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Anti-recessionary backup

3 years, 8 months ago
In 2015 the majority of the companies the IT will review budgets because of change of an economic situation in the country. If the enterprise could save the budget on IT in rubles, then it means reduction of the equipment purchased in dollars and the software twice. Moreover, the part of the companies because of sanctions cannot buy the equipment even in the presence of the budget. At the same time tens which can be placed on the sanctions list at any time are the share of one company which is under sanctions and lose support on the purchased equipment and the software from the vendor.

What to do in that case, to postpone IT projects until the best times? Whether there is an alternative to eminent commercial solutions on backup on free and an open source software? Whether it is possible to receive on it functionality similar to commercial products? Pluses and minuses of the organization of backup on free software understand this article and the received functionality is in detail compared to commercial products.

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Archiving on the magnetic tape in Veeam Backup &Replication v8: new to well familiar old

3 years, 8 months ago
Many organizations use the devices working with the magnetic tape in the infrastructure of backup. The magnetic tape was and remains effective remedy for long-term storage of backup copies, allowing to implement the rule "3-2-1" of data security. For this reason Veeam continues to improve support of tape libraries about what there will be my today's story.

Behind details welcome under kat.

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Whether many information you store in Dropbox?

7 years, 8 months ago
Whether many information you store in Dropbox?
I do not use Dropbox
Less than 100 MB
100 MB — 2 GB
> 2 GB (The participant of the actions on expansion of amount)
> 2 GB (I have the paid account)

2310 people voted. 107 people refrained.

The users only registered can participate in poll. Enter, please.

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