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Something "steals" the place on a disk?

2 years, 12 months ago
If you do not monitor the remained empty seat in the root section — you unpleasant news can expect that. In case of overflow of this section, services, important for your project, will cease to work. Agree, idle MySQL or web server will affect the project not in the best way.

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HP, Dell and IBM: the components which are responsible for reliability of the server

3 years ago
The main criterion at the choice of server hardware — reliability. Today we will make the small overview of components to which it is worth paying attention from this point of view as they allow the server to work not only uninterruptedly, but also continuously.

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Overview of the initial Cisco UCS setup

3 years ago

It is considered to be that server solutions of Cisco UCS — it is very difficult. We decided to demonstrate all simplicity of setup of such solutions. Under a cat the video overview, and also the shorthand report with screenshots (Carefully, a traffic! Many screenshots in the complete size if to compress them — to sort nothing).

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We recover access rights under Mac OS X — EL Capitan

3 years ago
Upon transition to El Capitan a number of users faced problems of access rights — idle sudo, incorrect timezone, etc …

Root of all evil is the cut-down access to / private/etc.

For a start, to you, it is worth checking the. Open Terminal (it can be made through Spotlight) and enter ls - la/private.

$ ls -la /private
total 0
drwxr-xr-x@   6 root  wheel   204 Oct  1 10:20 .
drwxr-xr-x   33 root  wheel  1190 Nov  4 15:56 ..
drwxr-xr-x  106 root  wheel  3604 Nov 13 18:04 etc
drwxr-xr-x    2 root  wheel    68 Aug 23 02:28 tftpboot
drwxrwxrwt   14 root  wheel   476 Nov 16 10:55 tmp
drwxr-xr-x   25 root  wheel   850 Nov  4 17:02 var

Here so "drwxr-xr-x" also the rights to etc have to look. If they look more similar on "drwx-----", then to you to us.

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Latest Solutions for Business online conference

3 years ago

The Microsoft and Intel companies invite you to take part in The Latest Solutions for Business online conference which will take place in a format of webinars on a site of community of IT professional of Intel IT Galaxy.

The Latest Solutions for Business online conference will integrate IT professional, representatives of business, leading experts in the IT area and within 3 days will become a site for an exchange of opinions and demonstration of the interesting, working solutions.

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Who was on the server?

3 years ago
There comes the moment when the system administrator needs to define date of the last login of each of users, and also to prepare the list of those accounts which did not make it. If you do not know the lastlog command earlier, then would be surprised, how easily and quickly it can provide you these data.

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Monitoring of projects: comparative analysis of the existing solutions

3 years ago

We bring to your attention the publication written based on Anton Baranov's performance, ITSumma at the summer BitrixSummerFest conference.

In this post I will tell what needs to be monitored from the very beginning in the projects including high-loaded. Let's sort the aspects connected with open source-monitoring systems, in particular Zabbix and Graphite, and also we will look narrowly at several SaaS-solutions for monitoring.

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Node.js in fight (creation of a cluster)

3 years ago
When you use applications on node.js in the prodakshena, you should think of stability, performance, safety and convenience of support. This article describes my thoughts of the best practicians of use of node.js in fight.

To the termination of this manual you receive system from 3 servers: balancer (lb) and 2 application servers (app1 and app2). The balancer will monitor availability of servers and to distribute between them traffic. Application servers will use a combination of systemd and a clustering of node.js for balancing of traffic between several processes of a note on the server. You will be able to roll out a code by means of one command from the machine, and at the same time there will be no breaks in service or the unprocessed requests.
All this it is possible to present schemes in the form:

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Let's Encrypt: receipt of the certificate on steps

3 years ago
In this article the real method of receipt of the certificate from Let's Encrypt in the manual mode for its further installation on the Windows Web server (IIS/Microsoft Azure) or Linux (completely manual mode) will be described. Because of the absence of the official client under Windows for generation of the certificate the Linux distribution kit will be used.


Background: from the very beginning for the website of our Moscow company (according to the link the test beta certificate of Let's Encrypt is already set) the "simple" SSL certificate was necessary for confirmation of the domain and data encryption.

In the first opening days of requests for beta testing the decision to register was also made and recently the letter which reports that now the ACME program will generate the valid certificate for our domain came:

Further we decided to publish article with the step-by-step instruction of process that by the time of release you could already quickly create and begin to use the certificate.

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Some acceptances of YAML

3 years ago
In this post I will tell about not really known features of the YAML language.


System administration over the past few years changed a little. Instead of small skriptik on bash at us now huge projects of system of a configuration. Puppet with one million modules is ready "отконфигурять" for us any machine, to put everything and to configure everything. And of course, this celebration of automation of Hiera — management system crowns with management system.

At the beginning the idea of selection of all configuration data in hierarchical structure and editing beautiful and convenient YAML files seems incredibly seductive, especially if to remember a set of formats a config files which creators, apparently, participated in competitions in originality of thinking. However we appear with thousands of the lines YAML already soon. Let's look as it is possible to use YAML that our configurations were easier to be read and supported.

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