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Development environment: Redmine + Git + ownCloud

2 years, 10 months ago
This article appeared with the purpose to generalize quite long attempts to collect a convenient environment for work on projects. Undoubtedly, there is a set of services ready to provide similar functionality, but their use is not always convenient also for the different reasons, can be unacceptable. If there was such situation, hope, the configuration presented in article will be useful.

The scenario of use of this sheaf, it is possible to describe briefly as follows:

  • Files of the project are stored in Git repositories;
  • The repository contains settings, source codes and other files of the project which existence is convenient and admissible in a collective repository;
  • In a root cloud directory excluded in .gitignore in which through WebDAV ownCloud the folder, for other files is mounted is located;
  • Contents of Git of a repository are traced in Redmine project management system.

The plan of system deployment includes setup of the following services:

  1. OpenLDAP — the uniform account for all services;
  2. Redmine — start in Docker the container, creation and a binding of Git of a repository, LDAP authentication;
  3. NGINX — access to Git to a repository through HTTPS and LDAP authentication;
  4. ownCloud — LDAP authentication and assembling of the folder through davfs2.

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Chaos generators on COTTON VELVET

2 years, 10 months ago
Hi everyone!

This article is devoted to surprising features in the world of chaos. I will try to tell about how to bridle such strange and difficult thing as chaotic process and to learn to create own elementary generators of chaos. Together with you we will pass a way from the dry theory before fine visualization of chaotic processes in space. In particular, on the example of the known chaotic attractors, I will show how to create dynamic systems and to use them in the tasks connected with the programmable logic integrated circuits (PLIC).

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To whom and why after all Go is necessary?

2 years, 10 months ago
It is healthy! Well, lately on Habré there was a lot of srachy around Go: good-bad, is necessary-is unnecessary, compared to a python much, compared to growth, a vyser of "Go vs Haskell" well and in this way much. I had a feeling that because of a hayp and aggressive marketing of language by some of Ivanami Danilyukami very little who understood who and why in general Go can be useful why it was done and whether should be learned in general it. I too long time participated in these sracha, siding in shifts with "fans" of language and the party of opposition, but finally a doper in what focus. Today looked down at a sofa in a post a little and decided to write this note.

Give, boys, we pass in a post.

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Application creation for Firebird DBMS with use different a component and drivers: FireDac

2 years, 10 months ago
In this article process of an application creation for Firebird DBMS with use of components of access of FireDac and the Delphi XE5 environment will be described. FireDac is a standard set of components of access to different databases since Delphi XE3.

Our application will work with the database model by which it is given in drawing below.


At the end of this article references to other articles in which process of creation of the database with this model and the link to a script of creation of the database is described are given.

This model is just an example. Your data domain can be more difficult, or completely another. The model used in this article is most simplified not to encumber the description of work with components as the description of creation and modification of a data model.

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We subdue UEFI SecureBoot

2 years, 10 months ago
These promises should be kept if they are made at first in final part of the opus about safety of UEFI, and then are repeated from ZeroNights 2015 scene therefore today we will talk about how to force UEFI SecureBoot to work not for the benefit of Microsoft as it is most often configured by default, and for the benefit us.
If it is interesting to you how to generate the obstvenny keys for SecureBoot how to set them instead of standard (or together with them), how to sign your favourite EFI loader how to prohibit loading unsigned or signed with others conversion keys as the interface for the SecureBoot setup at AMI, Insyde and Phoenix looks and why it, by and large, is not important at all — welcome under kat, but be afraid of a large number of pictures and long console instructions.

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OpenSource.Mail.Ru: open projects of our employees

2 years, 10 months ago

One of the main principles which are the cornerstone of the movement for an open source code — Open Source — is freedom of distribution of information. Resilience of this idea is confirmed by examples of many successful projects developed by free community of programmers from around the world. Probably, it will surprise someone, but we too actively develop a set of opensource-projects. And recently we found, information on these projects is scattered on a network, and developers of one products can not know about others which could be for them useful at all. And the idea to create the information website OpenSource.Mail.Ru was born.

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Zoo of communications protocols for GPS trackers (part 2)

2 years, 10 months ago

This continuation of article about the network protocols used with GPS trackers. If in the first part we discussed a frame decoders, then in the second part we will look at coding of different types of useful data on options. Many vendors of devices for GPS monitoring develop own application layer protocols for data transmission from the device on the server, and sometimes developers resort to different sophisticated and not always to clear solutions for data coding.

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CrystaX NDK 10.3.0 is let out

2 years, 10 months ago
The new CrystaX NDK 10.3.0 version is available to downloading.

The most important changes in this release:

  • New GCC and LLVM/clang.
  • Support of Objective-C v2 is strongly improved.
  • Support of Python (2.7 and 3.5) for Android is added.

Besides, many errors are repaired and the huge number of improvements is made. Below you can study more detailed information.

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About open data, projects and on their basis and about what happens to open state data in Russia

2 years, 10 months ago

Someone perhaps knows, for someone can be news, but yesterday and the day before yesterday in Russia the summit according to open data came to the end. And on its results, and also following the results of a year I understand that it is time to tell about what is created with open data and with other parts of openness of our state.

Besides my experience (and experience already very long) creations of projects on open data very strongly differs from words of officials and politicians which can be heard on such public actions.

I will begin with the summit.

The summit according to open data

Against all other actions for open data in recent years is one from first organized at quite good level. Even on "council for open data" in Yandex in June, 2015 there were many non-core performances, in more detail in a note "The slightly opened data" in the same time all did not deviate from a subject of open data and it is the main and important plus of all event.

In pluses I can write also those parts of the summit in which I participated. It were the round tables devoted to subjects of criminal statistics and a demand of public finances.

If it is short, then it is visible that these data are necessary and demanded. On a round table about a demand of state finance in general was questions about information connected with open data on state procurements much.

In more detail and separately I will write about these round tables, but an essence the general that data will be and that departments — are ready to dialog with consumers.

At me just hands do not reach to tell plus about all taking place actions connected with open data — meetings with developers, meetings of public councils and so on. I surely will write everything, materials are saved and texts are written.

And now about what at us happens to open data.

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As Cloud Foundry is developed

2 years, 10 months ago
CF community logoI briefly will tell about development process Cloud Foundry (CF), features of open source of model and a little personal experience.

In 2013 I became the active user of a platform when IBM started an internal beta of Bluemix, at the beginning of this year I took part in porting of Cloud Foundry on architecture of POWER8, and from the middle of October I became the member of CF core team, having passed CF Dojo. But about everything one after another.

I will not go deep into history or to explain that such Cloud Foundry, but here a necessary minimum of the facts. CF is Platform as a Service (PaaS) developed by VMWare and later the transferred Pivotal Software. The source code was open, now still there is a separate incubator of CF projects. A bit later Cloud Foundry Foundation which Pivotal entered, IBM was created, VMWare, EMC, GE, Intel, SAP, the present is included into it more than 50 organizations. Initially the platform was written on Ruby, later part a component were rewritten on Go.

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