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We substitute in Skype search engine of Bing for necessary

2 years, 11 months ago
Freedom to search from Skype! As, thanks to nginx, it is possible just to change the domain and to google directly from a chat, but not to bingat.

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The analysis of options of creation of telephony based on Microsoft Skype For Business

3 years ago
All good afternoon. At creation of telephony in the companies, in most cases the choice lies among traditional telephone vendors, such as: Cisco/Avaya/Siemens(Unify)/Panasonic/NEC and other. First of all it is caused by the fact that people select telephony and look at classical vendors. But even more often the companies, among other things, specify possibilities of the joint communications in the requirements. And why not to approach this question differently, to select system of the joint communications, and on its base already to build system of telephony? In this article I want to consider the possibility of creation of full-fledged telephony based on the solution Microsoft Skype For Business.

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Skype has got sick tightly and has paralyzed activity of many companies

3 years, 1 month ago
It is no secret that Skype is used everywhere, including in business. Today Internet users worldwide here cannot already be connected some hours to Skype, or have problems when using (messages come, but do not go).

At present, because of the increased loading, the web version with which problems it was not observed, is also unavailable.

Incident has influenced activity of many companies including ours, we actively used Skype for operational communication between employees in our organization, and are now forced to use less convenient, alternative messengers. It is probable that falling has already led to access to the network over one hundred thousands of "dark" phones practically at the same time.

For us unavailability of Skype is not the extremely critical, however has considerably slowed down worker process. And how falling has affected you? What alternative methods of communication are used by you?

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Skype has fallen off and does not work worldwide

3 years, 1 month ago

Nothing portended trouble as connection to Skype has broken. Has faced similar problem also other users, numerous complaints fell down in Twitter.

According to the DownDetector service, the problem has arisen at 11:23 across Moscow. Malfunctions have affected users not only from Russia, but also the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Indonesia, Romania and other countries.

Some users of desktop and mobile applications can receive messages, but cannot send them.

Technical support of Skype has written in the Twitter account:
"We work on solution of this problem and we hope that updatings will be available to you soon", – it is told in the message of developers.

Thus the Skype web version works:

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Skype has turned facing people?

3 years, 3 months ago
Not so long ago Skype has opened for all Skype for Web (beta).

Officially API is not announced (yet), and probably will change still.

But! It is possible to forget tortures from Skype4Com, dancings from Skype4Py, to say goodbye to skype-open-source, to throw out in basket reading Sqlite'om from user profile, etc.

So, with what to begin writing of the client / bot?

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Architecture of Skype from within and its transport protocols

3 years, 4 months ago
Small note. I am familiar with all reports on the analysis of the Skype protocol. I know about skypeopensource, I know about the project of the Frenchman of FakeSkype, etc.

Approaches were not pleasant to me.

Some data
Some results
Somewhere something
To send somehow and to receive something
It is not my way

For me a reverse engineering is a definite answer to a question, but not guessing of some values or studying of network packets. Therefore I offer other look and the analysis. I will tell how I passed it from the very beginning. In article there will be no source codes and there will be no description of the protocol complete. Also I not will neither disprove, nor to confirm similar information from other sources. For myself I could sort completely the transport network layer of Skype and cryptography, but I will not publish for the corresponding reasons.

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DoS exploit of desktop Skype for Windows and Mac OS

3 years, 5 months ago

At the latests version of Skype for Windows and Mac OS X also there is error allowing to bring down irrevocably the program.

For this purpose it is enough to send in chat line:

Then Skype takes off and is not started any more.

Works both in group chats, and in the private.

Vulnerable versions:
for Windows:
for Mac OS X: 7.8 (390)

Older Skype versions, for example Windows and Mac OS 7.7 (335) are not subject to problem. As makeshift it is possible to be rolled away on older version.

UPDATE: The problem is corrected in version for Windows and 7.8 (391) for Mac OS.
For treatment of problem simply download the latest version from

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Interview to the skype-swindler

3 years, 7 months ago
A few days ago Sergey Dolya has told how swindlers having cracked Skype of his friend, have started sending messages on contact list with request to translate money. In some hours malefactors by estimates the Share managed to receive more than 250 000 rubles. About it also wrote tjournal.

The scheme of divorce is not new. One of the most known stories on this subject is described nearly two years ago. It is a shame to recognize, but about a year ago I have fallen victim same (the same?) swindlers. One of old acquaintances from whom long ago anything it was not audible, has suddenly written with request to transfer a little money, because? very much it is necessary?. Yes, I know? how it is so possible?? well for the sucker? and so on. Generally, simply I wish you not to come across.

But here literally the other day one more of my contacts with which I did not correspond also long ago, has unexpectedly written and? yes, has asked to lend some thousands. This time I, of course, have understood everything from the first two phrases, but have decided not to kill intrigue, and to have a good time a little. However, anything amusing from this did not leave. It was interesting to me that the swindler when finds out will do that to its account has come nothing though the victim has confirmed transfer. It has in practice appeared that the person from that party can not always check the account into which asks to throw money.

From article of the Share to me the screenshot on which someone from his friends asks swindlers to give interview was remembered, and they refuse. Well and time was provided such chance, I too have decided to ask to give interview. Unexpectedly, I managed to receive answers to many interesting questions. I give our dialog in insignificant art processing below.

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Censorship of links Skype

3 years, 8 months ago

Today since morning some acquaintances have complained of impossibility to transmit links through Skype and have asked to check the computer for viruses. Rasprosiv it has become clear in more detail that Skype cuts links from popular online store (perhaps, and other of whom I use, has affected only DX).

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IT чаты или Выжимаем из скайпа все соки

4 years ago
image Часто у новичков в той или иной IT области ощущается острый дефицит знаний и знакомых, у которых можно что-либо ?спросить? по теме. Да, StackOverflow, Google и другие подобные ресурсы ? просто кладезь полезной информации, однако, согласитесь, бывают и ситуации, когда вопрос настолько общий, что ответ на него может дать только опытный человек работающий в этой сфере не первый год.

По большей части это касается этих самых новичков, потому что матёрые айтишники мало того что могут из гугла и душу чужую вытащить, так ещё обычно и знакомых у них в этой сфере хватает ? вопрос так или иначе решится.

И вот тут пролетела мысль ? а почему бы не сделать IT-чаты и разбить их на определённые темы/технологии? Ок, попробуем. И Skype нам тут поможет.

Если Вы хотите узнать почему был выбран скайп, каким образом можно ?обойти? лимит в 300 человек на один чат или у Вас просто спряталась альтруистичная IT нотка и вы любите помогать коллегам ? берите печеньки и добро пожаловать под кат.

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