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Yandex. Meteum – new development or a marketing mix?

2 years, 9 months ago
At the end of November Yandex Company announced the updated weather service under the name "Yandex. Meteum". Allegedly new program software development to the algorithms is capable to calculate the forecast to within the house. I as the amateur meteorologist could not but be interested in a new product. I was always respectful to Yandex, even despite unsuccessful restart of Kinopoisk, but having studied the announcement published on the website "Habrakhabr" in detail I found in it a number of not joining and logical errors. Then I decided to conduct the research of accuracy of new service, concerning other weather resources, namely my website "Weather 45" (A weather forecast for Kurgan) and Foreca (from which basic resource Yandex takes data).


Further I will rely on the expanded announcement published on Habrakhabr. Let's investigate this not joining and logical inaccuracies which were found by me in this announcement.

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AeroState — monitoring and the forecast of quality of air in Moscow (and not only)

2 years, 10 months ago
Hi, Habr!

This post — about quality of air which we breathe. It is considered to be that in general, air of big cities is unhealthy. It also is clear — here to you both a traffic and plants and you never know what else. Generally, all this keeps residents of the megalopolis in permanent concern about "an adverse ecological situation".

Picture from here

However, however, slightly more difficult.

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Yandex Meteum announces own technology of forecasting of weather. To within the house

2 years, 11 months ago
Today we announce new technology Meteum — now with its help to Yandex. Weather will build own weather forecast, but not to rely only on data of partners as it was earlier.

And the forecast will be separately calculated for each point from which you request it and to be recalculated every time when you look at it to be the most actual.

In this post I want to tell a little about how presently the world of weather models is arranged, than our approach differs from normal why we decided to build own forecast and why we believe what at us will turn out better, than at all others.

We constructed own forecast with use of traditional model of the atmosphere and the most detailed grid, but also tried to collect all possible sources of data on atmospheric conditions, statistics on how weather in practice behaves, and applied machine learning to these data to reduce error probability.

Now in the world there are several main models on which forecast the weather. For example, model open source WRF, the GFS model which initially were the American development. Now the NOAA agency is engaged in its development.

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Forgotten on Mars: we investigate Mark Uotni's travel from the movie the Martian

2 years, 11 months ago

Transfer of a post of Jeffrey Bryant "Stranded on Mars: Exploring Travel on Mars in The Martian".
The code given in article can be downloaded here.
I express huge gratitude to Kirill Guzenko of KirillGuzenko for the help in transfer and preparation of the publication

Not so long ago according to the popular book The Martian Andy Weir's (Martian) the movie which was released on the second of October was shot. The Martian — the movie about the astronaut Mark Uotni left alone on Mars. Ares's crew of the 3, third piloted flight to Mars, considered that he died during evacuation. The crew during flying away took with itself only fixed assets for rescue and communication. The following piloted weeds to Mars had to take place in four years therefore Uotni had to or think up to himself the plan for a survival during this term, or reconcile and die. Different technical details about conditions and available means, and also about problems which result from use of different things not on their direct assignment are perfectly presented in the book. And these parts give us the excellent chance to investigate adventures of the main character together with Wolfram language.

I think, now that moment when it is necessary to write: CAREFULLY, SPOILERS! From this point in article different aspects of the subject line, its moments and turns will appear and be investigated. And if you do not like to learn some parts of a plot now, then I would recommend to read at first the book, and then to return and read article.

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Comparison of the MaxMind and Sypex bases

3 years ago
No, the speech not about speeds, such comparisons alreadywereof . And I wanted to compare delivery of different bases on one data set. And not the countries (with it at all it is normal), but the city.

For comparison bases were used:
  1. MaxMind: GeoLite2 City, on October 9, 2015
  2. Sypex: Sypex Geo City, on October 5, 2015

IP from internal logs were used, it is a little — only 28012 pieces, generally Russian. But also this quantity was enough for receiving interesting results.

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Thematic cartography: general questions

3 years ago

I want to share with you transfer of the guide to thematic cartography from children from axismaps.

I recommend for reading to information designers, journalists (data), analysts, the beginning cartographers, and also everything who wants to learn to read thematic maps and to distinguish the good card from bad, misleading the reader. I invite all become interested under kat.

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Tell me where you, and I will tell you where you

3 years ago
In Podolsk situated near Moscow, in the residential district Silicate-2, there is one layfkhak — when outside the 9th evenings, and beer in shops any more is not sold — rather simply to cross the road that to buy it. Through the road Moscow — wished to 11 it is possible to find in it.

