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I want that the websites opened instantly

2 years, 10 months ago
Hello, my name is Alexander Zelenin and I am web developer. I will tell how to make so that your website opened quickly. Very quickly.

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Performance measurement of functions in JavaScript

2 years, 11 months ago

Performance always played a key role in the software. And in web applications its value is even higher as users can easily go to competitors if the website made by you works slowly. Any professional web developer has to remember it. Today it is still possible to apply successfully the mass of old acceptances of optimization of performance, like minimization of amount of requests, use of CDN and not use to rendering of the blocking code. But the more developers apply JavaScript, the problem of optimization of its code becomes more important.

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We invite to a meeting on web development on December 2

3 years ago

On Wednesday, December 2, we invite frontend-developers in our Moscow office to share experience and to discuss nuances of work. Developers of the Mail and Main Page projects will tell how they in Mail.Ru Group optimize a code of client part of applications what features of implementation of component approach they faced and what tools used. Guests are also waited by a master class on which speakers will show methods of acceleration of development process, support and integration.

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Preparation of FMOD libraries, Cocos2D-x, OpenAL and OpenSSL for the Android-devices constructed on the Intel platform

3 years ago
Any serious Android-project does not do without third-party libraries. Sometimes they can be found in a type, suitable for target architecture, sometimes – no. Then libraries should be prepared independently, for example, building from the source code.

From this practical guidance you learn about FMOD libraries, Cocos2D-x, OpenAL and OpenSSL for the Android-devices constructed on the x86 platform. They, in particular – the first three, will be useful to those who develop games and multimedia applications. Namely, we will talk about their setup, compilation and use in Android-applications.

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As we managed to construct a video hosting for 1¢/GB

3 years ago

Why video hosting such road

From all types of the static files used on websites the most strict requirements to a hosting are connected with videos:

  • Styles, pictures and especially scripts delay a page available time for use therefore response time is important. On the other hand, the sizes of such files are usually small, the keshiruyemost good, partial load is not important.
  • Video files have the big sizes, a keshiruyemost bad (most of the viewers watch a specific commercial for the first time), at the same time the user can want to watch any part of video. On the other hand, speed of delivery that the commercial could be watched without breaks for buffering is important.
  • The loaded software has rather big sizes, however the speed of delivery is not so critical, as in case of video.

Lease of servers for a video hosting in the USA is much cheaper (for outgoing gigabyte), than in many other countries. However delivery of video from the American servers on other continents seldom happens rather fast that the movie could be watched without breaks for buffering and that the waiting time before reproduction was acceptable. Therefore owners of the websites with videos coming to the international audience should rent local servers in different parts of the world closer to the users. Demonstration of a roller to the user from Russia, for example, costs to the typical video website several times dearer, than demonstration of the same roller to the American. It is necessary or to pay more expensively, or to reduce quality of video for the foreign audience. Here also enter after that the international market.

To solve this problem, we had to make software more smart.

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Section about client programming on HighLoad ++

3 years ago

I do not know how you, but I have found time when the frontend was not yet. The majority of models programmers could impose independently, well there the difficult: <table>, <table> и <table>

Then there was block imposition, maker-ups were selected in separate profession, but remained on supporting roles. One maker-up, the member of collective most deprived of civil rights fell on team of several server programmers — it sometimes even itself could not implement the code, usually into template HTML imposition was turned by programmers.
Has passed some more years, and the situation has changed in root! Not each PHP-programmer will understand how it is arranged and Angular or React works. Pages became interactive, in the course of the concept of the thick client and Single Side Application, Igor Sysoyev lets out nginScript, the compiler JavaScript for nginx, and the profession of the maker-up was converted in the frontend-developer's profession. By the way, as the employer I will tell that it is much heavier to find frontender, than bekender.

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Why Mobile First?

3 years ago
About Mobile First is written quite a lot and there are good books on this subject. And all the same most of developers and the companies do not use it in the projects or do not know in general about this approach.

Therefore I want to tell you about it in brief and with examples, it will be useful information for those who did not hear about this approach.
I will try to answer three main questions:

  • What is Mobile First and its pluses
  • Approach implementation
  • Statistics of results

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We get rid of Amigo, MailUpdater, Yandex. Browser and other

3 years, 1 month ago
All history is that it is possible to forbid installation of programs in the domain means of GPO in principle, and in that case at installation the login/password of the accounting entry with the necessary rights will be requested. But here ill luck — programs like specified in the name of article (+menedzher of browsers, Unity Player and other) are established in the folder of the user and successfully work in system. Idle time (article on only 1 page) way to get rid of Amigo once and for all is found very much! To whom it is interesting, I ask under kat.

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Design of the software

3 years, 1 month ago
If we have planned article which will not be interesting to anybody, probably have written about importance of design of buildings before their construction. But, fortunately, any person understands why you should not build houses by eye, adding features directly in the course of construction. When developing the software it is still useful to remind what it is necessary to begin it with design — i.e. with full planning of that directly we should razrabtyvat, in what terms, with what basic data and the expected result.

In 13 years of experience of the Edison company in autsors-development for the medium-sized and large companies from Russia, the USA, Europe and Australia we have developed own scheme of design of software about which in this post and we will tell.

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Yandex. Blogs — we will think for you

3 years, 1 month ago

The next chapter of the extremely topical thriller about optimization of services of Yandex


At once I want to tell that I love Yandex and I respect at least that it, unlike all-powerful Google, does not ban me on IP. But some decisions which are made by the company, cause, frankly to tell, bewilderment.

Last time we discussed forced choice of your location and the access to services of the company corresponding to it. For example, if you define the location in Minsk, Belarus, Yandex. You will not see market of Russia and to ask the price of goods of neighbors to which 3-4 hours of driving from the capital (for Dzhigits and people who do not love themselves, two), you will not be able.

This time Yandex has made decision to arrange ethnic cleanings in the ranks of search delivery of the service of Yandex. Blogs. All of us remember that if something has got to the Internet once, it remains there forever and it, it seems as, it will be possible to find by means of the corresponding services. But Yandex on this subject has, for some reason, other opinion. Search delivery on Yandex. To blogs has been mercilessly cleaned and now it is possible to find only records are not more senior than two months. All the rest — in the furnace garbage can, most likely. Now «вон-тот-прикольный-пост-в-ЖЖ-я-помню-пару-слоâ» it is necessary to look for in the general delivery.

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