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Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24?

2 years, 10 months ago
If you are puzzled with search of CRM, then at numerous forums will inevitably face mentioning the Bitriks24 and its systems discussion. There are enough supporters and opponents: someone claims that it is not CRM at all (that the truth), someone reduces all functionality of system to an enterprise portal, someone remembers about 12 free users. As well as in any other company, employees of Bitriks fixedly monitor for withdrew also discussions of our products in a network. Sometimes we are surprised by the separate comments and even tales connected with Bitriks24. But to all there is a limit. We will consistently tell that such Bitriks24 actually as it can integrate the company and help any business in our blog on Habré.

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Export of two and more directories from Bitriks in 1C on demand

2 years, 10 months ago
Many faced a problem of export of the directory from Bitriks in 1C.

But not all managed to find suitable option. The built-in means of Bitriks do not give a freedom of action in this plan. Let's consider what options offers Bitriks:

1) to the address Shop — Settings — Export of the Directory

But it is possible to specify only one directory for export in settings and if it is necessary to unload more that does not approach any more.

2) Shop — — looked at export of data, saw what already is where to clear up.

It is possible to configure export to YML and CSV. And even in kroner to place according to the schedule. And even to make unloading on demand from 1C, the truth with use of crutches. This functionality is already worthy considerations, but owing to a rake and the fact that there was a wish "pure" XML too is swept aside.

And there was a question — what to do? To take YML? Or CSV? And can eat other options?

It was decided to sort on shelves a standard exchange between 1C and Bitriks.

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We program 1C on Ruby

2 years, 11 months ago
The controling mechanism "thick client" 1C on OLE gives full access to all functions and data. It gives the chance at customization 1C or its integration with external systems not to use the built-in programming language at all and, respectively, not to limit itself it to syntax, opportunities and the environment of execution.

Instead it is possible to use any modern language having library for work with Win32 OLE. For example, JavaScript (Win32 OLE supports Node.JS) or Ruby (the necessary library is included into a set of standard libraries of language).

Below some practical experience of work with the OLE interface on Ruby will be described. The description does not apply for completeness, only the fact that it is necessary for simple automation or integration at the level of data is selected and described: reading record reference books and documents, execution of requests.

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OOP in 1C hands. How to imitate the classes and objects and why it is necessary

2 years, 11 months ago

I want to tell about how I use object-oriented programming in 1C. More correct it simulation since in the most built-in language there are no such opportunities. Nevertheless, an opportunity to create logically independent, isolated, self-sufficient fragmena of a code (moreover with the data encapsulated in them), is very useful.

Them it is possible:

— to reuse in the same project;
— easily and simply (without reflecting) to transfer from one project to another;
— to transfer to someone else, or to lay out on the Internet for general use as an independent cure of a certain task which respectively also easily can be copied and inserted by someone into own project);
— having a class, it is possible to create several objects at once (to build of them arrays, collections, lists, etc.);
— still some pluses about which I do not know …

In this article will acceptances of simulation of OOP are shown by means of procedure oriented language 1C.

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Non-paid, that is for nothing: a free ERP solution for modest e-commerce of business on the Ultima Businessware platform

2 years, 11 months ago
All hi.

We present habrakolleg the closed beta community - release of a new product: the ERP system free (almost) for business e-commerce small (almost):

  • to 12 simultaneous users — it is free
  • open configuration with zero license restrictions for modification and use
  • as a web component for the full-function integrated online store Bitriks is used (instead of Ultima eStore)
  • integration with 1C: Accounts department 3.0 through REST API
  • to services of developers all opportunities of the Ultima Businessware platform without restrictions

In addition to distribution kits, the unrolled full-function demoversion in the form of an image of the virtual computer — including is available to first attempts at writing of developers.

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Small reflections about alternatives and about "murderers" 1C

2 years, 11 months ago
Read article about alternative 1C recently, about the fact that it not modular and at all not cake.

And the reason, seems to me, articles, is that authors or do not monitor for a long time development of a platform 1C, or moves them youthful maximalism, or is unsuccessful implementation honey agarics. In this article I will try to explain the point of view that 1C it abruptly and is very viable.

In advance I apologize for confusion, just I write without delay.

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As to us to equip alternative 1C

2 years, 11 months ago
As the problem of writing of "analogues" and "alternatives" 1C nontrivial, is sense to state the vision and the key moments on the basis of experience of writing of the heated hand-made article. Well and as a bonus to hear criticism and in time to remake where missed.

Upon, at the moment 1C occupies an overwhelming segment in a niche of accounting systems. It is explained by a variety of reasons including aggressive marketing. I will remind a technical aspect. 1C in a general view, consists as if of two physically separate parts — actually platforms (kernels, the engine) and a so-called configuration.

The configuration is that part where actually and the applied business logic is implemented. The platform provides persistent storage, business objects of the high level, any designers and composers of reports, and a special programming language. But the technological framework in itself, even with such opportunities, would not make success. Therefore the configuration is delivered with already written logic — accounting, trade, a warehouse, etc. taking into account the current legislation. It is rather volume work, but as a result the user receives the ready finished solution. And as the code of the configuration is open, there is opportunity, to somehow adjust business logic and to arrange under the business.

These are pluses. But there is also a mass of minuses. That it is possible not to describe to esteem for example here here.

Attempts to force out 1C the great variety is undertaken. The majority of projects tries to surpass pluses 1C. To compete with huge corporation business unpromising. Products, written to Delfi or .NET, that is the demanding recompilations, in general non-competitive, those who try to fasten as DSL javascript or VBA engines look slightly better, but in any couples such solutions can be used generally if there is a regular programmer what small business, as a rule, cannot afford.

Let's try to approach on the other hand. Not to try to surpass advantages 1C and to propose solutions of those problems where 1C has minuses.

As minuses where that counterbalance pluses and we these minuses will not have even if at us will not be of pluses at the level 1C, the balance approximately will be same.

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How easily and quickly to put the preloader on standard AJAX of Bitriks?

3 years ago


I visit Habr for a long time, but has decided on article just now. And that, not article it at all, and so — it is rather, the note how it is easy and without pressure, without editing of kernel and troubles with Ajax to take and replace standard poor window of preloader of bitriks with the any HTML/CSS code. Let's start?

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Two types of applications for "Bitriks24"

3 years ago
"Bitriks24" represents complete set of tools for the organization of company performance. Here you will find all necessary for creation of communications in collective, for task management and projects, for work with different documentation, CRM, means of communication and many other things. Often there are situations when standard means of cloud service it is impossible to solve this or that business challenge. By means of open API clients and developers can easily adapt "cloud" under the specific objectives, configuring business logic.

At desire, the tools can be expanded by means of independently developed applications which conditionally share on two types:

  • internal (cloudy)
  • external (server)

Our many partners create proprietary applications for "Bitriks24". Someone does it only for the needs, someone gratuitously spreads in the general access, and at someone it turns out to earn on it. One of our partners once too has become interested in development for "Bitriks24", and has achieved in it impressive results — its applications are used already by more than 30 thousand Bitriks24 portals. And if you too were going to develop application under the needs, recommendations and councils from our partner can be useful to you.

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Bad "Spring" or as the reasons of delays were looked for

3 years ago
We have got used to see stories of projects with millions of clients and the whole park of servers, but different interesting and funny situations can meet and on rather small projects. One of them has occurred recently. Once the server working normally has suddenly started braking in a random way …

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