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Well configured Emacs

2 years, 9 months ago
Everything that needs to be known in order that quickly and competently to configure Emacs.

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Conquest of the Emacs-modes: the manual for samodelkin

3 years ago

Programmers share on two categories:
1) Those who already uses Vim.
2) Those who already uses Emacs.
3) Those who does not use yet.


The idea to deliver to Emacs for the second time once again to be convinced that is some wrong editor with heap of different games, but not functions for work with the text in any way has somehow come. And remained on it.

Adding of the mode

In Emacs'e there is set of the different modes adding functionality to it. As a rule, when some feature is necessary, it is downloaded in the form of the packet consisting of the .el files (Emacs Lisp), and they are already connected to the built-in .el to the files which are responsible for loading of the editor.

At first everything it is convenient to use it, but then something starts not to being enough and it is necessary to think of adding of the functionality.

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ECFG: we put ~ / .emacs on diet

3 years ago
Friends, today I want to share with you implementation of idea on creation of modular, transferable and scalable configuration for your favourite text editor, tested in business for many months on the most different combinations of iron and software: Emacs Config.


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Emacs: we train the cursor (continuation)

3 years, 1 month ago
Be not afraid of perfection. To you not to reach it!
                                           Сальвадор Дали

Vzglyav in the past

In the previous article, it was talked how it is possible to force the Emacs cursor to save position in line (column), upon transition to shorter line (roughly speaking — to get rid of cursor "jumps"). The proposed solution perhaps possessed the only advantage — limit simplicity of code. I will remind that for positioning of the cursor additional (excess) spaces were simply used.

More thorough acquaintance to Emacs Lisp and communication with the responded expert people (respect2: Ivan Alekseev aka Yurii Sapfot) has strengthened in thought that more correct solution should be looked for in the direction of overlays. There was so version No. 2 which I also offer dear readers.

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Navigation in large projects for Vim and Emacs

3 years, 1 month ago
Of publications about Vim and Emacs there is impression that very few people use in them human navigation on code. Or use instead of it tools like ack and ag. And meanwhile for navigation in these editors there are effective tools which exist not one decade. These Ctags and Gnu global tools — they are provided in all main server Linux-distribution kits so navigation will work even if development is conducted on remote server.

I will write with the most part about Emacs because I use it, but I will give references to the corresponding plug-ins for Vim. The main thing to inform the principle of work and the main opportunities of tools and to dissuade you from unlimited use of ack, ag and grep.

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Emacs: we train the cursor

3 years, 1 month ago
To what these jumps?
                 Остап Бендер


Generally I wanted to write small note "about some features of work with macroes to Clojure". But has in passing decided to examine Emacs at last more thoroughly.

I of course not absolutely the age-mate of Lisp, however we are familiar here already … to dtsat years and (even rather philosophies) quite I imagine the potential of this remarkable language both in the theory and in practice. There was business wrote also the implementations (rather for the best understanding of mechanisms of operation of the Lisp interpreter than for practical use). However, Emacs practically did not use since in age-old times of rather dense work with Lisp quite managed the built-in editor of my version (muLisp, the editor of course too has been written on him). Then it was necessary to work with "more others" tools, and the last years in other sphere at all. Now there was a little time "as a hobby" …

Actually "immersion" has taken place in Emacs quite comfortably — though I (for some reason still) and not the unixoid, but to console teams and in general work with the keyboard I treat with understanding. Setup of management and gentlemen's set of "plug-ins" has also not caused problems. It was necessary to tinker with fastening of SBCL, Clojure and Scala a little, but to all mismatch of versions and/or their (versions) inborn problems was fault.

However the syndrome of "the jumping cursor" (movement to line end upon transition to the following/last line if it is shorter flowing) causes easy idiosyncrasy. If business went not about Emacs, most likely it should reconcile and look for "conceptuality" in such approach as it often becomes at impossibility of solution of problems. But, as we deal with the designer of editors, the problem has been treated as call (as it became now fashionable to speak).

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Common Lisp IDE

3 years, 4 months ago

Hello, dear reader!
Before each beginner in the world of the Common Lisp programming language
there is development environment choice problem — Integrated Development Environment (further, IDE).

There is large number of IDE for Common Lisp. Let's list some, the most widespread, from them:

For Experts
Experts can object concerning the last two points of the list.
After all, apparently, Lispbox = Emacs + Slime?!
But if attentively to look at the site Lispbox, that, under links for downloading of packet, you will see:
Last updated: February 6, 2011.

In this article I will in detail tell as to set and configure cross-platform development environment for Common Lisp how to download and set alternative libraries by means of quicklisp — the manager of packets of Common Lisp. There will be many useful links on resources and materials on language.
It will be a question of linking of GNU Emacs &Slime.
If you are interested in Common Lisp, you need cross-platform, powerful, interactive Common Lisp IDE with blackjack and ladies debagger and disassembler (suddenly!), that, I ask under kat …

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Luwrain? working environment for people with sight violations

3 years, 5 months ago
On Habr's pages the Luwrain project (time several times was already mentioned and two), however there was it for a moment and without technical details. As today Day of general awareness on availability, is good occasion to fill this space and in detail to tell that such Luwrain, what aims he pursues that represents technically, and, above all, than can be interesting to the normal developers who do not have problem with sight.

In this material we will get acquainted with the general concept of the available Luwrain environment, and also we will consider problem of application creation on its base, adapted for people with sight violations. One of authors of this article none other than the Luwrain project coordinator Mikhail Pozhidayev so everyone has opportunity to receive information literally first-hand. Other author already has managed to pass as the opponent of Luwrain so we hope that this mix will provide the sufficient level of objectivity of statement.

Well and at once, that readers did not distract on unnecessary thoughts, we will note, what Luwrain is said as? lyure? yn? is also the boy, that is it is necessary to speak in the third party? it?.

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Tables? Emacs and org-mode

4 years, 1 month ago
On Habré already there are posts about surprising opportunities of org-mode? time, two and three. In this digression I want to tell about one opportunity by means of which it is possible to use tables in text editor (yes, I about Emacs) without pain and humiliation. And in org-mode of the table are rather simple and convenient:

|           ip | description          | users |
| | Бухгалтерия          |     2 |
| | Касса1               |     1 |
| | Касса2               |     1 |
| | Приёмная             |     2 |
|              | Всего пользователе=> |     6 |

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Emacs and Hunspell: normal spell check

4 years, 7 months ago

Hunspell is most perspectiv of available on today's the free applications for spell check. It is built in by default such programs as Firefox and OpenOffice. Dictionaries to it for today the greatest among analogs. But with Emacs it so it is simple not podruzhit.

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