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Benchmark of 32 and 64-bit versions of browsers: quicker, stronger, above?

2 years, 9 months ago
Presently the user can use several excellent browsers. The majority has 32 also 64-bit versions. At each of us the opinion on opportunities of that or other browser. Nevertheless, it is possible to try to compare browsers, having carried out several tests with each program, both with 32-bit, and with the 64-bit version.

User decided to be engaged in itof the Ghacks and resource. As test system the PC with Intel Core i5-2500, 8 GB of the RAM, 256 GB of SSD, Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 and Windows 10 was selected.

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The source code of the Microsoft Edge JavaScript-engine will be open in January

2 years, 10 months ago
At the end of the last week at the JSConf US Last Call conference (Florida, the USA) we announced that we will open the source code of key components of our Chakra JavaScript-engine used in Microsoft Edge in the form of the ChakraCore project. The source code will be available on GitHub under the MIT license next month.

Gaurav Seth on a scene of JSConf US Last Call announces ChakraCore. Slides are available on GitHub.

Chakra – one from the best JavaScript engines with the biggest covering of opportunities of ES2015 and predictable performance, reliability and scalability. We assume that ChakraCore can be used in those scenarios where these factors play a large role: from cloud services and to the Internet of things and in other environments.

Today we are put in improvement of Chakra more, than ever, and we are glad to a possibility of development of cooperation with community for implementation of further improvements. Several organizations already told about the interest to make a contribution to Chakra, including Intel, AMD and NodeSource – we look with optimism at our future collaboration.

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Simplification of an asynchronous code on JavaScript with implementation of asynchronous functions from ES2016

2 years, 11 months ago

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Introduction to work with ORTC to Microsoft Edge

2 years, 12 months ago
In October passed years we declared our intention to support ORTC in Microsoft Edge with special focus on audio / video-kommunikatsii. Since then we over it worked hard and today are glad to announce that to a preview version of our implementation it is available in fresh assembly of Edge within the Windows Insider program.

Support of ORTC in Microsoft Edge is result of cooperation between commands of operating systems (OSG) and Skype. Having integrated together 20 years' experience of creation of a web platform and 12 years' experience of creation of one of the largest services of communication in real time for normal and business users, we set a goal to make possible creation in the browser of experience of communication not only with users of Skype, but also other communication services compatible to WebRTC.

Looking forward, we hope to see a set of solutions from community which will become possible thanks to ORTC. In turn, we want to tell in more detail that our preliminary implementation includes ORTC and to show on a simple example how to construct audio-and video communication in 1:1 scenarios.

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For what Microsoft Edge hates tabs?

3 years, 1 month ago
Recently I have written number of the notes anyway concerning to work from bukmarkleta in browsers and almost in everyone have mentioned some problem with IE, stating hope that MS Edge will come and everything will correct.

Therefore could not miss emergence of virtual computers with Windows 10 and has decided to check how now affairs with collection of annoying experience are.

By the machine there was MS Edge 11.00.10240.16397 version of 7.22.2015 (according to the file), it 20.10240.16384.0 (according to information in settings of the browser) …

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Implementation of bonus media content with HTML5

3 years, 2 months ago

The commercial media industry passes through big transformation as content providers depart from content delivery model with use of the closed web plug-ins (such as Flash or Silverlight) and replace them with the uniform besplaginny videoplayers which are based on the HTML5 specifications and opportunities of playing of commercial content. Browsers also move from use of plug-ins aside, so Chrome refuses NPAPI and Microsoft Edge from ActiveX in favor of more protected expansion models.

Transition to model of playing of media content without use of plug-ins becomes possible thanks to recently developed new specifications:

These specifications are designed and developed with the purpose to make striming compatible on set of media platforms and devices. Being focused on compatible solutions, content providers can lower expenses, thus users will be able to get access to content from those devices which they prefer, and using those applications or web browsers which they have selected for themselves. We believe in Microsoft that this huge advantage both to content providers, and to the audience, and we are glad to support the companies implementing such transformation.

