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As Code Game Challenge is arranged

2 years, 7 months ago


Code Game Challenge (CGC) — a format of competitions in which players practice writing of game strategy, units defining behavior under control to them in somebody the game world. This type of competitions — the eternal frequenter more — less large Olympic Games on programming.

In this article I will describe the vision of the structure of systems which do carrying out these competitions possible. I gained this knowledge when developing the similar project about which speech will go in the second part of article.

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Creating enterprise — a solution of tomorrow

2 years, 7 months ago
We express gratitude for preparation of article to Pavel Kovtun — CEO Mycroft Assistant. Pavel is more than 12 years
specializes in area of automation of business and supply chain management. The creator of the first innovation management system stocks of expert level is the author of unique techniques of the analysis and decision-making in SCM.

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DataTalks #4: Predictive analytics

2 years, 7 months ago
On October 10 the fourth DataTalks took place. This time the predictive analytics became a subject of a meeting, and we would like to share videos of performances with community.

Why predictive analytics?
She allows to predict on the basis of historical data different events in the future, such as behavior of clients or results of the made actions. Thanks to it business can make optimal solutions and consider forecasts about future actions and desires of their clients.

Under a cat you will find records of performances:
  • How to answer the question "What Will Be?": a practical advice / Andrey Yarmola, ​Data Science Team Lead in Wargaming
  • Necessary minimum of tools for creation of the system Recommendations / Alexey Dyomin, Java Server Side Developer in InData Labs
  • What is predictive analytics and to whom it is necessary / Nadezhda Ruchanova, the deputy director of representative office of OOO "SAP SNG", Mikhail Avetisov the leading expert of OOO "SAP SNG" on predictive analytics
  • Creation of the data storage on the basis of a platform Hadoop / Igor Nakhvat in Data Integration Engineer, Wargaming
  • Use of predictive analytics for management of the value of client base / Maxims of Brain Director of CRM in Wargaming


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IT specialist's view of SAP ERP

2 years, 7 months ago
In this article I will not tell about pluses and strengths of this system from the point of view of functionality – let marketing specialists be engaged in it. I as the IT specialist, I want to share the impressions with you about implementation of this product.

Article will be useful first of all to those who are going to begin to work with SAP ERP both as the IT specialist (consultant/programmer), and as the ultimate user.

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System of calculation of visitors of shop: as Google. Analytics, only on infrared sensors — and cunning statistics which you do not see

2 years, 7 months ago
In the 1940th you needed a special block which considers people on an input in shop. In the 1950th the camera with which film could be analyzed then was top of progress. In the late eighties in the USA and Europe (including Germany) infrared sensors or just counters of opening closing of doors on sealed-contacts began to extend. Now technologies slowly drift marking your broadcast packets of Wi-fi and Bluetooth (mailing of search of networks) to monitor movements of phone with an accuracy of 3 centimeters. Plus grows value of recognition of flows of people from video systems.

But let me tell about that invisible work which becomes based on normal counters of pass of the person, as in a tourniquet. Only without well-aimed blow to eggs.

Just a random pretty girl
The simplest implementation after the sealed-contact — intersection of an IK-beam

Can seem that except calculation of visitors in shop, such pieces are not necessary for anything. However if the simple linear analytics a heap allows to utykat them all shopping center even useful. For example, the competent shopping center on tracking of flows knows that the shop ceased to be pleasant to its audience — and precisely in number understands to the place of whom to put the new tenant.

It is, in my opinion, the best example of the fact that even simple as the log data can be used tens times more effectively, than usually if to put the head.

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Assessment of a test coverage on the project

2 years, 7 months ago
To evaluate the best method whether well we tested a product – to analyze the passed defects. What our users, implementers, business faced. On them it is possible to evaluate a lot of things: that we checked insufficiently carefully what areas of a product should pay more attention, what in general percent of admissions and what dynamics of its changes. With this metrics (perhaps, the most widespread in testing) everything is good, but … When we let out a product, and learned about the passed errors, can be already too late: on "habra" there was about us angry article, competitors promptly extend criticism, clients lost to us trust, the manual is dissatisfied.

That it did not occur, we usually in advance, to release, try to evaluate quality of testing: how well and carefully we check a product? What areas lack attention where the main risks what progress? And to answer all these questions, we evaluate a test coverage.

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Asterisk: Let's provide to VIP clients the first place in queue of calls, and we will also connect the client with the specific operator on preset time

2 years, 7 months ago
Asterisk is fun!
Every time facing some non-standard task I rejoice, rejoice opportunities again to plunge into this wonderful status of creativity, a brainwork. Recently such tasks appear often and it is healthy.
Designated in heading were implemented and work, so time to share the solutions with community came.

I will tell a little in more detail about everyone.

1. To organize the list of phone numbers of VIP clients.
Calls from VIP clients have to get on the first place to queues of Asterisk, for the fastest processing of their address. It is also necessary to have a feature to conveniently add and delete partners from this list.

2. To connect the client's call with the specific operator of queue on preset time.
To configure Asterisk so that in his "memory", on some preset time, there was information on queue, what of operators, accepted a challenge. The person from number 8913*75*5*0 called and gets to the operator of queue of Alyon and it is necessary to make so that during, for example days, the entering calls from this number were received only by Alyona and nobody else.
But there is more to come, if the client does not want to communicate with Alyona, then he can key * on the phone and next time will get already to other operator.

With the introduction on it I finish, it is a little Python, MySQL and cunning dialplan wait for you under a cat.

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One more methodology: Stakhanov

2 years, 7 months ago

General principles

  1. Tasks are created and written for convenience of contractors.
  2. Works of geymdizaner
  3. are result complete and clear even to beginners of a task.
  4. Contractors read tasks and change their status. (they write a code, but not tasks)
  5. Long hanging tasks — are removed (it will be necessary — once again we will get)

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The guide to job search for the MDA specialist (and it is a little about a method of the analysis of hierarchies, Xcore and Sirius)

2 years, 7 months ago

It is the 4th article of a cycle on the development managed by models. In the previous articles we got acquainted with OCL and metamodels, Eclipse Modeling Framework and Sirius. Today we will learn to describe metamodels in the text notation (but not in the form of charts as earlier) and we will get acquainted with tabular representation of models in Sirius. Let's make it on the example of crisis of middle age and a method of the analysis of hierarchies. Perhaps, it is useful to you when developing AI in games, at decision-making or in work.

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Without slides: interview with Dmitry Zavalishin

2 years, 7 months ago
All hi. It again "Without slides", and this time at me the legendary Dmitry Zavalishin famous for all as one of creators of Yandex on a visit visited. Guru (predecessor of Yandex. Market), founder of DZ Systems group of companies and author of the Phantom operating system.

What we talked about:

  • as whom Dmitry feels today: businessman or IT specialist;
  • what niches borrowed mobile and web applications in modern life;
  • what is the horizontal and vertical markets;
  • what business on development for these markets and what box solutions differ from custom in differs in;
  • as it is possible to evaluate quickly clients in three parameters;
  • how to find good frames on the project;
  • why Agile is a trouble for the Russian market of development;
  • at last, how to make your customers happy.

All this is in traditional video interview:

And those who prefer letters to pictures, I invite under kat where you will find interpretation of this interview.


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