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Video about programming of Atmel microcontrollers

3 years, 6 months ago
In due time we were partners Kiev habravstrech, audio/video of papers which read to the habrovchena was our task.

Somehow passed imperceptible on Habré the remarkable report of Andrey Chizha on one of habravstrech about programming of microcontrollers.

Video of the report

P.S. It is better to write questions to the speaker in comments to video, the author of the report answers questions there.

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As I had interviews in Yandex: my difficult, but successful experience

3 years, 6 months ago
Already slightly more than half a year I work in search of Yandex release engineer. And nearly from first working day I want to write how responded on vacancy as had interviews that in this process was pleasant to me, and that — not really. But at first I was up on, and then every day in my work there were such interesting challenges that I was not even ready to distract from them on this story.

Вопрос для внимательных: сколько модулей отломится от корабля на старте?

And still a year ago at me in life was seemingly similar, but at the same time absolutely other situation — time for hobby was not enough, tasks was much, but they did not bring me any pleasure. As a result I was solved on changes. Actually, this position in Yandex was not the first which I considered. For that time which has passed about my first working day, I have refreshed in the head with many that. And before final interview I had to undertake still for some. Now I understand, what mistakes have made in this process therefore I want to share the experience with you. I will be glad if it is useful for someone. I want to tell that it not official recipes from recruiters of Yandex, but only my own outputs. At the end of post I will share the list of references which has helped me with preparation, and still I will add those sources which I consider useful, looking back.

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