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Pagekit: the overview of modular CMS based on Symfony

2 years, 9 months ago
Pagekit: обзор модульной CMS на базе Symfony

Get acquainted: Pagekit is the new modular CMS from the German studio vendor of the YOOtheme templates based on Symfony components, and also Vue.js, Webpack, Doctrine and other modern technologies. Pagekit reflected as a simplicity combination in management to flexible opportunities for development — what is not enough for the known CMS based on PHP and having a set of anachronisms.

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Portal of Technopark: as we did it

2 years, 10 months ago
All hi. This article describes a portal "Technopark": its functions and an opportunity, history of development and the used technical and architectural concepts. Article is written by developers of a portal — students of the Technopark. We hope that experience of development which we impart will be useful to readers.

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The digest of interesting materials from the world of Drupal #15

2 years, 11 months ago
Hi everyone!

On November 19 in the world of Drupal there was an important event — release of a habr to Hacker News. We decided to collect the most important here, in our special issue No. 15.

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Drupal 8. The training materials and not only

2 years, 11 months ago
Friends, you to me, of course [1][2] , will not believe, but there was Drupal 8. Recently many questions on what to esteem, look, listen for studying of the eight arrive. Very many feel not quite surely and ask questions: to pass to it or not to pass, Drupal or not, and to all other is live.

In this article I will express the opinion on this sore and a topic of the day, and also I will share with you as a bonus the list of useful materials which gathered based on all previous releases of the Drupal-digest and which, I hope, you will be helped.


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Use of the AJAX processor of WordPress

2 years, 11 months ago

WordPress, being one of the most popular CMS in the world, it is supplied with detailed documentation, to be exact, even two. In this connection you should not perceive this text as the description of certain "best practices" at all and precisely nobody forces to follow described blindly. Article — just prompt reply to a question "as?!" (the following paragraph) and the detailed description of everything that needs to be known to force WordPress to answer AJAX requests (all other article).


Traditionally AJAX requests require two things: a script on the server (bekend) which will respond to the requests, and a script on the client (frontend) who will make these requests. WordPress allows to delegate functions on the appeal to special URL according to which there is a processor of requests.

So, it works, "WordPress-way", here so:

  1. On a bekenda by means of function admin_url we receive the link on the processor of AJAX requests and we transfer it to a frontend to one of methods. To this link we will make our requests.
  2. On a bekenda Hook with function for processing of a certain action is registered. Let's call this action, for example, of get_posts.
  3. Front-end makes requests to URL-at from point 1, transferring an action name. For example, ?action=get_posts.
    On a bek-enda if on an action Hook is registered, the function set by us is executed.

Here and so it is simple. Now is more detailed.

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The digest of interesting materials from the world of Drupal #14

3 years ago
We collect useful articles and the latest news from the world of Drupal and we share with you once a month. Meet October release!

In Russian

  1. Nikita Malyshev actively imparts the experience with Drupal 8. The freshest note at the moment: Drupal 8 Block Plugin API. It is worth paying attention, after all already there was release of Drupal 8 rc2.
  2. Not bad lives and fork drupat Backdrop. Egor Martsenyuk has shared port of the subject Bootstrap on Backdrop CMS.
  3. For those who does not print team of drash on the machine gun yet, the note Autocompletion of the Drush teams will be useful.
  4. Returning directly to drupal, eternally hot topic of creation of entities from code in the blog nightdevel.
  5. In the same place there was note how to implement choice of color from palette in the form.
  6. It seems, blue heart will again be lit in the territory of Russia soon: the Siberian drupal-community has planned DrupalCamp Siberia in Novosibirsk. While parts are specified, you can send the preliminary application with the wishes.

Drupal Lite

  1. In the best book about Drupal 7 6 chapters are already written. Very much we recommend!
  2. One more project on GitBook: set of useful recommendations for the Drupal Organised developers.
  3. Important video for those who only starts working with drupaly and it was lost in thousands of its modules. The detailed text version in Russian, though is a little obsolete, but too will approach: 1, 2, 3.

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4 rules of control interfaces of content which nobody follows

3 years ago
It is the first post in the blog of the project Floksim — the Russian open-source CMS which is developed by our team. Very soon we will open beta and we will tell about that, why the world needs new CMS that we can offer users and developers and what plans at us. And in this article I will tell about our approach to management of content and I will try to prove that it is really important.

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Готовая сборка новостного портала NewsModxBox

3 years ago

Два года назад я писал про готовую сборку интернет-магазина на MODX Revolution. За это время было сделано не мало интернет-магазинов на ShopModxBox (о бОльшая их часть силами сторонних разработчиков) и на сегодня количество установок движка составляет 200-300 штук в месяц. Проект и сегодня продолжает развиваться, получая в ядро новый полезный функционал.

Главные качества, которые мы отмечаем в ShopModxBox — это высокая производительность, гибкость и минимальный объем кода (ShopModxBox — это решение на базе фреймворка MODX Revolution, и его собственная часть кода составляет буквально 3-5 тысяч строк php-кода + Smarty-шаблоны).

И вот на днях мы выпустили новую сборку NewsModxBox. Здесь основа та же, что и в ShopModxBox, только логика заточена именно под новостные порталы и СМИ. Сборка пилилась под реальный и совсем не маленький новостной портал и во многом отвечает реалиям бизнес-логики электронных и смешанных СМИ.

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The digest of interesting materials from the world of Drupal #13

3 years, 1 month ago
Hi everyone!

We collect useful articles and the latest news from the world of Drupal and we share with you once a month. Meet the thirteenth release!

In Russian

  1. Let's begin with articles devoted to Views. Noticed, what at creation of new representation it is possible to specify tags? Why they are necessary, read in article One template for several Views.
  2. To change value of the opened Views filter — small snippet from @xandeadx.
  3. Views handler for display of field value of the previous audit — example of creation of the non-standard field type.
  4. And here note about other powerful module of drupal: How to delete the task planned by Rules Scheduler.
  5. Everything that you wanted to know about rendering tables in the drupal: Part 1, Part 2. In tabs!

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About poor XWiki say the word

3 years, 1 month ago

"If you are polite,
Tell that: "Zdrasti".
And if you will be answered: "No",
Constrain passions!" (c)

Once … when once again, performing routine work, You will be, wasting time, to remember: in what of versions of the project and for what reason changes have been made to calculations, design or the text … about the User — know that for you time of fight against Passions for Structuring has come! Structuring, or strategy of the organization of separate information, rests against opportunities and abilities of the specific person which productivity entirely depends on those tools which he uses for these purposes, whether it be notepad or ACS.

Today there is huge number of such tools directly and indirect solving this problem, with different degree of efficiency, but in my opinion the future behind products the tools of analytics, programming and search integrating into themselves not only instruments of input, sorting, representation and design of data, but also containing. XWiki as to the representative of such direction it will also be devoted sowing article which will include the overview, installation and setup of Wicky engine which will be interesting both to beginners, and the advanced users.

Welcome under Cut (it is careful — traffic, pictures)

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