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Work with the database in Google App Engine/Google Cloud Endpoints on Java: Objectify framework

2 years, 9 months ago

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Google Cloud Endpoints on Java: Manual. p. 3

2 years, 11 months ago

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Google Cloud Endpoints on Java: Manual. p. 2 (Frontend)

2 years, 11 months ago

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Google Cloud Endpoints on Java: Manual. p.1

3 years ago
Google Cloud Endpoints — is the superstructure over Google App Engine (GAE) for creation of API for web and mobile applications doing development it is simpler also the atorization including "from box" protection against DoS-attacks, OAuth 2.0, the web interface for testing API, SSL, atomatichesky scalability (the site will not fall under habra-effect), and also possibility of use of services available in Google App Engine (sending and reception of e-mail and XMPP messages, data loading from the Internet (URL Fetch service), tasks of the schedule (Task Queues and Scheduled Tasks), etc.)

GAE is free within initial quotas which allow to try and test service, and also to provide free functioning of the website which does not have heavy loads. At exhaustion of quotas service to become paid.

Idea of service that it does all or most part of work of the system administrator, plus some part of work of the programmer. This service can be interesting to startups as allows by small forces and in kotrotky terms to start detail design.

The framework of Objectify provides convenient stredstvo for work with embedded database in GAE, and the angular-google-gapi module for connection of web application on AngularJS with authorization of users.

Under cat there are a lot of pictures and text, it is also supposed that the reader is familiar with Java Servlets.

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Google against Microsoft: whose clouds more abruptly?

3 years, 3 months ago
Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365? the cloud platforms oriented to business. But here similarity, especially in the field of demographic characteristics of users also comes to an end. As the analytics of BetterCloud which have polled 1500 IT professional in 53 countries shows, the audience of Google Apps is younger, and the companies in which they work, younger less. Users of Office 365, on the other hand, more often are the companies founded earlier and having more mature IT infrastructure.

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Moore's law for Google Compute Engine: it is more than capacities for the same money

3 years, 5 months ago
And again good morning for all users of cloudy products!

Since May 18, 2015 calculations and start of products in Google Compute Engine became even more favorable:
  • Reduced prices for cloudy instansa (Google Compute Engine Instance):
  • There was new type? the forced out? (preemptive) of instans which can be used for batch processing of data at very low fixed price within a short period of time.

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Google бесплатно раздает $300 на аккаунт в GAE

3 years, 11 months ago

Увидел статью про $25 от Amazon и вспомнил, недавно было необходимо создать новый апп в GAE и тут увидел, что Google даёт $300 кредит на все сервисы Google Cloud Platform. Надеюсь это сподвигнет к развитию платформы PaaS в целом везде.

Но самое главное, что ?Гугл? не отключает при этом бесплатные квоты. Т.е. расход денег идёт только после израсходования квот.

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Together more cheerfully: python + flask + google app engine

4 years, 1 month ago
Background: I, as well as many on Habrakhabr, devilishly like to listen to music. Most often I do it in VKontakte. Sometimes already sfomirovanny playlist bothers? there is a wish for something new; but so that not strongly differed from that already is. For this purpose on all services giving opportunity of listening of music there are recommendations. I admit honestly, recommendations in VKontakte terrify me. Can to someone it is pleasant, but local selection causes desire to close the browser in me (IMHO, of course). Generally, I have solved this situation for myself to correct and implement own recommendations with use of API VKontakte and As I heard much and read about Google App Engine, but never it used, have been decided to join this platform.

At once I will tell that here I will not describe interaction subtlety about API or the fitting algorithm of recommendations. About it? in the following articles, can be. In this article only process of creation, setup and deploya applications on the Google App Engine platform with use of python and flask is described.
Request to report about typographical errors and inaccuracies in pm. Thanks.

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Statistics from Android-application on the GAE site

4 years, 3 months ago

Android, Google Analytics, App Engine? products of one company. It would seem? what can be simpler, than show data from one product in other? For example, Google Analytics statistics from Android-application on the site App Engine? It has appeared, what really simply to make it. Only not all steps are obvious.

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we Write monitoring of presence of tickets for the Russian Railway, part 2

4 years, 7 months ago

In the first part it has been shown as to write the elementary vrapper round existing http API rzhd. In this part we continue and we write operating monitoring with the notification message on mail. A design site zaspolagaetsja on former here and here spare .

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