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Protection of personal data on N 242-FZ: how to understand also what to do?

2 years, 11 months ago

The subject of information security continues to be actual — recently in Moscow discussed Federal Law No. 242 at the Protection of Personal Data conference or as it call "The law on localization of personal data of Russians in the territory of the Russian Federation". An essence its is as follows: since September, 2015 to the PDN organizations operators, it is necessary to conduct collecting and systematization of personal data (further – PDN) Russians in the territory of the Russian Federation. And the lion share of suppliers of different services — foreigners, or store the servers the abroad, and the Russian users, purchasing services of such suppliers, transfer the data abroad where there is not only their storage, but also systematization. There is a question — as to clients to continue to use services of foreign suppliers, without having violated standards of processing of PDN by the Russian legislation.

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Solar energy for date-tsetrov

2 years, 11 months ago
General curiosity was initiated by news from the Apple company about construction of a new data-center worth about 2 billion dollars which will receive energy only from renewable sources. It means to provide with energy the area more than 100 thousand sq.m. The project is one of the most expensive. The considerable part of power supply will be made by solar energy of the local company Salt River Project which has production volume about 70 MW.

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"" or how to become a hosting provider from scratch and to generate a traffic more, than all Belarus

2 years, 11 months ago
Some time ago at one well-known forum interesting discussion was begun, the person from the Russian remote place set quite sensible, in my opinion, question:

"Hello forumites. Really, did not know where to create a subject, but for such as I made the whole section, for it and thanks.
In brief, I live in a far solitude where select business and do not allow to be engaged quietly in anything … and here the paltry idea came to make to me the server for services of a hosting well or something other.

Interest such questions:
* What is necessary for start what equipment, programs etc.
* What needs to be purchased for a start
* Into what budget it is possible to get
Maybe there will be "znavets" these are subjects. to tell as how? …"

And of course in the best traditions of "serch" began srach:

"Holodnyysintez, can move better?"

"the HARDWARE, you should not suvatsya if at all in it you do not understand.
Brutanut and in general you will be left without trousers".

"The author, I support companions who do not advise to be put.

Something can be caught here:
1. Having knowledge to areas and experience.
2. Having at least from $10.000 for initial attachments. And it is better from $50.000. The rest — a bultykhaniye in a pool".

"It how to begin autodistribution company, having ushatanny VAZ of 2106 as "the initial equipment". Well and plus website, of course".

And there is a lot of such advisers. Yes, of course, it could be desire to press the new competitor as the majority noted with such councils — existing a hosting providers. If not one but … These people were convinced at all that to organize a hosting project, without having special knowledge or the big budget, it is impossible, only several people gave advice on business.

At once it was remembered how I began, and it became just insufferably sad from such councils, people were mistaken, everything is possible both without budget, and without initial knowledge. Because quite so there was "ua-hosting". And further I will tell small history of success and disappointments …

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What useful you can retrieve from the report about clouds in Russia

2 years, 11 months ago
imageArticle will be useful to developers of cloudy applicaions as it contains not only bare figures on volumes and growth rates of separate segments of the market. In the report of Odin SMB Cloud Insights we set to the companies of small and medium business (the main consumers of clouds) a question as developers can improve cloud services that SMB bought them more willingly. Parts of researches – under a cat.

Spoiler: IaaS is in the lead, SaaS catches up, communications without restraint grow, the web is sated.

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Collocation in the theory and in practice

2 years, 11 months ago
The idea to lease the space for the server became the answer to promptly growing requirements of the IT market. To create and to fully equip own date the center — business quite costly and troublesome. But also, not always it is necessary. Therefore services of a collocation so quickly found popularity in the market of a hosting. And for rather short period this type of business underwent a number of changes which allowed it not only to remain actual in a new era of information technologies, but also to offer something special.

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As we managed to construct a video hosting for 1¢/GB

2 years, 11 months ago

Why video hosting such road

From all types of the static files used on websites the most strict requirements to a hosting are connected with videos:

  • Styles, pictures and especially scripts delay a page available time for use therefore response time is important. On the other hand, the sizes of such files are usually small, the keshiruyemost good, partial load is not important.
  • Video files have the big sizes, a keshiruyemost bad (most of the viewers watch a specific commercial for the first time), at the same time the user can want to watch any part of video. On the other hand, speed of delivery that the commercial could be watched without breaks for buffering is important.
  • The loaded software has rather big sizes, however the speed of delivery is not so critical, as in case of video.

