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ASP.NET of 5 Identity 3 and new tools of authentication/authorization

2 years, 10 months ago
Life in Las Vegas is not limited to gamblings. Despite glory of the gambling capital, pass also actions absolutely from other spheres of life here. In particular, the annual DEVIntersection conference which this year was visited by command of our developers. And here we want to tell about all the most important and interesting that they learned at conference.

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Erlang for web development (2)-> a DB and warm;

2 years, 10 months ago

In the first article we got acquainted with the Erlang and a framework of n2o. In this part we will continue to do our blog:
  • let's add authorization through Facebook, we will cause from the client for this purpose functions on the server;
  • let's save comments and posts in NoSQL to base;
  • let's unroll our blog on DigitalOcean and we will measure performance (a spoiler — 1300 requests per second).

At code from the articles, the ready project it is possible to look to the address

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As we made Rich Text Editor with support of joint editing under Android

2 years, 10 months ago
"Mobilization" of worker processes in the companies means that more and more functions for collaboration are transferred to phone or the tablet. For Wrike as cross-platform service of project management, it is important that the functionality of mobile application was absolutely full, convenient and did not limit users in work. And when there was a task to create Rich Text Editor with support of joint editing the description of tasks, we, having evaluated possibilities of the existing WebView of components, decided to go in the way and implemented own native tool.

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12 Fractured Apps and Docker

2 years, 10 months ago
For these years I became the witness of how more and more people support the manifesto 12 Factor App and begin to implement the provisions described there. It led to emergence of applications which were considerably simplified in expansion and management. However examples of practical application of these 12 factors were quite unusual occurrence on Internet open spaces.

During operating time with Docker, benefits of 12 Factor App (12FA) of steel for me more notable. For example, 12FA recommends that logging was configured for standard output and it was processed as the general event stream. You sometime used command docker logs? It also is 12FA in operation!

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Erlang for web development (1)-> Acquaintance;

2 years, 10 months ago

I begin to publish a series of articles about web development on the Erlang. Many want to try the Erlang, but face a problem that introduction courses generally concern the Erlang as functional language and are far from real projects (Learn You Some Erlang for great good! — good and detailed book). On the other hand all training materials on web development mean that the reader already well knows the Erlang.

This series of articles is calculated for developers who have an experience in web development (PHP, Ruby, Java), but have no experience of development on the Erlang.

Task will be to make the blog. At a code from the articles, the ready project it is possible to look to the address Features of the project:
  • updating of comments in real time;
  • authorization through Facebook;
  • we store data in mnesia.

At the heart of the project feymvork n2o. The choice is quite subjective, but from live the Erlang of frameworks, n2o me seemed to most "erlangopodobny", in too time of ChicagoBoss is more similar to MVC frameworks in other languages.

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To Rasparsit HTML in .NET and to survive: analysis and comparison of libraries

2 years, 10 months ago

During work on one house project, faced need of parsing of HTML. Search in Google issued kommenariyaAthari and its micro overview of actual HTML parsers in .NET for what to it many thanks.

Unfortunately, no digits and/or arguments for benefit of this or that parser were found that was the cause of writing of this article.

Today I will test popular, at the moment, libraries for work with HTML, namely: AngleSharp, CsQuery, Fizzler, HtmlAgilityPack and, of course, Regex-way. I will compare them on the speed of work and usability.

TL; DR: The code of all benchmarks can be found on github. In the same place results of testing lie. The most actual parser at the moment is AngleSharp — the convenient, fast, youth parser with convenient API.

That to whom the detailed overview — welcome under kat is interesting.

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Development on Yii2 framework on the IBM Bluemix platform

2 years, 10 months ago
I had difficulties with placement of PHP-applications with use of a framework of Yii2 on the IBM Bluemix platform. It is sure, I such not one therefore this post contains the short instruction as these difficulties can be avoided.

That we will need to make:
  1. to create the project in Bluemix
  2. to connect Git
  3. to create the Yii2 project and to change a file structure
  4. to configure a cloud
  5. to include the application, having filled in a code

We create the application in Bluemix

Bluemix on the structure is intended for the final product, thus it is necessary to be engaged in development of the project locally or (as I) on the separate server.

After registration for we come on DASHBOARD and we create an environment for the application for php in Cloud Foundry. For this purpose on a homepage we click Create App.

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Player Relationship Management Platform in Wargaming: collecting and data analysis

2 years, 10 months ago
The field of activity of our company extends far beyond game development. In parallel with it we keep tens of internal projects, and Player Relationship Management Platform (PRMP) – one of the most ambitious.

Player Relationship Management Platform (PRMP) – special system which by means of the analysis of data bulks in real time allows to personify interaction with the player through the recommendations arriving to the user proceeding from a context of its last play experience.

PRMP allows our players to derive more pleasure from game, improves their user experience, and also relieves of viewing unnecessary advertizing and promo-messages.

Architecture of PRMP

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Java instead of Groovy

2 years, 10 months ago
Suddenly it turns out that in the project scripts are necessary and there is a question what evolution or revolution is better?
But even attempt to implement gruv can fail in legas the project with conservative collective. And the manual can find ten more of the reasons not to pass a gruva in the project. Though groovy is much simpler and closer to the programmer to aware java, than the same scala.

But even in this case it is possible to use dynamically compiled scripts in the project. Let's learn to compile java a code dynamically in memory and to start it in jvm, to use in it dynamically loaded libraries from maven. It would be desirable to write as little as possible code for this purpose and that process of use was simplest. And still our pogramma would not like to hope for availability of tools.jar.

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About the organization of worker process

2 years, 10 months ago
Hi, Habr!
In this article we will tell how development process of the 1C:Enterprise platform is constructed as we work on ensuring quality, and we will share lessons which received, creating one of the biggest Russian program complexes.

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