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Confession of Google spammer

2 years, 11 months ago

True story how unscrupulous "botanist" earned millions of dollars from the search giant


Before being engaged in telemarketing, I somehow managed to earn in a month $50 000, and all thanks to spam in Google. And occupation needed to give it only about 10 hours a week. But, to be recognized fairly, I do not advise, here it is absolutely frank, to repeat such "feats".

In this post I just also decided to explain why.

My vision of the world in 2009

I was not going to send spam on the Internet at all. But Google did not leave me the choice and then I argued, approximately, so.

If to send spam so badly, I why spam always perfectly works thought? The majority black SEO шников probably adhere to the same point of view. They just find a number of suitable justifications to spam directed against indexation of Google:

  • We help to improve Google the existing algorithm of indexation!
  • Who told that content our everything?!? LOL! Links, here that it is necessary for you. Google lies. Spam on them cries.
  • If we do not send spam, our competitors will be engaged in it, and, so they will make us. It is necessary to send spam.
  • Generally, if you it is not aware, we care for the clients: only this way we will be able to win fight against a huge empire of evil which any minute will enslave all, profiting on a payment for cliques!

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The centralized notification Email

2 years, 11 months ago

Earlier we ignored notification Email per se. There are many services which allow to send notifications from the websites to their users to mail address, but there are no services where users could select where and how many to accept notifications.

Yes, we said that Email not abruptly and it can replace it with push-notifications.
But there is a huge layer of users who got used to receive notifications on mail. It distracts less, to someone it is simple more usual.
However e-mail has minuses, for example having entrusted e-mail box to the website — you endanger yourself receipts of spam, also letters from different services look on a miscellaneous that can confuse.

So why not to make the protected notifications in a format of small blocks from different services under control of the user? The user will be able to select the frequency of receipt of letters, will be able to unsubscribe at any time from this or that channel, further to configure a quiet time. Moreover — it will be possible to add several boxes and to select from what channels on what boxes to receive letters.

We already partially implemented it, is more detailed under a cat to whom to read laziness — it is possible to try in our service, having added mail in the section "Profile" in the Email Beta block.

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"Red card": what is behind warning of malicious software?

2 years, 12 months ago
Hi, Habr! If you use Google Chrome or Search of Google, then you almost for certain could when opening some websites red warning "See careful, malicious software". For the first time such messages appeared in 2006.

Actual warning of malicious software on the website

With their help Safe viewing of Google protects users from infection with malicious software and phishing attacks.

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Importance of SPF

3 years ago
I want to pay your attention to an important, in my opinion, problem which neglect even the largest and innovation companies of the world. The problem consists in absence at the majority of domains of SPF record which protects the domain from its unauthorized use in e-mail.
SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is text record in SPF and/or TXT records for the domain in DNS. Record contains information on the list of servers which have the right to send letters on behalf of this domain and the mechanism of processing of the letters sent from other servers.
For example, SPF record " TXT "v=spf1 +a +mx-all"" says that the servers specified in A and MX records of this domain can send letters on behalf of the domain, and the letters sent from other servers have to be deleted (Fail).

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How to find and eliminate the hidden readdressing for mobile devices

3 years ago
Hi, Habr! All of us love when the website perfectly works at any device, regardless of the sizes of the screen, methods of management and interaction. Quite often content should be adapted to the device on which it is browsed by the user slightly: for example, optimization for the small screen of the smartphone assumes change of images and other elements of contents. That it was more convenient to mobile visitors, developers quite often use a pop-up navigation bar. If such modifications are implemented properly and their purpose — to increase convenience, we do not consider them as violation of the rules of Google.

The same treats readdressing on the websites for mobile devices. It will be more convenient to users of smartphones to work not with the normal version of the website, and from mobile. Therefore readdressing, for example, from on is justified. However the hidden readdressing of mobile users on foreign pages prevents work and violates recommendations of Google for webmasters.

Example of violation: search results page on the computer and the mobile device phone shows the same URL. Having clicked on this link, the user of the computer will get on the landing page, and the user of the smartphone will be redirected on other URL.

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About methods of fight against spam

3 years ago
Hi, Habr! According to the report of the Symantec company published this summer from the 704th billion e-mails sent in June, 353 billion (49,7%!), were spam. Spam is harmful not only the fact that because of it nobody should rake a lot of the necessary advertizing sentences among which the necessary letter is easily lost. Bulk mailings are widely used also by hackers.

This summer e-mails with the counterfeit return address of, the text of "Windows 10 Free Update" and the attached file, were received by users worldwide. After unpacking the Ransomware virus (CTB-Locker option), began to cipher files on the hard drive – again to get data access, the victim had to pay a certain amount within 96 hours.

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Unusual divorce under the guise of Roskomnadzor

3 years, 2 months ago
Post-caution as divorce very unusual is also created on wave of blocking by Roskomnadzor.

I think that many heard that Roskomnadzor has recruited recently many employees who look for the prohibited information on the Internet and block pages on the Internet. In parallel with it Roskomnadzor creates "the register of organizers of distribution of information" (the law on bloggers). Habr's entering into this list it has been declared on September 25, 2014.

Anyway Roskomnadzor has earned to itself not really good reputation and is sure that owners of the sites to be afraid to get to any list of this organization.

Today my good acquaintance has sent me the letter in which it has been written that its site with rather small attendance is entered in this register.

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In Telegram spammers appeared?

3 years, 2 months ago
Probably that day when and in the popular Telegram messenger spammers appeared came though it and should have been expected. This morning received 12 messages of such plan:


Upon transition the link redirektit on url:

Apparently, the link for owners of iPhone and, perhaps, there something bad. Most it is not possible to check because at me costs Telegrams on poppy.
There is open a question how even if in a minute to write 12 messages with such volume of the text?

How to be protected from spammers? I did not find the section where it is possible to set the filter of receipt of messages only from the contact list in settings.

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Black list of IP the hands

3 years, 2 months ago
Quite recently I have laid out article concerning safety of the site and, in particular, problem of kapcha and big question — whether it is possible to get rid of it and as to make it.

Discussion was live and very productive. As it quite often happens to me, as a result of the analysis of comments of users I have changed the opinion on very big range of questions, stated in article.

Here I would like to sum up the result of the touched earlier so burning topic and to sound the following steps which I am going to undertake for its development. They concern creation of own black list of IP addresses. I, as always, approve nothing but only I offer options.

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Recognition Cyrillic kapcha Yandex

3 years, 3 months ago
This article continues cycle about features, weaknesses and directly about recognition popular kapchy.
In the previous publication we have mentioned ready solution of KCAPTCHA which despite quite good security has been recognized without a little serious preprocessing and segmentation, normal multilayer perseptron.

Now on queue Cyrillic Yandex of kapch with which, it is sure, many of us are perfectly familiar.

So, we have such I smoke:


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