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Russian AI Cup 2015: races on a survival for programmers

2 years, 11 months ago

We are glad to report about the beginning of the scheduled international championship on programming of artificial intelligence — Russian AI Cup. This time the championship received the name CodeRacing. To men of courage who will venture to take part, it is necessary to program artificial intelligence for control of the racing car. But he will have to not just play a role of the driver, but also at the same time shoot rivals. In the "game" world four types of units are provided: kodemobil, shells, bonuses and pools of fuel oil. The "dirtiest" acceptances on a trass will only be encouraged: it is possible to push someone else's machines, to damage them and to break.

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Tender on programming on JS: Mail filters

2 years, 11 months ago
The Hola company announces competition on programming on JS with a solid prize fund again:

  1. First place: 1500 USD
  2. Second place: 1000 USD
  3. Third place: 500 USD
  4. Perhaps, we will decide to note someone's extremely original solution a special prize in 350 USD.
  5. If you send someone the link to this tender, having put our address in CC, and this person will take a prize, you receive the same sum, as well as it.

We look for talented programmers therefore authors of interesting solutions will be invited to interviews.


Some of those who remember our previous tenders were dissatisfied that conditions of tasks were formulated indistinctly, and from the participant it was required "to guess" what we meant. This time the condition is formulated extremely unambiguously, and at the disposal of participants — reference implementation of a solution. That whose code will be the fastest on condition of passing of tests for a correctness will win.

Tender conditions in English are posted on our website. Below — transfer into Russian.

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Forward, on searches of palindromes

2 years, 11 months ago
Not so long ago on Habré there was article about codebattle from Well also tightened us with friends, it as drug! It seems you try to be distracted by work, and hands it is direct last to visit the website, and all thoughts — about optimization of solutions.

And once the problem got to me, it sounded so: "The decimal number 585 is 1001001001 in binary. It is palindromic in both bases. Find n-th palindromic number". And if in Russian, then so: "the decimal number 585 in a binary type looks as 1001001001. It is a palindrome in both numeration systems. Find n-y a similar palindrome". It's not true difficult was also solved quickly.

function is_palindrome($num) {
   return $num == strrev($num);
function solution($num) {
   $count = $i = 0;
   while($count<$num) {
      // Проверяем по порядку все числа, являются ли они палиндром в десятичном и двоичном виде
      if (is_palindrome($i) &&is_palindrome(decbin($i))){
   return $i;

But here ill luck. Approximately at that time attacked the website habraeffekt, and tests in any did not want to pass, fell off on timeout. In a local chat discussion on optimization of a solution began, but nobody gave a practical advice. Then released the website, all tests were passed, but the desire needed to be optimized …

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The updated Codebattle: game for programmers

2 years, 12 months ago
Hi, Habr!

Three weeks ago we (amicable command of the educational project a post about our new project — game for the Codebattle programmers. I will remind, idea of game very simple: you and the rival are given a task, you solve it in the language selected by you. You see a code of the rival in real time, results of start of tests and can communicate with it and the audience in a chat. Who the first will solve a problem (will satisfy to tests) — that won.

After the publication of article we had a cheerful day :) Laid down under habraeffekty and found several bugs. When the storm calmed down, on the arena life began to boil again. Within the next two weeks we solved three main problems: performance, fight against a chiterstvo and possibility of fast adding of modern languages. Also solved them!

Meet — the updated Codebattle! In brief:

  1. Habraeffekt to us on it is terrible (fie-fie-fie)
  2. To Chiterit it will not turn out any more (it is impossible to adjust a solution to tests)
  3. It became simpler to add languages (already there is clojure, ruby, js, python, php, java, erlang)

Details under a cat →

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From participation in hakatone-to victory in Imagine Cup

3 years ago
We already wrote about IzHard victory of the team on the international final of Imagine Cup and about their further progress. In total in year, having met last year on the hakatena of Imagine Cup, children not only have made fine game, but also have agreed about the edition its Nekki company. Below we publish the story of the team about this fascinating way. Also we remind that if you want to repeat their success – it is worth visiting one of hakaton of Imagine Cup which we carry out in 8 cities of Russia. By the way, hakaton in St. Petersburg will begin already tonight!

