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Comparison of platforms of virtualization

3 years ago
The companies selecting a platform for implementation of virtualization of the IT infrastructure along with products of VMware consider an alternative solutions on the basis of other hypervisors, first of all Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM hypervisor developed within OpenSource. To help these companies to make a right choice, the analytical agency Taneja Group last year carried out detailed comparison of several solutions for creation of the program defined data-centers (SDDC) and implementation of hybrid clouds from three vendors. In this research the possibilities of application of the following packets were considered:


– VMware vCloud Suite 5.5 Enterprise (including vSphere Enterprise Plus and vCenter Server Standard), Virtual SAN and NSX;
– Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter (including basic functionality of Hyper-V plus Hyper-V Replica, Storage Spaces, Hyper-V Network Virtualization, Hyper-V Extensible Switch and other expanded functions), System Center 2012 R2 Datacenter;
– Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure (RHCI) consisting of RHEL OpenStack Platform 4.0, RHEV 3.4
(KVM), RHEV-M 3.4 and CloudForms 3.0 IaaS Management. This packet of the Red Hat company is the commercial version of the OpenStack distribution kit (also research included solutions from Cisco and Amazon).

Each packet was evaluated by opportunities of virtualization of a data-center, implementation of hardware-software infrastructure, automation and management of operations and implementations of hybrid clouds. And here to what outputs came:

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Inclusion of BitLocker on the Exchange servers

3 years ago
The architecture of Exchange, optimum from the point of view of safety, both for Exchange Server 2013, and for Exchange Server 2016 recommends to include BitLocker on the fixed disks with data which store files of the Exchange databases. That to configure disk encryption at first we will define:

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Actions of Microsoft for IT professional in November

3 years ago

November will be sated with various actions for IT professional. A series of the Moscow and regional seminars IT Camp where leading experts of Microsoft will tell will continue, will show and will teach how to the maximum to use all opportunities of the latest infrastructure solutions of Microsoft. Each seminar includes both theoretical, and practical part (laboratory works).

Also we continue to support actions of community, in the list under a cat in November so far only one, wait for updates in November and December.

If we could not arrive to you to the city or you to us on offline action, we progotovit for you to not less interesena online tranlsyatsii and webinars.

For your convenience, I collected all these actions with descriptions and links to registration.

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The very best last article about setup of the server for Rails

3 years ago
There were times for Habré when everyone respecting (and not really) itself relsovik for some reason spread the recipes of setup of the fighting server and deploya applications on the Ruby on Rails. Such articles there were 60% of all articles in Rails hub, and echoes of that time still emerge: so, for example, for August I found two articles about warm a rail.


$ gem install from-scratch
$ scratchify your_app_name

What the magic is, read under a cat.

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Remote execution of a code in InterSystems Caché (RCE)

3 years ago
Van Gogh Fishing Boats on the Beach


If you manage more than the problem of execution of any code from one Caché server on another can arise one Caché server. Besides, execution of any code on a remote server of Caché, for example, for needs of the system administrator can be required … The utility of RCE was developed for a solution of these tasks.

What in general there are candidate solutions of similar tasks and that offers RCE (Remote Code Execution) – under a cat.

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We get rid of Amigo, MailUpdater, Yandex. Browser and other

3 years ago
All history is that it is possible to forbid installation of programs in the domain means of GPO in principle, and in that case at installation the login/password of the accounting entry with the necessary rights will be requested. But here ill luck — programs like specified in the name of article (+menedzher of browsers, Unity Player and other) are established in the folder of the user and successfully work in system. Idle time (article on only 1 page) way to get rid of Amigo once and for all is found very much! To whom it is interesting, I ask under kat.

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As it is possible to make fault-tolerant data storage system of domestic servers

3 years ago

Cluster note: server of domestic production of Etegro (2 AMD Opteron 6320, 16 GB RAM, 4 HDD)

The data storage systems used now in practice in Russia conditionally share on three categories:
  • Very expensive high-end SHD;
  • Midreynzhevy arrays (tiring, HDD, hybrid solutions);
  • And the economic clusters on the basis of SSD arrays and HDD arrays from "household" disks which are often collected by the hands.

