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Expansion of sections without data loss

2 years, 10 months ago


Developed the program for simple expansion of the section and file system (xfs, ext3,4) without data loss.

Initial problem

After expansion of a disk of the virtual computer from wasps of linux family to expand in it the section of data.

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New Year's voice habrachat (2016)

2 years, 10 months ago

New year already not far off, and it can mean only one — time for warm, lamp communication in a voice habrachatik (there is also a normal chat).

Let's communicate in TeamSpeak 3.
It is possible to download it here.

For connection to the server it is enough to enter IP — and your nickname.

With coming, friends!

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Why calculation of pertsentily works not as you expect?

2 years, 10 months ago
Often clients ask us about a p99-metrics (the 99th pertsentil).

It is definitely reasonable request and we are going to add similar functionality to VividCortex (I will tell about it later). But at the same time, when clients ask about it, they mean something absolutely certain — something that can be a problem. They ask not the 99th pertsentil on some metrics, they ask a metrics on the 99th pertsentilyu. This commonplace for such systems as Graphite, but all this yields not that result which from such systems is expected. It is a post will tell you that, perhaps, you have incorrect representations about pertsentil, about exact degree of your delusions and about what all of you can make correctly in this case.

(It is transfer of article which was written by Baron Schwartz.)

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Free control bars hosting. Goddess of Vesta

2 years, 11 months ago
When you work in a hosting company most of friends and acquaintances, all the issues concerning a hosting are resolved through you. It allows to be in a trend of the last innovations, and also not only to increase the skills, but also to keep them in a tone. As soon as special problems of children became difficult to be solved on a hosting server, as a rule due to the lack of an opportunity to set necessary software for work of this or that script, I thought of the inexpensive virtual server at once, especially they at us appeared. Also we understood that it will be simpler to work with the server via the convenient web interface, and the good control bar will be as-@-as, by the way. And if it is also free, then we will be only in plus. Without hesitation, opened the browser and began to google free control bars a hosting.

Understanding that studying of everyone will demand time, I decided to ask also council our experienced administrator on what I received the short answer:
You look towards Vesta.
For my part there was an attempt to pay its attention that there are also other free products:
Yes, heard 
, and in general they are enough: Ajenti, CentOS Web Panel, etc.
But the head of technical department allowed expect the answer enough:
These are not really popular in our circles.
Here so there was my first acquaintance to one of the most popular free control bars a hosting in a RuNet — Vesta CP. I would like to tell you as the solution of objectives leads not only to writing of tutorials, but also allows to get acquainted with interesting people who put the heart and soul in that business which are really brought to them by pleasure. And as a result, we receive the remarkable software product. Well unless it is not wonderful? Pleasant and constructive to you readings …

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FlexPod Express: UCS-Managed configuration

2 years, 11 months ago
Among three previous configurations of Small/Medium/Large in architecture of FlexPod Express one more appeared under the name Cisco UCS-Managed. In this article the speech about this new configuration will go. FlexPod Express and FlexPod Datacenter are divided into two main types of connection: direct connection of SHD to servers (between SHD and servers there is no switch) or via the switch (between SHD and servers there is a switch), I will remind that Fabric Interconnect is not the switch, but part of the UCS domain of servers.

It should be noted several important differences of a new configuration from previous three.
  • First in architecture there were Fabric Interconnect, let also performed by the internal devices installed in the UCS Mini chassis with blades.
  • Secondly in architecture the possibility of direct connection of SHD to Fabric Interconnect appeared, earlier between servers and SHD there shall be a switch. At the same time the switch had to be only Nexus (3048/3500/9300).
  • In the third if we have a configuration of FlexPod Express Cisco UCS-Managed with direct connection, the switch for connection of ultimate users shall not be Nexus. Now it can be any standard switch maintaining fault tolerance on similarity of Multi Chassis Etherchannel. But if between UCS and FAS the switch is necessary, then the switch is obliged to be Nexus.

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Katastrofoustoychivost of a corporate data-center as service

2 years, 11 months ago
There is a set of solutions for creation of katastrofoustoychivy systems with use of technologies of consolidation and virtualization of computing resources, cluster systems, technologies of replication and continuous data protection, and the customer can construct katastrofoustoychivy DPC or independently, or with use of platforms of commercial data-centers and services of providers.

Today almost in each company which is actively using IT for business support there is the data processing center (DPC). Increase of requirements to reliability of DPC – one of tendencies of the market. As the data-center quite often is a key element of business of the company, specialists look for economic methods of increase of its reliability long ago. And sooner or later there is a need to provide not only hardware reliability of DPC, but also its katastrofoustoychivost.

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New Year's event on the HPE ProLiant Gen9 servers

2 years, 11 months ago
This New year indulge yourself with the HPE ProLiant server from 10% a discount!

Till January 31, 2016 the Hewlett Packard Enterprise company reduces the prices of the rack ProLiant Gen9 servers about which we already wrote at us in the blog.

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The enclosed virtualization of Hyper-V — the first step

2 years, 11 months ago
The author of article is Mikhail Komarov, MVP — Cloud and Datacenter Management

Good afternoon! The purpose of today's article — to tell about implementation of the enclosed virtualization on the Hyper-V platform. It is no secret that Hyper-V did not support the enclosed virtualization unlike other vendors. With an output of assembly of Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 4 (TP4) which is intended for persons interested to try new functionality the situation changed. Demonstrations of the enclosed virtualization can be seen in record of the report "One report, one notebook, one data-center" of action of Microsoft TechDay 2015.

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HPE offers the Arranged Infrastructure

2 years, 11 months ago
At the beginning of December in London at the European Discover conference the HPE company provided the first results of the Synergy project on creation of solutions for creation of "Arranged" (composable) of IT infrastructure in which it is possible quickly (in several minutes) to unroll as traditional server applications (ERP systems, databases, servers of e-mail MS Exchange, etc.), and the new applications which are specially written for work in the cloudy environment. The Synergy project is the following stage of evolution of convergent infrastructure which department of corporate products of HP used several years in the integrated systems.
The arranged infrastructure of HPE is based on three key elements:

— Flexible pools of resources: computing, data storage and network — providing uniform infrastructure for expansion of different operational loads: physical, virtual and containers;

— The program defined logic on the basis of use of templates;

— The unified API interfaces providing simple and convenient integration of the Arranged Infrastructure of HPE with any platforms of management and providing cloud services.

The concept of the arranged infrastructure is implemented in the HPE Synergy system which beginning of deliveries is planned for the second quarter of the next year. Beta testing of Synergy will take place in the first quarter 2016, and participants of the London Discover could see this system in a forum demo zone.

Racks with HPE Synergy.

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Recipes from CHEFa: the automated expansion of environments of business applications with use of HPE OneView

2 years, 11 months ago
Information technologies become an integral part of products and services of new IT style in which business expects to receive the requested resources under new applications almost instantly. IT resources, in a paradigm of new requirements from modern applications, have to be selected, used, return and be reused automatically from the general pool of nodes of calculations, storage, and a network.

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