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The general capacity of the LeaseWeb networks reached 5 Tbit / with: instant dedicated servers in the Netherlands from $39 only week

2 years, 10 months ago
We hurry the general capacity of the LeaseWeb networks in a data-center of a premium class of EvoSwitch in which we offer dedicated servers in lease will share joyful news, in the 2015th year, reached value 5 of Tbit / page. It is a lot of or a little? Why over 60 000 subscribers selected this data-center for the projects in spite of the fact that exist more profitable at the offer price of low-costers in other countries? The reasons a set, in particular — we, a hosting provider which applies an individual approach to each subscriber, but nevertheless, in addition to us, it:

— loyal legislation of the Netherlands;
EvoSwitch premium class data-center;
— LeaseWeb — provider with whom we and our subscribers successfully cooperate many years we are their bonus partners and thanks to long-term cooperation we can offer terms better, than in a data-center directly, at the same time in every possible way caring for you in an individual order (on a site the selected engineer is always available, requests of our subscribers are reviewed in priority, in 90% of cases technical support is given by our administrators far off without the need for carrying out physical works with the server);
— a network of delivery of a traffic to your visitors with improbable connectivity (minimum a ping and maximum speed on a flow);
— the general capacity of a network 5 of Tbit / with;
— 2,5 Tbit / from a traffic are generated by subscribers of a data-center;
— 58 points of presence worldwide;
— inclusions in 36 points of an exchange of a traffic in more, than 20 countries;
— 4213 peer-to-peer connections to Internet service providers of different level.

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Opening of a new data-center of Hydro66

2 years, 10 months ago
Opening of a new data-center of the British provider of a collocation of Hydro66 took place. All IT infrastructure of DPC of 1 000 sq.m. will work at the hydroelectric power from the nearest hydroelectric power station (500 m) which is near the Swedish city Boden. According to designers the similar choice of power sources will help to reduce costs for a collocation in comparison with platforms of Europe and Great Britain. Also it will turn out to reduce costs at the expense of a location. The climate of Sweden rather cold will also allow to refuse mechanical and chemical methods of cold supply.

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Christmas sale: rent VPS or the server in the Netherlands or the USA and receive from 1st to 3 months as a gift

2 years, 11 months ago
First of all we would like to congratulate you merry Christmas and coming New year, to wish success to you and your projects and to thank you for the fact that you with us.

Secondly it would be desirable to notify on the beginning of the last sale this year. We long thought whether to carry out this action as improbable discounts continue to work, but considering quantity of the equipment which still did not find the subscribers (92 servers and over 500 cloud virtual servers at the moment) and a difficult economic situation at most of webmasters, decided to give services in the cost, unprofitable for us, it is better to compensate though something, having given the chance in addition to save to you, than these servers will heat uselessly air. The list of configurations to which the event extends and detailed conditions of an event are given below.

Thus (only for readers of habrahabr), in addition to discounts:

— at payment of VPS/server for a period of the 1st month you receive a month more of use absolutely free of charge;
— for a period of 6 months — 2 months as a gift;
— of the 1st year — 3 months as a gift.

And all this despite magic discounts which still continue to work, in particular at annual payment! And they on truth of a volshebna, for example, it is possible to rent a dedicated server in the Netherlands of 2 x Intel Quad-Core Xeon 5504/16GB DDR3/12x500GB SATA/1Gbps 100TB only for $59,93 a month now! It is nearly 4 times cheaper than standard cost!

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Free control bars hosting. Goddess of Vesta

2 years, 11 months ago
When you work in a hosting company most of friends and acquaintances, all the issues concerning a hosting are resolved through you. It allows to be in a trend of the last innovations, and also not only to increase the skills, but also to keep them in a tone. As soon as special problems of children became difficult to be solved on a hosting server, as a rule due to the lack of an opportunity to set necessary software for work of this or that script, I thought of the inexpensive virtual server at once, especially they at us appeared. Also we understood that it will be simpler to work with the server via the convenient web interface, and the good control bar will be as-@-as, by the way. And if it is also free, then we will be only in plus. Without hesitation, opened the browser and began to google free control bars a hosting.

