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Own search in distributions of – implementation on Yii2

2 years, 9 months ago
It is cast by this publication.

Here it is described how to implement search in distributions of on own hosting / lokalkhosta.

Preliminary agreement:
  • all operations are performed in the unix-like environment. Nuances for windows, unfortunately, are unknown to me;
  • presence at you of basic knowledge of Unix shell, Yii2, git is supposed
  • personally I see few scenarios of use of it (local search in distributions) of a solution;
  • implementation on yii2 advanced template in this case is excessive, but I got used to it;
  • I for the first time in life see spinx therefore there in a config there can be strangenesses;
  • in some places of a solution quite disputable (I will be grateful for hints "as it is correct").

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We join tox-community or installation of a note in 5 minutes

2 years, 10 months ago
I welcome you, about the greedy reader, the pedant and the fighter for justice on the Internet! In our weapon replenishment, is called it tox. Now I will show you, % %username, its assembly dismantling.


There is such remarkable system which is called TOX. There is their official site, and here a profile on github.

Already wrote a set of times about tox, but I will list the main buns: There is no DHT — dependence on the central server, there is enough at least one note, enciphering on the client — Vasya writes Masha, the Pasha will read nothing telegram.

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The Internet on magnets 3 — P2P the Website and the Forum

2 years, 10 months ago

The concept of the Internet on magnets consists in that not to depend on the software, the protocol or a method of data transmission. Not important how you receive the file having a magnet you can will make sure that you received that you ordered.

For creation and updating of the magnetic website with a set of pages we need a digital signature. It is necessary to designate a source and to connect among themselves pages of the website. For its creation and use it is possible to use GnuPG packet.

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Throughout a subject (We test video p2p for an overload)

2 years, 10 months ago
All thanks for the interest shown by you and participation in trial testing.

At first about results with the to pluses minuses and surprises.
Perhaps the most important that should be noted, is that at the moment this technology of broadcasting, is not capable to replace with itself CDN yet completely. It is capable to reduce load of the server approximately by 75%. And proceeding from more detailed acquaintance with technology leaves that authors also do not set the task of reduction of CDN to a maximum, and save a traffic and try to obtain lack of hangup of video from users, even when the Internet channel of the server is completely loaded (reasonably).

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Club of anonymous Fathers Frost 2015-2016 on Habrakhabr

2 years, 10 months ago

All hi.

Through traffic jams of long-distance truck drivers, but Father Frost nevertheless reached to Habrakhabr. Why and this time so long — we will discuss later, and now to business!

To the usual address for a season of 2015-2016 is already available.

On December 20 we are waited by draw (and before it, certainly, registration closing).

Now it is a little about the organization of all this action.

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Future Web very much reminds Bitcoin

2 years, 11 months ago

For most of people Joseph Lyubin is the leading thinker in promptly developing area of digital currencies. For me he was a person with whom I carried out the first transaction on an exchange of bitcoins, and the person, got used to tell big things by an equal and modest voice.

In the winter of 2014 he called me with himself on bitcoin conference in Miami to tell about the new Ethereum project which it with adherents from Canada started for several months before. When he explained me a project essence, he did not stint forecasts: "We will replace insurance companies and the Wall Street".

The list continued to grow. Online services on distribution of movies like Netflix and Hulu. Game platforms like Xbox and Sega Genesis. Messengers like Twitter. Pensions, currency exchanges, systems of vote, management of intellectual property, trust funds. If to trust Lubin, then all – is real everything that we do on the Internet or on other digital channels, will undergo radical changes.

The idea told them took control of minds of enthusiasts of digital currencies since then. The idea is that the technology providing safe transactions in a network bitcoin, and doing them transparent, very fast and not censored, and not demanding trust to other parties, can be used for processing of more difficult transactions and store any digital information in the Internet.

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Why the Internet needs IPFS,   still not late

3 years ago
[узлы к узлам]

IPFS not absolutely has still become well-known technology, even in the Silicon valley it  is not known for much yet, however messages about it quickly disperse   by word of mouth in community of open source code. And many are glad to potentialities of IPFS in the field of improvement of file transfer and acceleration of their stream broadcasting on the Internet.

From my personal point of view , however, IPFS  is actually much more important than these opportunities. IPFS relieves the sites of need to use the central server primary source and therefore probably it is our best chance completely to change architecture of the Internet before it collapses from internal contradictions.

 As well as why it? For the answer to this question it is necessary to go into details.

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Evolution of network ways of dialogue communication. Part II

3 years, 1 month ago
So, we will return in the beginning of the 2000th years. Against popularity of chats, both public, and closed, judges of slow, detailed communication on interests mastered on-line forums which from the very beginning offered advantage in the form of saving of all correspondence – the such e-mail exposed on public inspection turned out. Having successfully overcome primary stage of "treelike" branching, forums have turned in prospering and until now online conferences with own, occasionally very multistage, hierarchy of users (from the beginner to the administrator), with limited access to number of discussions (for specialists or groups on interests), and also with broad multimedia and interactive functionality, since possibility of insert of photo and video and finishing with forms for vote, and also – surprise! – own integrated messengers for instant messages.

It is possible to call emergence of IM messengers, chats and forums at the beginning of the third millennium with the basis, full on that, the very first Internet socialization wave in human history. It is remembered, the Friday evenings all capital fast food and cafe have been literally hammered by the fans of this or that chat or forum who have gathered on next "tyapnichny meeting". Among my acquaintances there is set of happy families, whose destiny has developed thanking such meetings. Cheerful there were times!

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Evolution of network ways of dialogue communication. Part I

3 years, 1 month ago

Prehistoric era: "In the beginning there was nothing. Then there was Network …"

The history of development of technologies of dialogue message exchange totals almost as much years, information networks how many develop. Need of transfer of different office messages between computing devices has arisen at once after emergence of the first network systems in the 1960th years. For the sake of justice it is necessary to tell that not texts were the first network messages at all: everything has begun with need of transfer of service notifications in network, for example, about the beginning of printing. And still, emergence of the first ways of network transfer of texts has not kept itself waiting.

Already on the first computer networks, even before emergence of the first networking standards, text messaging between users became the universal phenomenon. It is curious that origin of the Internet which was 45 years old recently, has also begun with text messaging on 640 km between two nodes of the ARPANET network. E-mail has appeared two years later, in the 1971st, and behind it as mushrooms after rain, have started appearing different ways of information exchange: mailing groups, news groups, bulletin boards and prototypes of that today we call "forums", and tens years ago gently called "bibiesk" – from English abbreviation of BBS (Bulletin Board System).

And still, all these stages – only prehistoric era of development of network dialogue message. Any of these widespread ways of data exchange did not possess ability of instant message passing, and that possessed, have not been standardized owing to what were not widely adopted. Transition to qualitatively new level required fifteen more years. During this time standards of local area networks of Ethernet, the data exchange protocol of TCP/IP and domain names actual until now have been invented, and the Internet by means of transatlantic cable has turned from the American small party into the international phenomenon.

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We write own payment gateway of Bitcoin

3 years, 1 month ago

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