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Methods of transfer of the financial data #4: ASTS Bridge protocol

2 years, 11 months ago

In addition to the international standards and transfer protocols of financial information like FIX and FAST about which we told earlier in stock market also so-called "native" transfer protocols of financial data function. They are used for receipt of the necessary information by both private traders, and broker companies — such native protocols are more functional, than the commonly accepted standards (like the same FIX) that attracts brokers.

Earlier in Russia there were two large exchanges — MICEX and RTS. Afterwards they integrated in the uniform "Moscow exchange", but each of two trading floors for years of independence managed to develop own native protocol. We told about the Plaza II protocol which was created by specialists of RTS in one of last materials, and today it will be a question of the ASTS Bridge project which their colleagues from MICEX began to develop.

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What the general at honey and data storage systems?

2 years, 11 months ago
On the first of October this year we told about new generation of data storage systems of HP 3PAR StoreServ. Under that post conversation on software testing to the Storage Performance Council standards came. In order that to carry out such tests, time and considerable efforts is necessary. Results of tests of one of systems 3PAR were published on November 4. If briefly, then SHD HPE 3PAR StoreServ 20850 All-Flash Array set a world record in the SPC-2 test. Here it is possible to look at the table of leaders, here – to get acquainted with details of tests.

Paul Heverfild, our colleague from Australia, were admired by results of these tests, he saw in them much more, than a simple set of digits. We share his reflections with you.

Cup of fresh honey, just from a beehive … Yum-yum? Undoubtedly.

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"" or how to become a hosting provider from scratch and to generate a traffic more, than all Belarus

2 years, 11 months ago
Some time ago at one well-known forum interesting discussion was begun, the person from the Russian remote place set quite sensible, in my opinion, question:

"Hello forumites. Really, did not know where to create a subject, but for such as I made the whole section, for it and thanks.
In brief, I live in a far solitude where select business and do not allow to be engaged quietly in anything … and here the paltry idea came to make to me the server for services of a hosting well or something other.

Interest such questions:
* What is necessary for start what equipment, programs etc.
* What needs to be purchased for a start
* Into what budget it is possible to get
Maybe there will be "znavets" these are subjects. to tell as how? …"

And of course in the best traditions of "serch" began srach:

"Holodnyysintez, can move better?"

"the HARDWARE, you should not suvatsya if at all in it you do not understand.
Brutanut and in general you will be left without trousers".

"The author, I support companions who do not advise to be put.

Something can be caught here:
1. Having knowledge to areas and experience.
2. Having at least from $10.000 for initial attachments. And it is better from $50.000. The rest — a bultykhaniye in a pool".

"It how to begin autodistribution company, having ushatanny VAZ of 2106 as "the initial equipment". Well and plus website, of course".

And there is a lot of such advisers. Yes, of course, it could be desire to press the new competitor as the majority noted with such councils — existing a hosting providers. If not one but … These people were convinced at all that to organize a hosting project, without having special knowledge or the big budget, it is impossible, only several people gave advice on business.

At once it was remembered how I began, and it became just insufferably sad from such councils, people were mistaken, everything is possible both without budget, and without initial knowledge. Because quite so there was "ua-hosting". And further I will tell small history of success and disappointments …

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Latest Solutions for Business online conference

2 years, 11 months ago

The Microsoft and Intel companies invite you to take part in The Latest Solutions for Business online conference which will take place in a format of webinars on a site of community of IT professional of Intel IT Galaxy.

The Latest Solutions for Business online conference will integrate IT professional, representatives of business, leading experts in the IT area and within 3 days will become a site for an exchange of opinions and demonstration of the interesting, working solutions.

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Christmas gifts from 3CX

2 years, 11 months ago
Before approach of Christmas and New year the company 3CX offers excellent gifts to the partners. In a cash equivalent the sum of gifts to active partners makes more than 1000 Euros!
First, any partner who would will sell jotas one termless license for 3CX Phone System within November-December of this year receives free of charge:

  • The license for placement on a hosting of 4SC Standard Edition for 12 months for further resale. Equivalent of 175 Euros
  • Termless license Voice Application Designer. Equivalent of 875 Euros.

Let's remind that Voice Application Designer is a Wednesday of visual programming of automatic telephone exchange of 3CX which allows the partner to create with the minimum experience in VoIP powerful voice applications, for example, for a portal of voice self-service of clients. Then the partner can unroll these applications far off on a customer site or on the server of virtual automatic telephone exchange.

Pay attention! To receive these gifts, you have to complete sale till 11:00 24.12.15 on the Central European time (on the eve of Catholic Christmas). All sold licenses have to be enlisted on your partner account till this time.

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The IPv6 setup in Linux Debian v7.XX, Ubuntu v14.XX, CentOS v6.XX and FreeBSD v10.XX OS

2 years, 11 months ago
The material stated below does not apply for an exclusivity. However I had to bring together him on particles from different sources, checking something experimentally. After that the idea to systematize the gained knowledge and experience was born, having stated everything in one note.

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Transparent bypass of blocking in a home network

2 years, 11 months ago
The latest news once again sharpened a problem of blocking of Internet resources. On the one hand about methods of their bypassit is writtenit is a lot of and to chew this subject once again it would seem there is no need. With another, regularly to take some additional actions for visit of the necessary resource is not absolutely what has to satisfy the IT specialist (and not always with what can will cope the person to an IT remote).

The solution, simple and transparent for users, which, being once configured, just will allow to use the Internet is necessary, without reflecting that was blocked according to requests of the next kopirastov-plagiarists today.

By itself the thought of bypassing blocking already on a house router arises.

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"Big data" — it is boring?

2 years, 11 months ago
We continue the story about development methodologies in the field of the Big Data applied in the Megafon company (the first part of article here). Every day brings us new tasks which require new solutions. Therefore also techniques of the organization of development are constantly improved.

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Worm who changed the Internet

2 years, 11 months ago
Sammy Kamka, the main hero of history, did not want to be "hero" for everyone, he was not even going to get new friends. But thanks to several lines of a smart code he became per day "hero" and "friend" for more than one million people.

Everything occurred about midnight on October 4, 2005 in the solar city of Los Angeles. Then the 19-year-old hacker Sammy Kamka let out in a network something, better known as "Samy worm" now. It was the first fastest and self-extending virus which forever changed the world of web safety.

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How to calculate range of communication on the equipment Ubiquiti. New version of the AirLink calculator

2 years, 11 months ago

At the choice of the wireless equipment Ubiquiti each user asks standard questions: What speed can be received at this distance? What model of the equipment it is better to select? Whether it is possible to organize wireless link in general?

For the answer to these questions Ubiquiti Networks offers visual and intuitively clear online service – AirLink |outdoor wireless link calculator.

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