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Back to the Code – the report on competition

3 years ago

Competition under the name "Back to the Code" has noted our return to multiplayer games. Mission of game consisted in helping Doc and Martie to catch the Almanac before Bif Tannen imposes the paws on it. For achievement of the goal they had one confidential weapon: trick by means of which they could vovrashchatsya in the past and change the course of things … to the best or to the worst.

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3 years ago
Friends, click the link and manage the Webot robot which is to Robonochi 2015 in Giperkube Skolkovo right now.

Hi, to the habrovchena!

Today it will be a question of robotics, the name, to which Robonoch is more right about action!
Recently to "Skolkovo" have approved date by Robonochi this year, it on October 13, i.e. it is less than in week. I have not found interesting articles about it and have decided to write it!
I will try enough briefly and without excess water to tell that there was, and what plans at organizers for this year.

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Codebattle: game for programmers

3 years ago
Hi, Habrakhabr!

We in Heksleta like not only to study and learn, but also to have a good time. But to have a good time in own way, on-programmerski. Therefore we have started Codebattle. It is game for programmers.

Idea very simple: you and the rival are given task, you solve it in the language selected by you. You see code of the rival in real time, results of start of tests and can communicate with it and the audience in chat. Who the first will solve problem (will satisfy to tests) — that has won.

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Results of Russian Code Cup 2015 and analysis of problems of the final

3 years, 1 month ago

On Saturday, September 19, the final round of RCC 2015 has taken place. Pyotr Mitrichev who already won RCC cup twice became the winner and the owner of the first prize in 300 000 rubles: in 2011 and 2013. The second place and prize in 150 000 rubles was won by the winner of RCC of last year — Gennady Korotkevich. The third place, as well as last year, Egor Kulikov has borrowed. Its prize has made 90 000 rubles. Also prizes on 30 000 rubles were won by the participants who have taken with 4 on 10 places — Paweê Marín, Vladislav Yepifanov, Sergey Kopeliovich, Yury Pisarchik, Konstantin Semenov, Mikhail Tikhomirov and Nikolay Kalinin.

Heroes of round:

  • The first in 6 minutes and 8 seconds Gennady Korotkevich (tourist) has solved A problem (Bending of ribbon), he before all — in 45 minutes and 29 seconds — has coped with problem of D (The correct garden).
  • The finalist from Japan of Kawai Ryuta (anta) before all has solved B problem (Collecting coins) — in 16 minutes and 20 seconds.
  • Pyotr Mitrichev (Petr) the first has solved problem With (Topological sorting and children) — in 45 minutes and 29 seconds.
  • Any of finalists could not solve F problem (The robot on tree).

As we spoke, this year the final passed in format, unique for the IT championship: it was followed by four-hour online show which was broadcast on our site. Action on the air was conducted the popular Russian showman Anton Komolov (the graduate of MGTU of Bauman) and the head of the Center of Olympiad training of programmers of the Saratov State University Mikhail Mirzayanov. Guests of studio became Nikolai Nikiforov — the Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, representatives of the leading IT companies and key experts of the industry. It is possible to look at record of broadcasting at

And now we will pass to analysis of tasks.

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RCC 2015, final on September 19

3 years, 1 month ago

As all participants of the Russian Code Cup championship and their fans know, final competition will take place on September 19. It already the fourth RCC, and this year the total quantity of participants has exceeded 6 000 people. However this time we have decided to depart from usual format and have significantly expanded the program of the final. While participants will solve the given-out tasks, at office of Mail.Ru Group there will be talk-show devoted to the past, the present and the future of programming and high technologies which will be broadcast on the air.

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