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Eddystone and Physical Web: evolution of bacons

2 years, 9 months ago

My name is Alex, I am Android-developer in the Touch Instinct company. Recently Google invited me in jury to BaumanHack hackathon. I prepared the report on specifics of Eddystone and Physical Web, I share the main theses.

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Google where you put my place in GMail? And you precisely know how in GMail labels work?

2 years, 10 months ago

I began to notice that from 15 gigabytes free the place, the provided Google, mail occupies me already nearly 12 gigabytes. And such tendency does not please me.
On the other hand I as an e-mail client use Thunderbird with complete synchronization. I.e. all letters have to be gone. And so the Thunderbird folder with all letters and indexes occupies only 3 gigabytes. Though according to the logic of things the size has to not just match more or less the taken place on GMail, and to be more since Thunderbird does not archive the letter, and stores as is and still builds indexes for search acceleration.
Problem on the person! We begin to get to the bottom of an essence.

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Use of Google Analytics in games

2 years, 10 months ago
During development of the game SUPERVERSE we needed means for tracking of how players interact with game, and also receipts of data on "iron", a display resolution, operating system, etc. These data could be useful not only at a debugging stage, but also would help to study features of behavior of users in game.

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GDG DevFest Nizhny Novgorod 2015: the photoreport from action

2 years, 10 months ago
Hi, Habr! Here also time to tell about the first in the history of GDG DevFest'e in Nizhny Novgorod on which local admirers of technologies of Google had an opportunity personally to meet and discuss actual technologies came. Conference was visited by more than hundred participants, and not only the Nizhny Novgorod specialists, but also guests from other cities acted as experts.

We together with young community GDG in Nizhny Novgorod hope that all visitors of DevFest'a were satisfied with results.

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How to implement SOAP-service for work with tables of Google through SQL

2 years, 11 months ago
There was a task — during preparation of a demo of one of solutions it was necessary to show that client information can be saved anywhere — in a simple case, for example, in tables of Google, in more difficult (after semi-annual "implementation" and the multimillion budget) in the client's CRM. In WSO2 ESB used by us there is a connector to tables of Google — but to implement required functionality on it it was not really simple task — and then I chucked in it.

But recently, dealing with new features of WSO2 Data Services Server found out that in it it is possible to implement easily SOAP service for work with tables of Google (which can be picked up then anywhere). And work with data in the table is carried out through usual by all SQL.
How to make it, and I want to tell under a cat.

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Voice actuation of multimedia of the center

2 years, 11 months ago
In this article it would be desirable to describe the experiment on application of web speech api in the Google Chrome browser for implementation of voice search and automatic reproduction of videos from Youtube channel. For demonstration of this functionality we to be necessary to take the following steps:

  1. To set a set: Apache2, PHP5 (a packet of curl it is obligatory).
  2. To have available multimedia the Dune HD center or to set XBMC and to configure it for net surfing of INTERNET.
  3. To receive Youtube API Key for execution of search queries.

How to make all above-mentioned, here I will not describe as on these subjects it is complete of articles. Principle of implementation such:

  1. We recognize the phrase by means of the script written on JavaScript — will work only in Google Chrome.
  2. We look for the rollers corresponding to search query.
  3. We receive direct references on rollers.
  4. We create a playlist from links and names of rollers.
  5. We send a playlist for reproduction to the device.

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We monitor responses in Google Play in real time

3 years ago

Users and buyers leave set of responses in Google Play on applications, music, movies and books. And any developer under Android needs to monitor constantly emergence of new estimates on the applications in time to react.
Being such developer, I have reflected on creation of service for receiving responses and ratings in real time once. And recently View Review — simple and free REST API for parsing of reviews of any products in Google Play Store was born. But it has appeared that it is very useful to use it not only in the "development" purposes …

How API works and as to be connected to it, and also some interesting examples of sheaf with IFTTT avtomatizator, it is in detail written under cat.

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gRPC — a framework from Google for a remote challenge of procedures

3 years, 1 month ago

In a remote challenge of procedures of business are in accuracy for a long time as in the famous comic book the special topic was created recently, less all this is used by that as RPC and if something looks as the duck and floats as the duck — well, you is aware).

And of course, in complete compliance with the scenario of the comic book, Google came to the market and declared that now at last he created one more, last and most correct RPC standard. Google can be understood — to continue in the 21st century to drive petabytes of data on old and inefficient HTTP+REST, losing money on each byte — it is just silly. At the same time to take someone else's standard and to tell "we could not think up anything better" — at all not in their style.

Therefore, meet, gRPC that is decrypted as "gRPC Remote Procedure Calls" — a new framework for a remote challenge of procedures from Google. In this article we will talk about why he, in difference from the previous "14 standards" after all will conquer the world (well or at least its part), we will try to collect bild gRPC under Windows + the Visual Studio (and even you do not say to me that the instruction is not necessary — in official documentation it is missed pieces of 5 important steps without which nothing gathers), and also we will try to write the unpretentious service and the client exchanging requests and answers.

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Синхронизируем уведомления CI с Telegram

3 years, 2 months ago
Cегодня я хотел бы поделиться своим опытом синхронизации уведомлений Continuous Integration серверов (Bamboo, Jenkins, TeamCity и тп.) с бесплатным мессенджером от Павла Дурова — Telegram.

Данную проблему захотелось решить из-за того, что программисты на нашем проекте не реагировали на уведомления, присылаемые на почту, а телеграмм у нас корпоративный мессенджер. Подопытным CI является наш корпоративный Bamboo, с которого и должны приходить эти самые уведомления.

Для организации данной синхронизации мы будем использовать BOT API от телеграмма, Gmail API от Google, а также наш ubuntu сервер на Digital Ocean.

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Google Analytics together with Unity3D

3 years, 2 months ago

At some point development of the game project there is need for collecting statistics on it. After all it will allow to understand that the player does as the player thinks, in usage time of our game and will give us the chance to finish some moments, will point to us to things which irritate the player, will show that is pleasant to it and many other things.

And here rises choice, which system of analytics to select. Choice at us rather decent: own development of Unity, Google Analytics, Appat, Flurry, Localitycs — is also only small part of those systems that to us is available. Who wants to know for what reason the system of analytics from Google has been selected and as to work with it, I ask under kat.

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