It is long article, and we would not want that you have missed the subject interesting you. Here summary:
  • Some information on Microsoft Edge and Silverlight
  • Overview of status of compatible web media
  • Difficulties and options of their overcoming
    • Simple option DASH стриминга
    • Demonstration of the website using library for playing of adaptive content
    • The Azure Media Services services which can help you
    • Easy way of application creation under the universal Windows platform (UWP) on the basis of website code
    • Demonstration of UWP-application with integration of video playback and voice commands for Kortana

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Preview of the first updatings of the Microsoft Edge web platform

3 years, 2 months ago

The other day we have brought our portal for the Microsoft Edge Dev developers out of the beta status, and now we will redirect all traffic from on the new page with the status of platform which we have significantly accelerated and have visually cleaned.

Today we are glad to tell you the first parts about the future wave of updating of functionality of the Microsoft Edge web platform. Let's begin with the story about what new opportunities now are in development for EdgeHTML.

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7 councils how to improve work of your site in Microsoft Edge and other modern browsers

3 years, 2 months ago

Brief information: Microsoft Edge is new default browser in Windows 10 which has succeeded Internet Explorer. In addition to the new fresh interface, under browser cowl also there are also updated EdgeHTML engines (it is initial — fork the IE11 engine) and Chakra (for JS). Some time the browser was known under the temporary name "Project Spartan".

Together with growth of Windows 10 you, for certain, could notice on the sites and growth of number of users of Microsoft Edge. Therefore it is a high time to make some gestures that your sites worked in Edge even better.

Councils which I give below, generally have the generalized nature. In other words, will benefit from their implementation not only users of Edge, but also other browsers.

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Practical advice on increase of productivity of HTML and JavaScript

3 years, 2 months ago

The subject of improvement of productivity of the sites and applications always has to be on radar at the good web developer. In one cases competent work allows to save computing resources, in others — strongly to improve experience with applications for all audience of users as it the other day happened to Wikipedia. And also all is frequent at once.

Speed of work of web applications conditionally depends on three components: 1) as the network infrastructure through which data and code are delivered is arranged, 2) as the browser and 3 works) as, as a matter of fact, your code which the browser has to execute is written.

All three components improve constantly and optimized. For example, in network stack certain general improvements are born by transition to HTTP 2.0. From the point of view of browsers, all vendors constantly work on improvement of the engines. In case of Chakra in Microsoft Edge, in addition to Asm.js and SIMD.js urged to increase code efficiency in specific scenarios (in Firefox and Google Chrome — similarly).

And here as for directly code of web applications then often it is necessary to rely not only on the promised speed of operation of these or those engines, but also independently to measure and improve efficiency of the solutions.

Our colleagues Doris Chong and John-David Dalton have prepared the whole course with practical advice on improvement of productivity of your code on HTML and JavaScript. You can look at it on the corresponding page in Microsoft Virtual Academy or under cat in the form of separate rollers.

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Web experiments #1. Adaptivity of LVL. 80: web applications, brain waves and level of attention

3 years, 3 months ago

The prolog where I try to tell that current approaches to adaptivity – kindergarten (in sense that it only the beginning) in development of interfaces and experience of interaction

Today, speaking about adaptivity in web, usually understand such simple and trivial thing, as fine tuning of display of the site (web application) under screen width of the corresponding ustroyst. – that only you will not hear adaptive design, sympathetic design, rubber design. One claim that it everything is invented and implemented in daily practice for a long time ten years ago, others present it as disruptive trend behind which the future, the third draw lines between terms, the fourth think, for what else "counters" of the browser it is possible to adapt — and here already browsers implement sympathetic images, and not far off verification of presence of the necessary functionality in CSS! — the fifth try to look at problem more widely, including in perspective and questions of availability, and questions of fine tuning under different ways of input, and it is a lot of that else. Of course, everything, in operedelenny degree, are right.

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