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The Alfresco Community 4.2.f installation on cloud service of

4 years, 5 months ago one of network resources offering hosting of Java of applications and in particular offers expansions of content management systems. It has attracted me with that that offers Alfresco hosting.
On the site even the instruction on expansion of Alfresco ECM (enterprise content management system), on cloud service of Jelastic cloud is offered. Further on me have poured out a little advertizing that Jelastic is able to start any Java of application without change of code that can be critical for the majority of applications. Little not the careful statement, further we will try to be convinced of it. This article no more than the adapted translation checked on steps by the author.

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What is Docsvision and our four principles of its development

4 years, 5 months ago
We, the Docsvision developers, call this product platform. Platform on the basis of which it is possible to create different design solutions.

That these solutions was more conveniently and quicker to create, and further and to change, for the Docsvision platform we have made different tools (designers, modules, gateways) which allow to simulate due to setup on platform solution under the specific Customer, taking into account its requirements.

Also by means of the same tools we have prepared set of ready annexes to the Docsvision platform which solve specific business challenge (for example, automation of process of carrying out meeting). And, if the Customer needs to solve similar business challenge, such ready application can be taken as basis in the course of implementation, it is necessary only to configure by means of the same platform tools it under itself.


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Docsvision has begun? and continuation

4 years, 6 months ago

Hello, dear readers of Habrakhabr!
My name is Vladimir Andreyev, I one of founders of the company? Doksvizhn?, I am her president at present. In it, the first for us, post I would like to tell you that our company does, and to prepare a little for about what there will be our blog.
Soon 15 years since that moment as we have started developing product under the name Docsvision will be executed. During this time Docsvision has turned from rather simple development? collected on knee? two enthusiasts, to drawing product which is implemented in such organizations as the Russian Railway, Sberbank, VTB24, Rosneft, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. Today our company has grown almost to one hundred people, in it there were selected services of development, application design, technical support, consulting. We have selected exclusively vendorsky model of business and respectively all implementations of Docsvision are carried out only by our authorized partners (at the moment our partner network consists from more than hundreds of partners in Russia and the CIS, among which such companies as KROK, Digital Design, Sintellekt).
I am asked often:? And how all this began??. I will try to tell very much briefly:

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the Spelling vysokonagruzhennyh corporate solutions on SharePoint

4 years, 8 months ago
the Kind time of the days, respected habrovchane!

In this paper I want to present what to do, if decided to write vysokonagruzhennoe the corporate solution on SharePoint, and to show aforesaid implementation on a solution instance EOS for Sharepoint 3.5.

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On the Hamburg account

4 years, 10 months ago
Recently we let out ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices – the decision for stream input of the European accounts in SED (electronic document management systems). Strictly speaking, to process accounts the "big" ABBYY FlexiCapture on the basis of which the new decision are ma are able also. But in it it are necessary to set independently all adjustments for operation with an abacus, and our many clients as it were clarif, preferred already tuned decisions. Well, you understood – to get «from a box» the program, to install on the computer to operator Meri (the product are on sale while only in the countries of Europe) to connect to SED – and let worked.

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File viewer, it are a viewer, it are a browser

4 years, 10 months ago

Viewer of files — the application, submit data a file in the friendly form for the user. Viewers was us for review of documents without usage of heavy programs editors. In this article we will consider viewers within the limits of ESM of systems.

ECM (Control of a corporate information content) control, storage, handling and content delivery in scales of the enterprise. According to requirements of the standard of MoReq, electronic documents equally successfully should open both in native applications and in the buil-in viewer. However for many users of ESM-systems the viewer are the main interface of operation with documents. At present there are a set of formats with which ESM of system worked, but to this day the convenient and general-purpose buil-in viewer in the g systems are not present. Why?

Let's try to answer this question and to offer the variants of decisions

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As I selecting SED — about what vendor was silent

5 years ago
Recently good acquaintances ask to help to select them system of document circulation with words «well you was engaged in this any automation».

