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Corporate GitHub: as Azure increased the number of workers by GitHub up to two thousand

2 years, 11 months ago
We in "Later" are engaged in creation ensuring fault tolerance), but also we publish materials about how other companies work with IT infrastructure. Today we present to yours adapted translation of a note of the chief Azure developer Jeff Wilcox, how more than two thousand members of team of the project moved to GitHub.

For the last four years of Azure adopted a lot of things from opensource-community therefore we had to review approaches to work and to minimize the number of the operations necessary for maintenance of the large GitHub-organization executed manually. We automated the most part of managerial functions, having created a web application open source which uses some of the Azure services (it is App Service, the Active Directory and Azure Storage), GitHub API and other freely extended solutions.

In this post I will provide you our portal for work with GitHub which source code now in the same place and is placed. I will tell about functions, features and the main program units of the application, and also I will share with you a story about how GitHub promoted our development. At the end I will add several references where it will be possible to obtain additional information. Still I prepared the separate post disclosing project details: as everything began and to what we came.

Developers and the organizations of any sizes will feel at once as far as there can be useful our portal: Azure Active Directory gives to engineering group access to tools for work with GitHub.

The web portal created with use of Azure, GitHub API and Node.js allows to automate work with GitHub and to accelerate adaptation of new employees.

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Recipes from CHEFa: the automated expansion of environments of business applications with use of HPE OneView

2 years, 11 months ago
Information technologies become an integral part of products and services of new IT style in which business expects to receive the requested resources under new applications almost instantly. IT resources, in a paradigm of new requirements from modern applications, have to be selected, used, return and be reused automatically from the general pool of nodes of calculations, storage, and a network.

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Optimization of hyper parameters in Vowpal Wabbit by means of the new vw-hyperopt module

2 years, 11 months ago
Hi, Habr! In this article it will be a question of such not really pleasant aspect of machine learning as optimization of hyper parameters. Two weeks ago in very famous and useful Vowpal Wabbit project the module able to find good configurations of hyper parameters of the Vowpal Wabbit models in spaces of big dimension was poured. The module was developed in DCA (Data-Centric Alliance).

For search of good configurations of vw-hyperopt uses algorithms from pitonovsky library Hyperopt and can optimize hyper parameters it is adaptive by means of the Tree-Structured Parzen Estimators (TPE) method. It allows to find the best optimum, than simple grid search, at the equal number of iterations.

This article will be interesting to all who deal with Vowpal Wabbit, and especially by that who was annoyed with absence in the source code of methods of tuning of numerous handles of models, and or tyunit them manually, or incensed optimization independently.

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Whether it is possible to be engaged in development on the tablet?

2 years, 11 months ago
Programming — process creative and frequent to write desire a piece of a code or it is momentary to correct an error becomes just intolerable. Sometimes writing of a code demands external circumstances as that a critical error in a code which brings down the project. For the employees taking the leading positions in command an opportunity to carry out code review and to correct problem code locations is necessary.

Well when within reach there is a desktop computer or the notebook on which the usual development environment is unrolled. But what to do if you are outside a workplace? To drag with itself constantly the notebook? But first the big 13-15 inch notebook you will unroll not everywhere (for example public transport), and secondly to drag it constantly with yourself — still that occupation. It is possible to purchase of course 11 inch MacBook Air (or its analog), but all the same it will be not so compact and not so often used to justify purchase.

Well, we will turn the look on devices which now practically always with us is phone and the tablet. Phone is of course option extreme though now, with the advent of 6 — 6,5 inch models, the edge between phone and the tablet is erased. I have an experience of successful recovery of a remote server on ssh from iPhone 4s phone with 3.5 inch screen. But all of us speak about process of full work with a code therefore, in my opinion, the tablet with diagonal from 7 inches which screen contains comparable to the screen of the big computer, information is minimum. I will show on the example of iPad Mini possible options of its use for a solution of daily tasks of the developer.

If you were interested in a subject — read further (carefully, a large number of pictures).

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Game for the mathematician. Oral account

3 years ago
Just imagine, we live during a wonderful era, invented computers, forgot how to use mechanical schyota, at every second in a pocket a heavy-duty computer, to steam of generations already grew having pocket calculators, elementary calculations are demanded more and more seldom. Whether long ago you had to do mental arithmetic? Well, say, why not to put couple four or five-digit numbers shopping, then to give to the cashier money to within kopek? You will tell, nonsense all this, waste of time. To whom empty, to whom not empty. I consider that first for maintenance of functionality of a brain it is necessary to use periodically this remarkable functionality, and secondly art to succeed in basic skills makes the person the master.

So, we will start. What can be the most fundamental knowledge for the mathematician? Probably, this that to what we teach children in the first class or even in kindergarten, summing of integral numbers. So, meet game which trains brain performance in the elementary arithmetics:

That well, right there everything relies in reaction and a blind set of numbers

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Online compilation on the static website, the recipe for beginners

3 years ago

You wrote several years the project and now want to attract users? I have an idle time as barchelor fried eggs with bacon, the recipe especially for you.

For preparation of the simple website it is required to you:
  • repository on GitHub — 1 piece
  • ready html a template, for giving of a pleasant type — 1 piece
  • piece fresh kompilirushchegosya C ++ a code — at least 1 code line
  • ready javascript sauces from shop — ~ 500Kb
  • pictures and animashka to taste

Change any components, experiment and prepare the websites for favourite language!

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User documentation and GitHub

3 years ago
Whether you faced sometime long search of documentation to the used library or a packet? I consider strange that the source code does not extend with the user documentation. It is the same important part of a code as tests or dependences. Without the good user documentation we can "kill" a great lot of time for the analysis of a code and comments. So why not to store the user documentation together with source codes of the program? The speech not about DocBlock and generation of documentation on the API project, I speak about the user documentation which we so love for the consecutive narration and a set of examples.

     I will provide one of methods of storage of the user documentation together with source codes of the program in this article so that it was convenient both for developers, and for users.

Article can seem to much "captain's". If you feel salty splashes on the cheeks and will hear noise of waves, immediately stop reading!

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Localization of the IT website by forces of users and opportunities of GitHub

3 years ago


Probably, any website having the international audience faces it once — not all users read in English, so the audience can be expanded having added content translations on popular languages.

However services of third-party translators cost money. Worse than that — our content rages programming and mathematics therefore any translator is no good.

Having estimated the price on a piece of paper I understood at once that she does not fit into our budget yet. We began to look for other ways.

I will try to tell about that solution to which we came, namely:

  • as we cheap-angrily used github for the user transfers
  • as specifics of the website disturb at transfer
  • it is how real to receive the help from users
  • how to note transfers for search engine of Google
  • at last, the effect of the translated content is how visible (or it is not visible)

Behind details welcome under kat!

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Attach files to comments

3 years, 1 month ago
For a long time you can attach pictures to descriptions of problems and requests for merge. Now we have expanded this opportunity, and it gets support of files:

  • Microsoft Word (.docx)
  • Microsoft Powerpoint (.pptx)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)
  • Text (.txt)
  • Documents PDF (.pdf)

[скриншот присоединения файла]
Simply drag and throw files into comment frame — and they will appear at you in the comment.

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YouTrack 6.5 — the Bug tracker for all command

3 years, 2 months ago
Kind day, Habr!

I hurry to tell you that quite recently there was a new version of our bug tracker — YouTrack 6.5!


In the new version we placed emphasis on improvement of UIX, having completely changed design of administrative part of a product, added several important integration and simplified import from Jira to one click.

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