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Flows vs processes on the example of native Node.js of an add-on for load testing

2 years, 9 months ago
Slightly less than a year ago I wrote a note about attempt to create the instrument of load testing for Node.js using the built-in opportunities (cluster and net modules). In comments fairly indicated the need of the analysis of RPS and comparison with other benchmarks. As a result of comparison I came to a natural conclusion that mnogoprotsessovy service will never be compared on performance with multithreaded because of very expensive costs for data exchange (later we will be convinced of it on an example)

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Asterisk: each call as the jumping ball

2 years, 9 months ago
These holiday days when partly has to spend time at work, but changes are not entered into the working systems any more because "soon holidays who needs your fresh bugs?", it is possible to be engaged in cutting asterisks and snowflakes from paper and small experiments.

Generally, we heard such expression more than once: "my call was kicked as a ball from the operator to the operator, and as a result bounced", and can even once it was told in a fit of temper. Also it was thought, and if to provide a call as the jumping ball from a wall to a wall and as at us several tens calls happen on an asterisk in one step, then it has to look at least funny.

What turned out? Further parts and small video.


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We test a cloud platform of IBM on the example of a chat

2 years, 10 months ago

Recently I happened to get acquainted with the technician of IBM who told me about opportunities of rather new IBM Bluemix platform which has to facilitate the developer's life. On the example of an unpretentious chat I decided to verify this statement.


Earlier my experience with a platform was close to zero therefore to understand a huge number of services of a platform, I addressed the acquaintance from IBM again. It seemed to me obvious to use the Message Hub service, but as a result it turned out that MQ Light will be suitable for a solution of our task better. Basic reasons:
  • rate in free 10 thousand messages a month
  • good scalability
  • simple in use of API

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Creation of the desktop application by means of Electron and web technologies

2 years, 10 months ago
Acquaintance to Electron

Official page of the Electron project.

Initially Electron was developed for the Atom editor by the GitHub company.

Electron (earlier known as Atom Shell) allows us to create cross-platform applications, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. What is big plus for commands which are engaged in web development. Need disappears to look for new developers for creation of desktop versions of already existing projects.

The prekompilirovany binarnik and the libraries necessary for operation of application and access to native API of an operating system is Electron. It includes Node.js directed to work in the desktop environment and the minimum version of the Chromium browser controlled by JavaScript.

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AllcountJS: We do system for the place of sale (POS)

2 years, 10 months ago
We continue acquaintance to AllcountJS — a framework for rapid application development on the NodeJS platform. In this article we will review example of implementation of the custom interface with use of AngualrJS and jade, and also some opportunities of configuring which we did not mention yet.

POS (Point Of Sale) — literally the point (place) of sale, but usually this term designates a workplace of the cashier together with the trade equipment. Such terminals are almost in each place where to us something is sold. And now we will create the simple application which will allow to keep the list of goods with a remaining balance and to create records about sales.

POS main UI

As usual, it is possible to look at result in a demo gallery.

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Long way of a low-level debag to find the zakommentarenny code line which accidentally left in production

2 years, 11 months ago
Поиск багов
"Hello. My name is Vyacheslav, I am 22 years old and I pkhp the programmer. I sit for PHP from 18 years." … (a copyright I do not know whose, I am not Vyacheslav and me there are not 22 years long ago).
Yes, we have a project for PHP and we faced that on MySQL the server a large number of connections of the being able Sleep began to appear.
And the code working with a rabbit (RabbitMQ) was guilty of it.
And as MySQL, RabbitMQ and a zakommentarenny line are connected you learn a code a cat.

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PostCSS fast start

2 years, 11 months ago
In this manual you learn how it is possible to use PostCSS together with GULP, allowing you to define what plug-ins you want to use and, therefore, to include in your ecosystem.


We will work as above with GULP was already told, it is supposed that at you are already set:

  • Node.js
  • NPM
  • Git

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Use of websocket in the Extjs applications

2 years, 11 months ago
Websocket, probably, the most serious and useful expansion of the HTTP protocol from the moment of its emergence in the early nineties. Use of websockets with the server is much more profitable to data exchange, than usual AJAX. The economy of a traffic in standard applications is essential, especially, at an active exchange of the client and the server of small messages. Also, response time at requests of data is significantly reduced. Long time was the main obstacle in a way of a wide circulation of this technology the fact that many proxy servers crookedly supported the expanded version of the http-protocol. What led, at worst, to problems of safety (proof). For the last few years the situation with support of web sockets began to be corrected and now, in my opinion, their time came.

In this article recipes of use of web sockets in conventional components of Extjs are described (gridpanel, treepanel, combobox). And, also, as replacement of Ext.Ajax.

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Traditional nonalcoholic hackathon in Sibiriksa: we write free HelpDesk

2 years, 11 months ago
Traditionally on a hackathon we take the small project. Which would have practical advantage. Here so, hurriedly, we already made:
  • Huizhn — service for demonstration to customers of models with storage in Google Docs. It was cool.
  • Planing Poker — the old, but still quite visited project.
  • KeyRights — a corporate parolnik. Perhaps, the only project from a hackathon which was decided to be made paid.

This time we decided to attempt upon sacred — to write HelpDesk. Absolutely free, opensorsny, madly simple, it is put on time - two. We draw design, we impose. All this in a week to. We gather on Sunday at 10 in the morning in office. We are bought by power engineering specialists, and rushed!

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Node.js on service of the developer of electronics: we create libraries of chips

2 years, 11 months ago
Hi everyone! Today we will talk about circuit engineering. And that it was more interesting, we drag in Node.js here. The attentive reader right there will ask what communication between them? And such that we will try, using modern technologies, to facilitate a little life that who is on friendly terms with a soldering iron, likes to program everyone Arduino/BeagleBoard well there and in general is fond of electronics slightly more, than at the consumer level. If it is short, then we will try to automate a little process of creation of library of electronic elements.

If it became interesting, then welcome under kat.

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