It is necessary to solve only one problem — at dark night, in the unfamiliar area, among the same high-rise buildings … to learn on what party you are.

Historically this question is answered by the "return geocoder" (reverse geocoder). It important part practically all cartographic API — Google, Yandex, and even OSM. But in most cases its answer intends to the person, and contains exclusively text description of location.

Eto-ne-tekhnologichno! And it is precisely impractical. Esosedi, ate this cactus few years, and then have simply made the return geocoder. Main thing as well as why.

Quite recently on Habré looked for Death to Kashcheev (nested set and enclosure of administrative headings), went on areas (data mapping of regions on the card), and did not get on Yandex counter (the direct geocoder). And now we will sort that such the return geocoder, and why it is necessary. And then we will sort mechanics of its work.

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UX в мессенджерах: 2005 – 2015. Часть II. Годы 2008-2015

3 years ago

Год 2008, переломный

Этот год стал переломным моментом в истории систем мгновенных сообщений.

Именно в 2008-м была введена возможность мгновенного обмена сообщениями в Facebook. Соцсеть с самого начала обладала функцией обмена сообщениями, больше похожей на e-mail, однако встраивание мгновенного мессенджера в гигантскую социальную сеть, которая на тот момент имела 69 миллионов активных учетных записей, было огромным прорывом и стало одним из наиболее значительных событий в плане всеобщей интеграции. В социальной сети уже существовали профили пользователей с информацией о них, и ими же были собраны списки друзей, поэтому никому бы не пришлось составлять список контактов для чата отдельно. Если ICQ или AIM начинали с обмена сообщениями и расширяли функционал исходя из этого, то Facebook «зашел» с противоположной стороны: коллекционируя сведения о пользователях, собирая пользователей в группы по интересам и по кругам друзей, на момент запуска системы обмена мгновенными сообщениями FB обладал гораздо более обширным «дополнительным» (с точки зрения мессенджеров) функционалом, чем любая отдельная программа того времени. Если классические мессенджеры выстраивали паутины-связи между точками клиентов, нуждавшихся в коммуникации, то Facebook к этому моменту уже был огромной паутиной, которая ожила и заговорила.

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My first card on Leaflet.js

3 years ago
As I did the first card on Leaflet.js.

I understand nothing in cartography and geoinformation services therefore this article will be rather fact-finding and for the aid to beginners as many information in Russian on the Internet in my opinion is not present, and to some I have reached accidentally.

So the task was the following: there is black-and-white tablet (small piece of map of the city) 5913x7863 pixels in size in the format .bmp + .shp layers.
(initially cards have been drawn in the .dwg format (autoring road format), but it is the closed format and with it you will make nothing therefore children had to save each layer separately in .shp + attributive data in .dbf)

From this all needs to be made online map which main functionality — is output of attributes when clicking layer and inclusion/shutdown of these layers.

The choice has fallen on leaflet.js as it is cover with the open code, on it OSM and my favourite 2GIS are made. Besides it well works at mobile devices.

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UX in messengers: 2005 – 2015. Part I. Background. Years 2005-2007

3 years ago
In the course of the competition messengers have undergone considerable changes to be more available to clients. We suggest you to consider the most significant steps in development of functionality, interfaces and UX of systems of instant messages over the last 10 years.

Year 2005: to and in time

The wave of popularity of ICQ, the first instant-messenger started in 1996 has declined. The big client ICQ base was provided by simplicity and availability of service. The basic idea of messenger – search capability of contacts by name, to residence, mail, nickname, sex, age and other information specified by users – has found reflection even in the original name: ICQ abbreviation practically matched on sounding ‘I seek you’ (= I search for you). Long time the minimum functionality and indiscriminateness to resources were decisive factors at the client's choice for instant messages.

Unique identification number which was issued to users in ascending order was feature of ICQ familiar to much. Before beginning communication, it was required to learn number of the interlocutor. Thus beautiful and special numbers had special value and could be resold for the solid sums.

In older ICQ versions there was such unusual to modern users feature as output of the entering and outgoing messages in separate windows (that, obviously, was transition stage from e-mail format). It should be noted that in spite of the fact that ICQ was inferior in popularity to other messengers abroad, in Russia it was widespread, some use ICQ still.

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