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Such dangerous Internet Explorer …

6 years, 1 month ago
Yet the present leaf fall doing not begin at us, and vulnerability of zero day f down as autumn leaves. What is the time transiting with detection last 0-day vulnerability (in Java SE 7) – less the tryokh of weeks? And here already new, and not less interesting vulnerability – remote execution of the arbitrary code in all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (with 6 on 9) on all versions of OS of Windows – from 98 to 7.

In general it were already describ in this post. I will tell more in detail about how worked eksployt what was more its sources, and I will share judgement that with all these to do …

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Good-bye, Internet Explorer 8

6 years, 1 month ago
The company of Google the plan, declar one year ago, normal operation of Gmail, Google Docs and other services of Google are guarantee only in the modern browsers. That concerned:

• Google Chrome;
• Firefox (the last and prior version);
• Internet Explorer (the last and prior version);
• Safari (the last and prior version).

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Got under a horse: "Poster" in the new advertizing Internet Explorer

6 years, 1 month ago
Got under a horse — not without pleasure, pride and other positive emotions found "Poster" in the new advertizing Internet Explorer which since the end of August is twisted the central TV-channels.

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6 examples drop IE6

6 years, 3 months ago
To whom are IE6 not hated? Unfortunately, developers should deal with this out-of-date browser because of the significant an amount of people us it.

Here the small not comprehensive list of the code who forced IE6 to fall are result.

Nevertheless after such tortures for developers unless we could not have the right to revenge?

Let's begin with the longest:

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The code from whom Internet Explorer broke

6 years, 4 months ago
Demo page with the open
killed Internet Explorer 7/8/9/10 with a different level of fatality.

It are interesting that three years ago this example for IE 7/8 consider on MSDN, but c to judgement that there are no bug. Since then there IE 9 and IE 10 (early beta) which gone in cycles in the same way. It is said that the latest bild of IE 10 already vedyot itself it are normal.

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For users of IE7 e-commerce shop vvyol special commission

6 years, 4 months ago
Efforts of developers of a site of Kogan — a popular Australian e-commerce shop — on support of operation of a resource at review it in Internet Explorer 7 le to that owners of a site ma the decision to enter the special commission for buyers who it used till now this browser.

Ruslan Kogan (Ruslan Kogan) — CEO of the company of Kogan (the enterprising young man are 28 years old, it came from Bobruisk, stated that «To open business in Australia — 15 minutes!»), own shop — expressing quite directly: it stated that support of the out-of-date browser costed it to design team the huge total of money; if such necessity suddenly disappearing, in all industry the Internet sales millions dollars would be spar.

At present the tax to the total pa in shop made 6.8 %, and the rational explanation are show to all curious — the volume of the extra charge developed from 0.1 % for every month from the moment of release of IE 7. The shop arrived fairly — c on a site by means of IE 7 the pop-up window in whom the user are notif seemed to all that, use it any other browser, only ponovee the buyer will avoid unnecessary expenditure for itself.

IE7 were let out by Microsoft in October, 2006. At present, according to the statistics data of LiveInternet, the share of this browser made nearby 2 % from common the Internet audience. In general, in a world segment of the Internet, the leader, truth, with an insignificant lift-off from Internet Explorer are Google Chrome: for May, 2012 the share of Chrome made 32.43 %, whereas the common share of IE — 32.12 %.

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Selectivizr, IE8 and White Screen of Death

6 years, 5 months ago
Internet Explorer 8, as there are a lot of in this name for the ordinary web developer :-) the Browser, who on the one hand retained till now the considerable part of the market (so could not be simply so it are ignor), and with another — possessed a heavy heritage of IE6 in the form of mass of "singularities" of behavior and absence of support of variety of new and tasty technologies which so would be desirable to use. This duality generating a variety polyfills — JS of scripts which are more so-called was urg though a little to tighten IE6-8 to level of the modern browsers. About one of them speech in g article also will go.

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Creation of Windows 8 and IE10 — a selection of materials for March' 12

6 years, 6 months ago

Creation of Windows 8

Behind coulisses of creation of Windows 8

As we start to tell about particulars of release of Consumer Preview, some changes and possibilities about whom we had not time to write yet in this blog, it would be desirable to return back and again to present our working group. Creation of Windows 8 — this very serious enterprise for whom the group of experts with various experience are required. We was proud of that variety of our group reflected variety of users of Windows all over the world.

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Operability of Windows without IE

6 years, 7 months ago
I write this minipost, still being under impression of recent opening:
not on all sections it is possible to get without Internet Explorer!

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7 steps to be prepared to IE10 and Windows 8

6 years, 7 months ago
ie10 metro

As you, for certain, already know, on February, 29th there was Windows 8 Consumer Preview, and together with it and 5th platform preview version Internet Explorer 10. In this article I will tell about how to be prepared for new version IE. And though the narration will be conducted mainly around IE10, many of these councils are applicable and to other browsers, including on other platforms.

1. Use <! doctype html>

The first, the most-most-very first with what it is necessary to begin, is to be convinced that you give all pages with correct doctype. In the world html5 it is one small and very simple line:

<!doctype html>

It should be the very first line which you write. If the template of your page is generated automatically by tools of working out and there there is no this line, correct a template. If you CMS gives pages without doctype, update used templates.

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