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Desktop in a cloud

2 years, 10 months ago
In what case it is necessary to give preference to this or that solution for the organization of "virtual desktops" and how to find optimal conditions for their work?

Рабочий стол в облаке - Inoventica Services

Developers of means of virtualization advance not one year different solutions for workstations, however, unlike virtualization of servers, in a mass segment they were not widely adopted.

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And whether it is possible not to pay for a panel? "Coin"

2 years, 10 months ago
There comes the moment when virtual hosting to become insufficiently and your project and "to ask" on the server. Not always for new tasks you need a dedicated server at once, but at least it is worth beginning with the virtual server. At the same time many of you what as to save that begin to look for the partner(s) for lease of more productive service. Also, use of the free software is one of options of economy of the budget —.

Not to each of you, for example, will pleasantly sit in the console and to set necessary for software, or to make management of your websites through a touch the command line. At such moments many webmasters are come to the rescue by control bars a hosting and as it is pleasant when this panel — qualitative and free software. Quite recently we already told about one free software product, and today it will be a question of one more interesting control bar a hosting, namely of "coin" …

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Passions on the domain

2 years, 10 months ago domain history as if the detective thriller, it is impregnated with dramatic nature and mystery. This domain saga tells about long fight for the right ownership of property.

And began history in 1994 when the engineer Gary Kremen registered domain name of In those time the international Organization Network Solutions registering domains for all comers acted as the direct logger of domains. Bright Kremen realized at once that in the future will be able to earn from such simple and popular name not bad. And it appeared the rights.

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30 years of work as the system administrator

2 years, 10 months ago
Sandra Henry-Stocker (Unix Dweeb, works in the TeleCommunication Systems company developing the innovative technical solutions at present). Looking back in the past, more than 30 years of work as the Unix system administrator later, I can tell that it was the long and interesting way. These years I of course did not execute one and too. Development of technologies was led to improbable changes in my work. It were impressive improvements in "iron" which I serviced, and the invention of new software tools which I studied and put into practice. For many years I took improbable pleasure from that how a lot of work I could make in the command line for identification and elimination of different problems and understanding of how in the best way to provide data protection of my employers. Within 30 years I worked with surprising people, at the same time was dismissed once, and also learned a lot of new about what works and does not work, both from the technical point of view, and from the point of view of career development.
The profession and all with it connected changes dramatically, but it always brought and will bring me the sea of pleasure.

Here my reflections about changes which I saw also those which still I will see.

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Accidents on server farms in Azerbaijan and Great Britain

2 years, 10 months ago
Stay DPC are extremely expensive pleasure, dauntaym in several seconds can turn back serious financial and reputation losses. The accidents which happened quite recently still again proved it. Two large-scale server farms — one in Great Britain, the second in Azerbaijan suffered.

Almost all population of Azerbaijan lost Internet access

In one of data-centers of the Delta Telecom company fire flashed. Dauntaym lasted for eight hours. After this incident it was possible to get access to Internet services only about use of channels of the local mobile operators Backcell and Azerfon.

The fire in Baku on a server farm of Delta Telecom became the reason of shutdown. According to the official statement of representatives of this company, several cables in old DPC lit up. Fire and abnormal services were involved in process of liquidation of ignition. Because of incident work of banks was almost paralyzed – operations were not performed, operation of ATMs and payment terminals was stopped. In many regions mobile communication was unavailable.

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Stories of accidents on the UPS

2 years, 10 months ago
Continuing and supplementing a feature story "Failures and accidents in DPC", we will share several supervision without claim for the serious analysis of causes and effects. Perhaps, some moments will seem to the reader funny and amusing though everything that occurred, was very serious. We hope, these rather instructive stories will allow the reader most to draw conclusions.

Axiomatic scenario

On a twist of fate accident about which the speech will go below happened only three months after the customer and the general designer received from our company the warning letter with the recommendation to set an external service bypass on uninterruptible power supply unit later. But no reaction to warning followed.

In the process of construction of a data-center our company put and mounted the Trinergy UPS flagman block system with a power of 1 MW. Though this UPS is also equipped with the built-in service bypass, all of us recommended to parent organization to make an external general service bypass on system ― in case of accident that at adverse succession of events it would be possible to service this source completely, without interrupting power supply of loading. But specialists of the general contractor objected that the UPS is already equipped with a service bypass which will allow to service internal components of system in any situation. Nothing foretold bad, and cases that the new system was entirely put out of action, was expected.

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The cloudy hosting in 5 minutes. Part 3: Consul, Registrator, Consul-Template

2 years, 11 months ago
Docker friends

Hi Habr! I continue a cycle of articles about how to construct the cloudy hosting in 5 minutes. In last article we considered tools which will help to solve to us a problem of detection of services (Service Discovery). In it parts we will start practice, we will construct a cloud and we will look as these tools behave in real life.

As before, the normal programmer within 5 minutes can perform all work, having just started a set of scenarios for Ansible which I prepared especially for you and laid out on GitHub.

In spite of the fact that our cloud became more difficult and now in it the bigger number of tools is used, it became simpler to construct it. I completely rewrote a set of scenarios of last articles, deleted all superfluous, simplified other so as far as it in general is possible.

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CloudLITE 2.0, or correction of mistakes of cloud provider

2 years, 11 months ago
In the middle of October we restarted a cloud service of CloudLITE, having changed a platform of provisioning and billing for BILLManager. Today we will tell about what at us changed and why.

Instead of the preface

CloudLITE is the IaaS-service based on VMware allowing to unroll automatically a virtual data-center, to create virtual computers with any OS and configurations and to manage all this economy through the VMware vCloud Director panel.
Service was it at the time of the start in April. Since then CloudLITE already managed to type some cones (without the victims among clients, fortunately), to acquire a stable pool of clients who very much helped us to pay attention to the separate moments and to make corrections to further development of service.


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What expects DPC the industry in the future

2 years, 11 months ago

How the DPC the industry in 10-15 years will look?. Regularly many IT specialists ask the matter and do not miss an opportunity to regularly voice the thoughts concerning the future of server farms.

Poll on the subject "DPC of 2025 — Studying of Opportunities"

"DPCs of 2025 — studying of opportunities" reported to Emerson Network Power in the report results of poll on a subject which concerns the near future of data-centers. More than 820 specialists in the field of DPC from around the world took part in this poll. During poll of respondents asked to share the thoughts of how data-centers will look in 10 years. There is a wish to note that the polled specialists did not predict expansion of scenarios of "the supernatural nature of an origin" (as in anti-Utopia from the cult film trilogy "Matrix" where data-centers received the electric power thanks to the huge fields consisting of "people batteries").

And so …

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Hosting of Cafe

2 years, 11 months ago
Today I want to provide the Hosting of Cafe. This domain brand integrates in itself 6 different websites which are connected with hosting subject:

  • — search of virtual servers
  • — search of a virtual hosting
  • — search of dedicated servers (in development)
  • — search of SSL of certificates
  • — search of the place for storage of backup copies
  • — search of licenses for control bars (in development)

At the moment all projects, except and work. Information on and was already placed on Habré. Having become the owner of these two websites, I decided to inhale as much as possible in them life. In addition to these two websites the domain was applied. After long thoughts, the decision to integrate these three domains under the uniform brand — cafe in which there are different menus of hosting subject was made. In a makeweight to already available domains,, were purchased.

Lately quite great job on improvement of already existing websites and development of new was done.

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