And not the fact that last solutions more slowly or less reliable, than hayend. Other approach which is not always suitable for the same bank, for example is simply used absolutely. But perfectly is suitable for almost all medium business or cloud solutions. — we take the general sense a lot of cheap nearly "household" iron and we connect in fault-tolerant configuration, compensating problems the correct software of virtualization. Example — domestic RAIDIX, creation of the St. Petersburg colleagues.

And here EMC known for the devilishly expensive and reliable pieces of iron with software which allows to lift without problems both VMware-farm, and virtual SHD, and any butt on same h86 servers has come to this market. Also the history has still begun with servers of the Russian production.

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Control of the HP ProLiant servers through open REST API or "iLO on steroids"

3 years, 1 month ago
The introduction from HP: this publication is written to one of our customers who has as obliges wished to remain anonymous. To consider all coincidence of names and aypishnik accidental. To try to make the same it is possible in our demo center in Moscow at any time — we ask to write persons interested to comments.

I welcome. My name is Eduard, and I am the system administrator in the small company which autsorsit administration of IT infrastructure. Khm … Already probably on club anonymous someone with problems? Well it is fine, we really had one interesting problem, and today we will tell how we have faced it and as accidentally have solved it.

For a start there is some background. Nevertheless remember how cheerfully was to adminit remote iron earlier, about 5-8 years ago? We write the request to engineers to DTs, we wait when they connect KVM, we configure BIOS/CMOS, we expose loading on network, we put system (it well if someone kind has already written the generator of preseed/kickstart-files, and in DTs is DHCP/PXE the server). And then we on all servers had had ipmi (well over time). Oh, as we rejoiced at first!

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As we buy second-hand servers

3 years, 1 month ago
How to prolong guarantee of the server? How the server loses in price and why? How to receive service even if you are deleted from the dealer and you finished guarantee? What mistakes could be not made at sale / u-servera? How it would be possible to sell or buy most effectively / u-servery? Summarizing knowledge of this subject which are integral part of professional competence of the system administrator, we have tried to collect available information how now in Russia purchase and sale / u-serverov works.

When in server everything is good

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Productivity of disk systems of the HP ProLiant DL360 servers from Gen5 to Gen8. Everything that you did not know and were afraid to ask

3 years, 1 month ago
We constantly face standard task about expansion of office server for the different companies. Most often the client wants to buy the server on which postfix + as *SQL, ejabberd will work with the same * SQL, samba, and also * SQL under 1C office mail, for example. In this case there is need of studying of productivity of disk arrays in relation to servers of "working group" of the same model, but different generations. As our company more specializes on products of Hewlett-Packard, the HP ProLiant 360 servers of the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th generations have undergone the analysis 1U:

In all configurations of the controler we use cache the size 256Mb. It should be noted difference in the flow capacity of PCI Express of the bus by means of which controlers are connected: P400i and P410i — 2GBps (gigabyte per second), P420 — 8 GBps (gigabyte per second).

The first question which logically arises in this case: in what parrots to measure productivity? Having studied article of dear amarao, we have established that similar measurements should be taken at least in two parameters: IOPS — quantity of disk Input/Output of operations per second: the their is more, the better and Latency — operation processing time: the it is less, the better.

It has been decided to make performance comparison of different configurations in relation to different standard tasks as these tasks mean different options of load of disk subsystem. Character of loading is defined by the following parameters: block size, ratio of operations reading record, accidental/serial access.

Serial access to data is characteristic for record of various logs, during the broadcasting and record to audio/video and volume of the similar. Essence that access is characterized by the localized disk area, without need to jump on all surface.

Accidental access is most characteristic for databases, web and file servers: large number of requests to the sectors scattered on disk.

The combined combines both is higher described the scenario, for example functioning of DB with record of logs on the same array.

We test directly raw-device (direct access, without thinking about file system) to avoid influence of features of implementation of file systems and everything that with it it is connected on different platforms.
Under this task rules for fio and IOMetter have been written.

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