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What is BPMS

2 years, 6 months ago
Today in domestic business the new type of the software for business process management, namely, BPMS systems gains popularity. And, naturally, their emergence raised many questions. Why they are necessary? How they work? In what their fundamental difference from other options of automation of business?

When I for the first time faced BPMS, I also had all listed above questions. I far understood not at once why the new tool why it is impossible to implement all business processes, necessary for successful work, in already available systems of accounting or CRM, and in what fundamental difference of BPMS from other options of automation of business processes is necessary.

In this article I want to tell about what is BPMS systems why they are necessary and what process approach differs from traditional methods of work in. I will not speak about technical aspects of BPMS (about modeling and development of business processes), the following article will be devoted to it. Now I will try to reveal entity and sense of BPMS the most simple and clear language:

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Authentication: what the general between the refrigerator and the gun?

2 years, 7 months ago

In total with Friday, respected to the habravchena! As you know, at us in Mail, the Calendar and the Cloud two-factor authentication is used. In the months which passed from its implementation at support desk collected rather actual material which clearly lets know: many users (and even advanced) are confused in technical terms. From what we took it — under a cat.

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How to evaluate depth of game mechanics. Part one

2 years, 9 months ago
In this article Mike Stout, in the past the designer of Insomniac Games studio, is divided useful information about depth of game mechanics by a geymdizayn and considers questions of their excessive congestion on the example of a series of the games Ratchet &Clank.

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RPC, Messaging, REST: Terminology

2 years, 10 months ago

RPC, Messaging, REST: Terminology

The purpose of this article — to discuss terminology. Article — not about that, as well as for what but only it is exclusive about use of terminology. Article reflects opinion of the author and does not apply for scientific character.

RPC, Messaging, REST- Terminology - RPC, Messaging, REST- Терминология


If you work in the field of programming of distributed systems or in integration of systems, the most part stated here to you is not a new experience.

The problem arises when the people using different technologies and when these people begin technical talk meet. Thus often there is mutual misunderstanding caused by terminology. I will try to bring together terminology, used in different contexts here.

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Shadow DOM: specification

2 years, 11 months ago
Andrey Glazkov, Ito Hayato from Google, and also other specialists on Github work on engineering characterization of Shadow DOM. Huge work is already done, however it is necessary to make a lot. Within support of work on this direction transfer of the existing version of the specification of July 7 is created.

This specification describes way of association of several DOM trees in one hierarchy, and interaction of these trees with each other in one document that allows to construct DOM more correctly.

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Abbreviations against virmeyker: WIM, CSRSS, EMET, CCMP, EFS, SEHOP, ASLR, KPP, UAC, DEP and still something

2 years, 12 months ago

Since the most ancient times (it is good that all of them were on our memory) IT specialists adore reductions — as in household (all these AFK, BTW, AFAIK), and in professional communication. Therefore sometimes when reading professional literature on safety the brain of the even decently prepared hacker can strike pose of river scorpion. That it has not occurred, we have prepared for you article in which have sorted some of the most widespread abbreviations and the acronyms (our literary editor says that is different things, is necessary to google difference) meaning something, complicating life to the honest hacker or virmeyker.

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Confusion with names of positions

3 years ago
Still, my promotion on a career ladder was fast. In 2008, I began to work for a complete rate as the programmer as Junior Developer. There was a nice boss and cool colleagues, and I received the first skills of use of Java and .NET. It was useful experience. After 2 years at that work, I felt that time to move further came …

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The smart Internet of things — who is he and with what it is eaten?

3 years ago
The trend of the Internet of things now gains the increasing popularity. Most often the concept of the Internet of things is inseparably linked with something smart: smart houses, smart transport, smart enterprises … But when you look at this intellectuality more attentively, often you are disappointed: remote control bulb in the house — it at best automation, but not the smart house. It seems, as the Internet turns out not such and smart … And what such smart Internet of things?

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Концептуальное моделирование: How Many? How Much?

3 years, 1 month ago
Вопрос о том, что такое класс объектов, существует ли он в природе, обсуждается мной вот уже на протяжении двух статей: Класс объектов или объекты класса? , Особенности концептуального моделирования предметной области . Я задаюсь вопросом: можно ли, описывая предметную область, связать семантической связью объект и класс объектов?

Вопрос на самом деле отнюдь не праздный. Я часто встречаю модели, которые не совсем точно передают смысл сказанного. Например, хозяин машины может сказать, что его машина содержит группу колес. Он мог бы сказать, что машина содержит колеса, и это было бы совсем другое утверждение. Меня же смущает то, что в моделях, которые я видел, не делается разница между этими двумя утверждениями. Однако, на практике между ними огромная разница. Попробуйте потренироваться в поиске этой разницы самостоятельно.

Моделирование при помощи UML подливает масла в огонь, потому что во-первых, не позволяет моделировать классы объектов (Моделирование функциональных и физических событий в логической парадигме), а во-вторых, не позволяет связать семантикой класс объектов и объект. Таким образом, в области моделирования предметных областей наблюдается пока не изученное пустое пространство. Я позволю себе немного порезвиться на этом поле, чтобы показать, как на самом деле это забавно. Сегодня я расскажу про то, как мой вопрос связан с понятием исчисляемости и неисчисляемости существительного.

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Whether it is worth using the term Big Data further?

3 years, 2 months ago

The term "Big Data" became very popular over the past few years. Now nearly on each site Big Data and everything is discussed that with it is connected. Of course, data which are collected for needs of the organizations or society — all this changes our lives, improves them.

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