – to Dig – the Smoke break". Experienced hard workers know that from a smoke break it is possible not to return to work any more. Experienced developers save application state at an event of Suspending and return it afterwards in an initial status at resumption of work of the application.

In Windows applications of UWP (Windows 10) all in the same way, but new features appeared.

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On October 28 10:00 (MSK) join online broadcast of Windows Camp//Labs

2 years ago

If you wanted to learn bases of development of UWP applications for Windows 10 platofrma, but do not want or cannot arrive to Moscow on Windows Camp//Labs we prepared for you online broadcasting from the main hall of conference where laboratory works are performed under the leadership of the instructor. Thus, you will be able to listen an instrutor and to perform laboratory works together with participants who are on a site of conference.

The link to github to Russian-speaking materials for execution of laboratory works, code samples will be available in day of action on the conference website.

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