Understanding that studying of everyone will demand time, I decided to ask also council our experienced administrator on what I received the short answer:
You look towards Vesta.
For my part there was an attempt to pay its attention that there are also other free products:
Yes, heard 
, and in general they are enough: Ajenti, CentOS Web Panel, etc.
But the head of technical department allowed expect the answer enough:
These are not really popular in our circles.
Here so there was my first acquaintance to one of the most popular free control bars a hosting in a RuNet — Vesta CP. I would like to tell you as the solution of objectives leads not only to writing of tutorials, but also allows to get acquainted with interesting people who put the heart and soul in that business which are really brought to them by pleasure. And as a result, we receive the remarkable software product. Well unless it is not wonderful? Pleasant and constructive to you readings …

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Let’s Encrypt in a Plesk-panel

2 years, 11 months ago
On December 3 there was a public release of a beta of Let's Encrypt. This joyful event was already covered on Habré. Briefly I will remind, this piece gives the chance to set the free entrusted certificate on the website. In addition to free certificates, Let's Encrypt still the tool for invoicing, updating, a withdrawal of certificates that, as envisioned by authors, will facilitate life to system administrators.

In this article I will tell about features of Let's Encrypt about which you should not forget, and about how to use it if your server works under control of the Plesk panel.

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Loukost a hosting of dedicated servers in Russia. Whether it is possible?

2 years, 11 months ago

In last article with similar heading, we told and even proved that loukost the hosting of virtual servers (VPS) in Russia is possible. But how the situation with lease of dedicated servers is? Whether it is possible to hand over in Russia servers at the prices Hetzner-and, providing to clients gigabit channels?
We decided to carry out small analytics and to try to give the answer to post heading. Also we created a loukost-configurator of dedicated servers based on the equipment which is available for us. What from this left – you learn now.

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How to make the password reliable and memorable

2 years, 11 months ago
Passwords guard our data. And degree of their reliability plays an important role. It is clear, that and to crack the difficult password it will be difficult. There is a lot of only personal accounts and systems demanding authorization. And to remember tens if not hundreds of different combinations from characters — are almost impossible.

How to make the password more reliable and at the same time not to forget it? There are several options …

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To refuse peaceful atom? Rosenergoatom builds the most powerful DPC in Russia

2 years, 11 months ago

Recently in the West the tendency to decrease in use of the electric power with the NPP for the organization of power supply of large enterprises is observed. Russia nevertheless does not hurry to refuse peaceful atom pays more and more attention to development of the NPP and finding of opportunities for the most rational use of their resources.

News of construction of one of the largest and powerful data-centers of Russia directly near the Kalinin NPP became confirmation of it.

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Saundskvotting — a new type of fraud with domains

2 years, 11 months ago
There was a new kind of cybersquatting named with a saundskvotting (from English "soundsquatting"). The action essence also consists in illegal use of domain names, only by means of homophones — words of identical sounding and at the same time different writing (for example, "eight" and "ate" — are written differently, and aurally it is difficult to distinguish them). Internet swindlers or saundskvotter select popular domains and find to them conformable names. As a result they receive the websites to which attendance thanks to conformable similarity to popular resources is guaranteed.

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Оценка доменного портфеля на примере MostWantedDomains

2 years, 11 months ago
На этой неделе вся доменная индустрия шумела по поводу покупки доменного портфеля MostWantedDomains, который приобрёл ведущий регистратор GoDaddy за неизвестную сумму. В пакет вошли около 70,000 имён старого разлива (без взрослой тематики и без новых зон) с жемчужинами класса,,,,, и т.п.


Обе стороны договорились не разглашать условия контракта. Возможно, в будущем, кто-то с соколиным глазом сможет вычислить сумму на чеке с финансовых отчётов. Но кому интересно сегодня, по катом представлено руководство по оценке подобных виртуальных активов с возможными аргументами, которые можно использовать при торгах.

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