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Lori Timesheets — accounting of time on the CUBA platform

2 years, 10 months ago

"Time is the capital of the worker of brainwork."
Honoré de Balzac

Often it happens that people give preference to old and usual things, ignoring new, even to itself to the detriment. Here and we long time with persistence used system of accounting of time which did not meet our requirements and constantly created problems literally all — from programmers to accounts department.

General tortures with system of accounting of time, because of lack of time (cm drawing), did not become a strong reason for development of the system. The idea to write the real application for demonstration of opportunities of our CUBA platform rescued a situation. Combining business with pleasure, the system of accounting of time became the first candidate.

At the moment development is complete, the application is implemented in our company, and we are ready to share it with everyone.

In this article I will tell how we in a short time (< 1 мес), ограниченными силами (человек и еще полчеловека) разработали это приложение.

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That we should rasparsit the website. webdriver API bases

2 years, 10 months ago
Search of housing, information on goods, vacancies, acquaintances, comparison of goods of firm with competitors, research of responses in a network.

In the Internet a lot of useful information and ability to retrieve data is published will help with life and work. Let's learn to obtain information by means of webdriver API. In the publication I will give two examples which code is available on github. At the end of article skrinkast how the program manages the browser.

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Alternative of Unity: Urho3D + C# + Xamarin

2 years, 10 months ago
About Urho3D already wrote on Habré, it is completely open 3D - the engine in language C ++ with the editor and an interesting set 3rd parties: Box2D, Bullet, kNet, Recast/Detour, SDL, FreeType, etc. The engine has an editor (written on it), but unfortunately, it is far from Unity, but there are other pluses (about them further). The engine has very accurate API that became the reason of the address of a look of Xamarin for use of a kodogenerator (With ++ to API to C#) for generation of baynding over API in the C# language. As a result the engine (UrhoSharp) with the following pluses turned out (in comparison with the same Unity):

  • Complete support of the latest version of Mono 4.2.x, C# 6.0/F# with Xamarin Studio/Visual Studio — roughly telling this normal application with templates of projects for the Visual Studio
  • The open code (however, start on iOS and Android requires at least Xamarin Indie the license as Xamarin is used on these OS as a platform)
  • Existence C# (Xamarin) of kontrol which can be integrated into the existing not game applications.
  • All buns of the original engine described in the big list here.
  • Extends through Nuget which contains basic asseta and native of library that does it easily connected
  • Excellent performance, the minimum overhead projector from .NET/Mono

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Open code and intellectual property

2 years, 10 months ago
Author: Ilya Stechkin

We paid attention that nearly the material devoted to patent wars (4800 viewings), and here the detailed story about how to write plug-ins for Fuel to our surprise became the most popular publication in our blog, caused significantly smaller interest (1000 viewings the first part and slightly more than 2000 — the second).

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The third alpha the Perspex UI Framework version with support of iOS/Android

2 years, 10 months ago
We are glad to provide a third an alpha the Perspex version (see the previous announcement).
Perspex — the cross-platform UI framework for .NET open source made just like WPF with XAML, bindinga, templates of kontrol, own system of drawing and other buns.

In this release initial support of the iOS and Android platforms is added.

The list of changes under a cat.

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Apple published the source code Swift

2 years, 10 months ago

The Swift language was provided to community slightly more than a year ago that caused rather big resonance among developers, thus not only iOS and OS X.

But a bigger resonance caused the fact that Apple promised to open a code of the compiler and announced a possibility of support of language for operating systems based on linux.

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We build services based on Nginx and Tarantool

2 years, 10 months ago
Such architecture is familiar to you? A round dance of the demons dancing between cache and storage.

What minuses of such architecture can be noted? Solving problems within such architecture, we face a heap of questions: what language (and?) to take what I/O framework to select how to synchronize cache and storage? Heap of infrastructure questions. And why to resolve infrastructure issues when it is necessary to solve a problem? Certainly, one may say, that we like certain X and Y technologies and to transfer these minuses to a framework of ideological. But it is impossible to deny the fact that data are had on somebody distance from a code (the picture higher) that adds latency that can reduce RPS.

The purpose of this article — to tell about alternative which is constructed based on Nginx as web server, balancer and Tarantool as App Server, Cache, Storage.

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That under a cowl of a travel startups or why to the programmer to go on Hack'n'Roll

2 years, 10 months ago
On November 26 there took place conference "TravelTech: perspectives of online services" where experts from a travel industry tried to understand that now occurs in the market.

At first I had an opinion that all travel startups is just interface candy wrappers and a lot of public relations, but I communicated to Roman Spiridonov (CTO Excursopedia) and it opened for me eyes on open source, algorithms of effective search and frod in the field of a travel projects.

On December 4-6 on there will pass Hack’n’Roll (type a hackathon) where it will be possible to show the programmer silushka and to take part in development of online services in Russia.

Under a cat — what challenges and opportunities are for programmers of a travel segment.

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Python 3 library for connection to ESIA — esia-connector

2 years, 11 months ago
Everything began with what the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications permitted to use a portal of state services for identification and authentication of users on non-state websites. It is implemented by means of service ESIA (The Single system of Identification and Authentication — The customer of our project was among the first 5 participants who submitted applications for integration with ESIA that was expressed for us by a task this integration to support.

In free access we did not find an open free solution suitable for the stack of technologies therefore we after development, from the customer's favoring, decided to share own (BSD license).

So, we submit you the esia-connector project, it is written on Python 3, uses the utility of openssl, it was checked in work only in Debian-based systems.


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Today's world is amd64, armv7 and aarch64. All the rest is dead, Jim

2 years, 11 months ago
Transfer of the farewell letter of Miod Vallat, the OpenBSD developer within 15+ years who left the project a week ago is offered to your attention. The letter which is initially addressed personally to a certain Jim tells a story about where occasionally give good intentions, and caused a resonance among users of Reddit and HackerNews. Consider — the expressed opinion is subjective, and, according to the author, "you have the right not to agree with it".

Today's world is amd64 (in a different way x64, or x86-64), armv7 and, in the near future, aarch64 (64-bit ARMv8). All the rest is dead, Jim. Nobody invests enough money and cogitative work in other architecture. Actually, only the small part of people are aware of existence of other part of an ecosystem (mips, power8...), and all the same anybody has to them business.

Support of an outdated platform afloat — it is cheerful as it reminds you of the 90th when there was a wide choice of "iron" platforms, with approximately identical ratio of the price/power. Eventually, cheap PC killed practically all competition, and the market of smartphones gave to ARM an unhealthy share of the market in the world of the built-in systems.

Then, after a while, fun comes to an end as nobody writes a code, keeping your platform in mind — it is not considered rather powerful, and modern compilers more it do not support (or they generate for it a non-working code that it is in practice even worse). Your platform has hardware borders in several hundred MB of physical memory? You will not manage to start on it the web browser or even the program for viewing of PDF. Somebody still starts testsuite from the latest version of gcc on your platform? Is not present? Forgive, the dude, but here to you "nickel" (5 cents), descend buy already the computer better

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