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Records of reports Community DevCamp are available

2 years, 10 months ago
Records of reports Community DevCamp – action became available to developers from developers. The main speakers are recognized experts of community which heat how they see, use or are going to use the latest innovations for developers on .NET — .NET Native, Roslyn, cross-platform development on ASP.NET, the containers Docker, Azure Service Fabric, F# — and many other things.

Records of all reports are available according to the link:

Event was held with assistance of community MVP.

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Useful additions to ReSharper

2 years, 10 months ago

Hi everyone!

As I noticed, many people use ReSharper, however completely ignore its expansions (plug-ins). In this article I will describe those from them which seemed to me useful.
Names of expansions are clickable and conduct on their detailed description.

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Low-level optimization of parallel algorithms or SIMD in .NET

2 years, 10 months ago

Now the huge number of tasks demands the big performance of systems. Infinitely physical restrictions do not allow to increase the number of transistors on a processor crystal. The geometrical sizes of transistors cannot be reduced physically as when exceeding perhaps admissible sizes the phenomena which are not noticeable at the big sizes of active elements begin to be shown — quantum size effects begin to affect strongly. Transistors begin to work not as transistors.
And Moore's law here at anything. It was and remains the law of cost, and increase in number of transistors on a crystal is rather consequence from the law. Thus, to increase the power of computer systems it is necessary to look for other methods. This use of multiprocessors, multicomputers. Such approach is characterized by a large number of processor elements that execution of subtasks on each computing device brings to independent.

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Localization of a WPF-application and instant change of culture

2 years, 10 months ago
There are different methods of localization of a WPF-application. The simplest and widespread option — use of the resource file Resx and the Designer-class which is automatically generated to them. But this method does not allow to change values "on the fly" when changing language. For this purpose it is necessary to open a window repeatedly, or to restart the application.
I will show option of localization of a WPF-application with instant change of culture in this article.

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We look for errors in MonoDevelop

2 years, 10 months ago

In life of the PVS-Studio analyzer the important event took place — in the latest version verifiability of the code written on C# was added. Being one of developers of this analyzer, I just could not pass by, without having checked some project. It is clear, that it will be interesting to very few people to read about verification of small and unknown projects therefore it was necessary to select something known, and the choice fell on MonoDevelop.

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We do the joystick of Windows Phone

2 years, 10 months ago

Small background.

imageOne night the son approached me and told that he wants to play Mario. In the summer at the grandmother at the dacha he liked "to be cut" in rainy weather. And behind a window just a rain. Without hesitation I downloaded to it the first emulator 8 a bit prefix and game. However, it turned out that pleasure from game on the keyboard at all not that. To go to buy the joystick was already late. And then I thought that it is possible to do also without it. Near at hand we had old Nokia Lumia, its sizes and a form approximately matched our needs. It was decided to write the joystick. The son went to draw design on a sheet of paper in a section, and the father went to make coffee and to think, as if to perform this idea with the smallest time expenditure.

I decided to go on the way of the smallest (from my point of view) resistance. The prefix emulator should specify pushed buttons in settings, our application means has to click. Clicking of buttons can be emulated by means of old kind WINAPI.

The client-server application became final idea. The client (phone) when clicking the button sends request for the server which, in turn, depending on what came emulates clicking or release of the button of the keyboard. Communication is performed through sockets. It seems everything is simple. We begin to do.

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New Year's check of .NET Core Libraries (CoreFX)

2 years, 10 months ago
About a year ago Microsoft uploaded publicly the source code of such projects as CoreCLR and CoreFX. The last project was not interesting to us until recently because it is written in the C# language, but not C ++. But with an output of the new PVS-Studio 6.00 version supporting projects and in the C# programming language I decided to return to CoreFX and to write article.


.NET Core is modular implementation of libraries and runtime environment which includes a. net Framework subset. .NET Core consists of a set of libraries, called "CoreFX" and the small optimized working environment of "CoreCLR".

.NET Core extends open source which is available on GitHub:
These are the large products from Microsoft containing the qualitative source code, but suspicious code locations can all the same be found.

About check of CoreCLR it is possible to read in article "PVS-Studio: 25 suspicious fragments of a code from CoreCLR".

The CoreFX project about which the speech in article will approach was checked by means of the static PVS-Studio 6.00 analyzer which supports now and C#!

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ASP.NET 5. Authentication on a token

2 years, 10 months ago
The application, and the client application on Javascript with use of this API was required to me to write certain ASP.NET WebApi. It was decided to write on ASP.NET 5, at the same time and to study new release.

If it was the normal MVC application, I would use cookie-based authentication, but cross-domain requests do not allow to transfer cookies. Therefore, it is necessary to use token-based authentication.

Microsoft offers the implementation — JwtBearerAuthentication. But hunting most to understand everything. Therefore I decided to write the implementation — BearerAuthentication.

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"Roslyn — still very crude technology" — interview with Sergey Shkredov, the head of the .NET-direction in JetBrains

2 years, 11 months ago
Hi, it again Without slides. I am Alexey Fedorov, and this time on a visit at me Sergey Shkredov, the head of all .NET-direction visited  the JetBrains company.

With Sergey we spoke:
  • about the last releases of ReSharer;
  • about the new scheme of subscriptions and licenses;
  • about the difficult relations with Microsoft;
  • about a rantayma and development of language;
  • how Roslyn output changed a situation;
  • about work with fidbeky users for improvement of a product;
  • about development plans for other products of .NET of a stack;
  • about importance of intra-branch communication and exchange of experience;
  • about development of products for With ++;
  • it is a little about ReSharper C ++ on which even developers of Microsoft have to sit down;
  • How users will feel changes;
  • As ReSharper will develop further.

There is video

Under a cat — text option of interview.

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To Rasparsit HTML in .NET and to survive: analysis and comparison of libraries

2 years, 11 months ago

During work on one house project, faced need of parsing of HTML. Search in Google issued kommenariyaAthari and its micro overview of actual HTML parsers in .NET for what to it many thanks.

Unfortunately, no digits and/or arguments for benefit of this or that parser were found that was the cause of writing of this article.

Today I will test popular, at the moment, libraries for work with HTML, namely: AngleSharp, CsQuery, Fizzler, HtmlAgilityPack and, of course, Regex-way. I will compare them on the speed of work and usability.

TL; DR: The code of all benchmarks can be found on github. In the same place results of testing lie. The most actual parser at the moment is AngleSharp — the convenient, fast, youth parser with convenient API.

That to whom the detailed overview — welcome under kat is interesting.

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