I agreeing, though I works in a bit other direction and earlier closely doing not face with SED. That I finding out that in the course of learning and comparing of different decisions to me so interesting that I even daring at small investigation and now I shares results.

I finding out that in the market of systems of document circulation there were extremely the strange situation. Such sensation that vendors as though agree among themselves and decid to hide the information on the products very much. To me even beginning to seem that they was afraid, as though I doing not see something superfluous.

It turned out that I, as well as other buyers, tries to learn about a functional of a product, to study and try it before purchase, and the developer did all that at me quitting nothing, but are generous and mnogobukvenno told about achievement of business purposes, advantages, economic benefit and other abstractions, avoid to show it to good effect «».

At first sight the strange behavior. But quite explainable if to dig more deeply.

It we now and zaymyomsya. Kopnyom at the complete depth also we will look, why so happened and as in such conditions to behave to the buyer that taka to see that are latent.

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ESM-systems: whether it are possible to master effortlessly, or five copecks in protection of geymifikatsiya

5 years ago
The subject of geymifikatsiya rising on Habré already repeatedly. Different judgements on how it correctly to understand where and as it are appl and generally – whether standing it are an invention express. Our colleagues from the project of DOCFLOW undert to clarify, whether geymifikatsiya to simple users could help to master electronic document management systems (as practice showed, normally simple users in the companies done not like to study new difficult a software, and if stud used not all possibility are more its). Recent vebinar «Corporate games – possibilities and complexities of geymifikatsiya of ESM-systems» were devot to this subject.

Geymifikatsiya are an application of the approaches reference for computer games, in not game processes for the purpose of engaging of users and customers, increases was more their than an involvement into the decision of application-oriented tasks, usage of products, services.

To understand, whether it worked in practice, on vebinar invit the expert from the company developer of SED who making recently the experiment connect with a geymifikatsiya on the employees. In what it consisting?

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What are the case and what for it need to be control

5 years, 3 months ago
Let's clear up terms

The word a case (from English case) meant a case, business. In business lexicon "case" it are accepted to carry the description of a specific situation and a method to concept resolution, including the description of the initial situation, the decision and a way select by participants are more its, actions, materials, relevant was more their, well and it are finite, the receiv result. On cases for a long time trained students business schools, assort them and simulat different scenarios of development of situations.

The tasks ar in our life, could be conditionally partitioned on defin (at once it are precisely known that they from themselves represented and that with them to do) and uncertain (on start not enough information precisely to define as them to solve). Particular tasks was often describ by duty regulations, to them there was process maps and ruless. These are often repeat situations for whom the template of behavior are describ and it could be easily program in an information system. But as soon as the situation are not inscrib in a template – there are an uncertain situation or a case. It are necessary to analyze, make decisions, to make a choice, to construct a new template. Here this process also are called as control of cases.

Cases too could repeat or similar. In this case, on the basis of already solv case there are a template of a case who could be us repeatedly, as a basis for the decision of new, similar situations. Thus, of course, this template could be chang, refin, add. When the system allowed to study on last situations and to form “the best experts”, such management system cases are called the adaptive.

The term the adaptive case management (Adaptive Case Management, ACM) were offer for the first time in 2010 of Workflow Management Coalition. ASM are the technology allow floppy to control process of the decision of a task in view, depending on development of a situation.

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Usage of ETsP in EOS for SharePoint

5 years, 3 months ago
Recently means of a digital signature (ETsP) become more and more popular both in the state companies, and in the private organizations. Usage of ETsP in systems of document circulation allowed to carry out check of authorship and to guarantee an invariance of the document. In this article we with will consider adjustment of usage of ETsP together with the decision of EOS for SharePoint.

In g article we will not consider theoretical questions of operation of ETsP, and also legal aspects of the organization of legally significant document circulation, and we will stop on practical implementation of the g technology in the above described decision from EOS.

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