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Search of potential followers on Twitter

2 years, 11 months ago
Let's assume to eat the account in Twitter to which write on rather limited circle with on what it is signed with several hundred or thousands of people. How to understand what share of audience is not covered yet? How to find these people?

For an example we will consider the account @Russia_Direct. This small edition which covers events in Russia for English-speaking readers. Something the Russia Today type, but with deeper and academic materials.

Now on them 4000 people — students, journalists, teachers of universities are signed ~:

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New tvitnut buttons or farewell counter

3 years ago
On November 20 Twitter disconnected a possibility of viewing of the counter of links through private API of the buttons and removed the counter from their official design what they warned in the blog a little more than a month ago about. New buttons look so now:

It is about API located at the address: Earlier, having transferred the necessary url, it was possible to receive number of tweets/retweets in which the reference to this url is contained. From now on instead of usual json, API returns an error 404.

API though officially also was private, but upon, was not limited in use in any way and for years of its existence managed to form the basis of a set of the services which are engaged in this or that data analysis.

Officially Twitter connects it with complexity of transfer of functionality on a new platform, to be exact, on low priority of this task, concerning others and convince the users that the counter on the button does not play any special role for visitors of the websites. However, it is the first case of failure of a large social network from the counter on the button.

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The analysis of tonality of expressions in Twitter: implementation with example on R

3 years, 4 months ago
Social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) — perhaps, the most popular free site available to the general public for the expression of thoughts in different occasions. Millions of tweets (posts) daily — there are covered huge number of information. In particular, Twitter is widely used by the companies and ordinary people for the description of state of affairs, advance of products or services. Twitter is also fine data source for carrying out the intellectual analysis of texts: since logic of behavior, events, and finishing tonalities of expressions with prediction of trends on securities market. There the huge array of information for the intellectual and contextual analysis of texts is covered.

I will show in this article how to carry out the simple analysis of tonality of expressions. We will load twitter message on certain subject and we will compare them to database of positive and negative words. The relation of the found positive and negative words call the tonality relation. We will also create functions for finding of the most often found words. These words can give useful contextual information about public opinion and tonality of expressions. The data array for the positive and negative words expressing opinion (tone words) is taken from Hugh and Lew, KDD-2004.

Implementation on R using twitteR, dplyr, stringr, ggplot2, tm, SnowballC, qdap and wordcloud. Before application it is necessary to set and load these packets, using teams install.packages() and library().

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How users of Twitter evaluate "The world of the Jurassic Period"? We process Big data by means of IBM Watson

3 years, 5 months ago

The new part of the saga about dinosaurs, "The world of the Jurassic Period" has broken many records of box office and has collected many positive responses of critics. But how the audience estimates emergence of the fourth part of the movie about ancient reptiles in the world, usual for us? How impatiently the audience expected output of "World" at movie theaters?

It is necessary to analyze thousands and thousands of responses, as the IBM Watson team has made. Now between IBM and Twitter corporation there is contract on cooperation on occasion of processing of Big Data, databases of social network. Therefore specialists of IBM have taken some data from Twitter concerning the movie and have loaded into Watson Analytics.

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Use of payment of Intel Edison for change of color of sphere of Orbotix Sphero at emergence of new tweets

3 years, 5 months ago
This article contains the description how to create the device on the basis of Intel Edison which checks Twitter and changes color of sphere of Orbotix Sphero if there is new tweet with hashtag #intelmaker. Small example which uses the built-in LED on payment in the absence of Sphero sphere will be in addition reviewed.


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Series: Big Data? as dream. Unplanned 5th series: Big game. Private opinion

3 years, 7 months ago
In the previous series: Big Data? it is not simple many data. Big Data? process with regenerative feedback.? Obama's button? as embodiment rtBD&A.; Philosophy of development of Big Data.

On April 11 Twitter declared the termination of the contract with DataSift. It would seem, well and what? Actually it means the beginning of Big Game which results can be compared to the III World. Sounds horribly? Let's place figures on board and we will look.

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IBM анонсирует аналитические инструменты для работы с базами данных Twitter

3 years, 7 months ago

IBM и Twitter представили первые в отрасли облачные сервисы, которые позволяют бизнес-профессионалам и разработчикам извлекать ценную информацию из данных Twitter. В процессе реализации проекта IBM и Twitter тесно сотрудничали с более чем 100 клиентами, и уже сегодня предоставляют корпоративным заказчикам возможность применять социальные данные для принятия бизнес-решений.

Twitter не похож ни на один другой источник данных в мире, представляя собой глобальную информационную платформу для ведения диалогов на самые разнообразные темы в режиме реального времени. Для того чтобы использовать Twitter-данные с целью принятия важных решений, бизнес-профессионалы должны делать нечто большее, чем проводить анализ общественного мнения – они должны отличать сигнал от шума. IBM помогает достичь этого, обогащая и анализируя данные Twitter в сочетании с миллионами источников данных из других информационных потоков, таких как прогнозы погоды, продажи, учет товарных запасов. Такой подход позволяет находить важные связи, которые помогают принимать более взвешенные решения.

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The custom button of login on Twitter of SDK (Fabric kit)

3 years, 9 months ago
This article is intended for those who already dealt with installation and the Twitter Login SDK setup (Fabric kit), but got stuck on a question of how to implement custom ui for the login button. Input article on Fabric can be found according to the link.

"At last I will get rid of this bulky code," — I thought, cutting twitter4j and anticipating what accurate will become authorization classes thanks to SDK Twitter. Business was on Saturday morning. By my calculations, it had to take no more than an hour. In the evening I damned that morning fool who decided to offer in the whole day off for the sake of small refactoring.

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Receiving RSS tape from twitter after the API 1.1 updating

4 years, 2 months ago
Due to the API twitter updatings from version 1.0 to version 1.1 requests not receiving RSS tape in old style, it seems have ceased to work:

It is connected with the end of support of twitter ohm of XML, RSS and Atom of standards of output. Developers have commented on their motives at acceptance of similar solution the thesis that the share of similar requests is small and can be disconnected without serious consequences for users.

But I am inclined to assume that there will be users who would like to see that functionality, nevertheless. For this group the narration below will also be led.

It already was in? Simpsonakh?

There is mass of solutions of this problem. Probably, the most adequate? this creation of widget in the account of the twitter with the subsequent transfer of data to google apps script for the subsequent forming of the RSS tape. This solution is described here.
But after all not all have the twitter account, and among who does not have it, there can quite be also those who wants to read others tweets simply.

Strictly speaking, the solution which I will propose below, is not absolutely reading someone's twitter, it simply search of all references of user name.

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Twitter has transferred to six universities all base of tweets since 2006

4 years, 5 months ago

Every day 500 million messages are published in Twitter. Such array of information with personal data? the real pot of gold for date-mayninga. On the basis of tweets scientists study patterns in human behavior, social communications, distribution of infectious diseases, risk factors for human body and many other things, writes June release of Scientific American log.

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