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Rust in 2016

2 years, 10 months ago
2015 was considerable year for Rust: we released version 1.0, stabilized the majority of elements of language and a heap of libraries, considerably grew up as community, and also release 1.0), but it will be super-important year for Rust in which there will be many fascinating things. In this article I will tell that as I think, has to occur. It is not an official position and not the promise of the Rust developers.


Before we talk about the future, here several digits for last year:

In 2015 by forces of community Rust:

  • 331 suggestions for improvement of language (RFC) are created
    • from which 161 were accepted and poured in the main repository
    • only 120 people gave RFC, from them 6 people created 10 and more, Alex Crichton created 23 RFC
  • 559 tasks of improvement of RFC are created
  • It is sent and poured in a repository of Rust 4630 of Pull-requests
    • which authors are 831 persons, from them 91 created more than 10 requests, 446 people created only one, and Steve Klabnik was the author of 551 pull-requests
  • 4710 tasks are created
    • from which 1611 are still open
    • which authors are 1319 people from whom 79 created more than 10, and Alex Crichton opened only 159 tasks
  • Six stable releases of Rust (1.0 - 1.5) are let out
  • Stability of Rust – 96% of packets which were compiled on 1.0 is maintained, are still compiled with use of version 1.5

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The digest following the results of 2015

2 years, 10 months ago
We decided to congratulate all readers of the blog with come New year and to sum up the past results. The end of 2015 was marked by round numbers — the 6000th bild in SVN and the 5000th participant of group of a social network of VKontakte.

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Results of the 2015th year for C ++

2 years, 10 months ago
Perhaps, I will tell a banal thing, but last year was good year for With ++!

Just facts:
  • There was a Visual Studio of 2015 with excellent support of opportunities With ++ 14/17 and even several experimental things
  • There was long-awaited GCC 5.0
  • With ++ gained serious popularity. Somewhere since July — the third place in Tiobe Ranking
  • At the CppCon 2015 conference several important announcements were made

And now about this and another is a little more detailed

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We write the DXE driver for removal of screenshots from BIOS Setup and other UEFI-applications

2 years, 10 months ago
In last article about SecureBoot I very much lacked an opportunity to make the screenshot at the UEFI setup through BIOS Setup, but then helped out the redirection of the text console in a serial port. This excellent solution, but is available it on the few server motherboards, and through it it is possible to receive only character graphics, and it would be desirable to receive this — it and looks more pleasant, and it is not necessary to cut its every time from a terminal window.
That's it we will also be engaged in it in this article, and at the same time I will tell what is the DXE driver and how to write, collect and test such independently as keyboard input and an output to the screen in UEFI work how to find it on which it is possible to write files among attached devices of storage how to save something in the file from UEFI and how to adapt some external code on With for work as a part of a firmware.
If it is still interesting to you — I wait for you under a cat.

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A simple opportunity to gain experience in IT

2 years, 10 months ago
imageThe anesthesiologist Con Kolivas developed own version of a task scheduler for kernel Linux because the existing implementation was adapted under server tasks, but unsatisfactorily coped with the user tasks.

Alexey Kuznetsov who happy-go-lucky "turned" into the hacker's Linux replaced the profession from the physicist-theorist with the system programmer.

The IT journalist Pyotr Semiletov in addition to the main work develops ten years the text editor of Tea open source.

Lesya Novaselskaya who received profession of the pathologist participates in testing of the project with an open source code.

Similar examples set. All these people are integrated by one — they implemented the interests in projects open source and participated in them both for pleasure, and for receipt of experience. There was a certain myth that the open project is only for programmers, and that who already have a wide experience in development. But it not so. The open project is not only development of the source code, but also testing, technical support, writing of documentation, marketing, etc. And still — excellent chance to gain experience and to derive pleasure from communication with the same adherents as you. According to results of vote the main obstacle for participation in the open project is absence of understanding of how to join the project. Therefore we will understand article as well as as whom it is possible to join such project.

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Development of the digital equipment on C ++/SystemC eyes of SystemVerilog of the programmer

2 years, 10 months ago

SystemC is a library for C ++ allowing to model various hardware systems at the different abstraction layer. It is supported as the traditional discrete and event modeling usual to programmers on Verilog and VHDL, and analog modeling in the spirit of SPICE/Verilog AMS. The library and methodology for virtual prototyping, library for writing of test environments and verification with use of randomized tests is also included in the package.

In this I will tell about a synthesizable subset of SystemC, comparing it to synthesizable SystemVerilog. I use SystemC about 3 years, and before wrote several years on Verilog/SystemVerilog. I will try to cover a subject from the different parties: since philosophical reasonings on origins of SystemC, the short overview of an ecosystem and tools and finishing with practical examples of syntax and semantics.

It is meant that readers are familiar with Verilog and C ++.

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To whom and why after all Go is necessary?

2 years, 11 months ago
It is healthy! Well, lately on Habré there was a lot of srachy around Go: good-bad, is necessary-is unnecessary, compared to a python much, compared to growth, a vyser of "Go vs Haskell" well and in this way much. I had a feeling that because of a hayp and aggressive marketing of language by some of Ivanami Danilyukami very little who understood who and why in general Go can be useful why it was done and whether should be learned in general it. I too long time participated in these sracha, siding in shifts with "fans" of language and the party of opposition, but finally a doper in what focus. Today looked down at a sofa in a post a little and decided to write this note.

Give, boys, we pass in a post.

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We subdue UEFI SecureBoot

2 years, 11 months ago
These promises should be kept if they are made at first in final part of the opus about safety of UEFI, and then are repeated from ZeroNights 2015 scene therefore today we will talk about how to force UEFI SecureBoot to work not for the benefit of Microsoft as it is most often configured by default, and for the benefit us.
If it is interesting to you how to generate the obstvenny keys for SecureBoot how to set them instead of standard (or together with them), how to sign your favourite EFI loader how to prohibit loading unsigned or signed with others conversion keys as the interface for the SecureBoot setup at AMI, Insyde and Phoenix looks and why it, by and large, is not important at all — welcome under kat, but be afraid of a large number of pictures and long console instructions.

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We mix colors correctly or we optimize AlphaBlend

2 years, 11 months ago
I write multilegal (but not multiplatform, alas, now only windows) a messenger which meanwhile supports only the TOX protocol. But the speech not about a messenger, and about its interface, and if more precisely, about its basic function — AlphaBlend. Yes, I decided to write the GUI bicycle. And what modern GUI without translucent elements and smooth curves? Therefore sharply there was a need to mix images taking into account translucency, i.e. alpha mixing or alpha blending. Fortunately, in the Windows GDI such function is available — AlphaBlend. Works as it is necessary, does what is necessary. But I that still the builder of bicycles, and it became interesting to me whether I will be able to write the same function, but faster. Result of my works under a cat.

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The self-modified code

2 years, 11 months ago
In article it is in detail told about self-modified a code (SMK), and about how to use it in the programs. Examples are written on C ++ with use of the built-in assembler. Still I will tell about how to execute a code on a stack that is an essential trump during the writing and execution of SMK.

1. Introduction

Well, went. Article promises to be long as I want to write it such that you had no questions. On SMK there are already one million articles, but my vision of a problem – after hundreds of hours of writing of SMK is provided here … I will try to push all the works here. Everything, be enough tomato juice (or that you prefer to drink there), do music louder and be going to learn how to relieve the application of the beginning crackers! In passing, I will tell you about memory of Windows and some other things about which you even do not suspect.

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