Lease of servers for a video hosting in the USA is much cheaper (for outgoing gigabyte), than in many other countries. However delivery of video from the American servers on other continents seldom happens rather fast that the movie could be watched without breaks for buffering and that the waiting time before reproduction was acceptable. Therefore owners of the websites with videos coming to the international audience should rent local servers in different parts of the world closer to the users. Demonstration of a roller to the user from Russia, for example, costs to the typical video website several times dearer, than demonstration of the same roller to the American. It is necessary or to pay more expensively, or to reduce quality of video for the foreign audience. Here also enter after that the international market.

To solve this problem, we had to make software more smart.

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Overview of control bar Plesk 12.5 hosting

3 years ago
Recently there was updating of popular control bar hosting of Odin Plesk 12.5. In this version the user interface has been considerably improved and safety features, including Server Shield Plus and MagicSpam are added. Administrators of servers will evaluate the updated design of the interface (including for mobile devices) simplifying interaction with users and access to instruments of recovery.

If you use classical hosting and you do not have opportunities any more and the speed of work — Plesk will help to receive on VPS of the necessary power or in cloud the usual hosting interface, and also it is a lot of useful additional opportunities for automation of service of the sites and safety.

What distinguishes the Plesk 12.5 updating? It became really more convenient and simpler. Even if earlier you have tried Plesk and use something another, very much we recommend to look at this version. The difference, as they say, is available. We give out trial version of cloud server at the end of article that you could test new Plesk.

In this article we learn about new opportunities of Plesk 12.5 more in details and we will consider process of the Plesk updating from the last version and installation process of Plesk on the pure server.

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We include HTTP/2 in NGINX for the site

3 years ago
In this article we will tell how to include HTTP/2 for the site in NGINX placed on VPS from Infobox and what advantages it will give to your site. Support of HTTP/2 has been added to NGINX 1.9.5 release.

Why HTTP/2 is necessary

HTTP/2 – the new version of the HTTP protocol standardized at the beginning of 2015. Use of HTTP/1.1 because of some features enters negative effect on productivity of web applications.

In particular HTTP/1.0 allows to execute only one request at the same time in TCP connection. Pipeline requests have been added to HTTP/1.1, but they only partially help parallel execution of requests and still lead to blocking. Clients of HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1 who need to do many requests now use set of connections to the server.

Besides, header fields of HTTP are verbose and often repeat, making unnecessary network traffic. Also time is spent on TCP jams. It can lead to the raised delays at set of the request made by means of new TCP connections.

HTTP/2 solves these problems, defining the optimized semantics of the HTTP protocol. In particular it allows to execute alternation of requests and answers through the same connection and provides effective encoding of fields of the HTTP header. Also HTTP/2 allows to prioritize requests, allowing more important requests to be executed quicker.

As a result the protocol becomes more friendly to network, demanding installation of smaller number of TCP connections in comparison with HTTP/1.x that leads to more effective use of network. Also HTTP/2 gives the chance more effectively to process messages by means of binary format.

HTTP/2 is closely connected with SSL. In spite of the fact that the specification does not demand obligatory use of SSL, all web browsers released at the moment will work with HTTP/2 only if the website uses SSL.

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Different types of disks on one virtual computer: experience 1cloud

3 years ago

In our blog we repeatedly told about creation of infrastructure wrote about function of management of disk space on the fly — users of system can dozakazyvat additional disks for the virtual servers without their stop.

However on this way we have faced and some difficulties — for example, in the first version of this functionality it was impossible to order additional SSD disks. Today we will talk about that, why in general the virtual server with disks of different types and how this function works in our system can be necessary for users.

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We have received GOLD on operation of TsOD TIER III — final achivka after T-III on the project and T-III on ready object

3 years ago

Data-centers are evaluated on fault tolerance levels from I to IV. These levels happen TIA (which are not demanding check, it is simple according to the statement) and Uptime Institute (with rigid certification). TIER III assumes possibility of work at failure of any of nodes in any place of infrastructure. If it is pipe with coolant — there has to be the second same. If it is fuel tank, there has to be the second spare. If this cooling — there have to be reserves on chiller of N+1, etc.

At first this compliance to the TIER III level was established on the project. We protected documentation: roughly speaking, Aptaym's engineers "crossed out" any node and looked, whether the rest will be able to work. Many pass this quest.

The following step — to pass certification on ready object, that is to confirm compliance of documentation and to the principles of fault tolerance already on the implemented object. This the most difficult in Russia because to declare in the plan and to construct — two big differences. The special charm to process was added by customers who have already brought on site the produktiv. Therefore the passable check — very abruptly.

The third step — we have received certification on operation. That is have confirmed that the team and all processes correspond to the principles of Uptime. Such TSODOV in Russia only 2 pieces.

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