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ASP.NET 5. Authentication on a token

2 years, 10 months ago
The application, and the client application on Javascript with use of this API was required to me to write certain ASP.NET WebApi. It was decided to write on ASP.NET 5, at the same time and to study new release.

If it was the normal MVC application, I would use cookie-based authentication, but cross-domain requests do not allow to transfer cookies. Therefore, it is necessary to use token-based authentication.

Microsoft offers the implementation — JwtBearerAuthentication. But hunting most to understand everything. Therefore I decided to write the implementation — BearerAuthentication.

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ASP.NET of 5 Identity 3 and new tools of authentication/authorization

2 years, 10 months ago
Life in Las Vegas is not limited to gamblings. Despite glory of the gambling capital, pass also actions absolutely from other spheres of life here. In particular, the annual DEVIntersection conference which this year was visited by command of our developers. And here we want to tell about all the most important and interesting that they learned at conference.

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Immersion in ASP.NET of 5 Runtime

2 years, 10 months ago

The introduction from the translator

This article is transfer ASP.NET of 5 — A Deep Dive into the ASP.NET 5 Runtime — introductions to architecture of DNX and ASP.NET 5 constructed on it. As original article was written in March, 2015, to time when ASP.NET 5 was in a stage of active development (approximately beta 3), a lot of things in it became outdated. Therefore at transfer all information was staticized to the current ASP.NET 5 version (RC1), references to the connected resources (generally on and the source code on GitHub were also added (you look only in cases if implementation is interesting to you). Pleasant immersion!

.NET Runtime Environment (DNX)

ASP.NET 5 is based on flexible, cross-platform runtime which can work with different .NET CLR (.NET Core CLR, Mono CLR, CLR. net Framework). You can start ASP.NET 5 using a complete. net Framework or can start using new .NET Core docs which just allows you to copy all necessary libraries together with the application in the existing environment, without change something else by your machine. Using .NET Core you can also start ASP.NET 5 krossplatformenno on Linux docs and Mac OS docs.

The infrastructure allowing to start and perform the ASP.NET 5 applications is called .NET Runtime Environment docs or DNX is short. DNX provides everything that is necessary for work of .NET of applications: host process, CLR hosting logic, detection of the managed Entry Point, etc.

Logically the architecture of DNX has five layers. I will describe each of these layers together with their duties.
The image is taken from the article DNX-structure wiki
Архитектура ASP.NET 5 и DNX

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We prepare ASP.NET 5: in more detail about work with Gulp

2 years, 11 months ago
We continue our column on the subject ASP.NET 5 by the publication from Dmitry Sikorsky (DmitrySikorsky) — the developer from Ukraine. In this article Dmitry tells about scenarios of application with ASP.NET 5 of popular means of Gulp in more detail. The previous articles from a column can always be read according to the link #aspnetcolumn — Vladimir Yunev
Before emergence of ASP.NET 5 I never used such tools as Gulp therefore it was necessary to find some time and to understand what is it when I created the first project on this platform (the truth, then there still there was Grunt, but it is not important). I will not begin to press in basic things which already everywhere are rather in detail described (I mean that in your project there is already Gulpfile.js and you can perform tasks from it, using the manager of execution of tasks the Visual Studio 2015), and at once I will pass to business and in practice I will show how it is possible to use Gulp for automation of all in your project on ASP.NET 5.

Fragments of the Gulpfile.js file of a test project of AspNet5Gulpization which entirely lies here will be given in article:


You for certain know for what the new wwwroot folder is used. Actually, with its emergence I a little in a new way looked at scripts, styles and pictures. Namely, as well as server code of the website, now I separate them into source codes and objects, ready to the publication.

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On December 12 at 12:00 (MSK) you watch Community DevCamp online

2 years, 11 months ago
On December 12 at 12:00 be connected to online broadcast of Community DevCamp – action for developers from developers. The main speakers will be recognized experts of community who will tell about how they see, use or are going to use the latest innovations for developers on .NET — .NET Native, Roslyn, cross-platform development on ASP.NET, the containers Docker, Azure Service Fabric, F# — and many other things.
Event is held with assistance of community MVP.

Program of action:

  • Functional programming on F# in processing of big data and machine learning//Dmitry Soshnikov
  • Server development on technologies of Microsoft//Evgeny Agafonov
  • "What prepares for us approaching C#7?"//Andrey Akinshin
  • Machine learning for the developer – the tools Microsoft Azure//Dmitry of Roosters
  • New opportunities of Azure for creation of effective processes of continuous testing in DevOps commands//Igor Shcheglovitov
  • Impact Maping in examples//Alexey Losev

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Final schedule of Community DevCamp (Moscow, on December 12)

2 years, 11 months ago
wrote, we prepared for you Community DevCamp – action for developers from developers. At last we decided on a final grid of reports if you were going to approach a certain report — watch the updated schedule.

Action will take place this week, on Saturday. The main speakers are recognized experts of community who will tell about how they see, use or are going to use the latest innovations for developers on .NET — .NET Native, Roslyn, cross-platform development on ASP.NET, the containers Docker, Azure Service Fabric, F#, C#7.

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How to cope with problems in the legacy project after 3 other commands

2 years, 11 months ago
This article does not apply for being the universal recipe, we will try to describe in it those problems which we faced, and their solutions in the project we got which after 3 other commands.

In the beginning we will shortly describe a project essence. There are doctors in clinics which on special devices dictate information on the patient and his visit. Then this information is transferred to a text type (the special division which staff listens is responsible for it and type the text), the text is checked, there is a filling of a template. Then there is a movement on Workflow which includes different stages with different business logic, then there is an integration to several external systems. And, at last, the letter to the patient is printed and sent. And work is archived after a while (but at the same time it can be recovered as necessary).

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At 12:00 you come 12:12 to Community DevCamp in Moscow

2 years, 11 months ago
We invite you to Community DevCamp – action for developers from developers. Action will take place in a month after Connect ();//2015 in New York and in a week after virtual Visual Studio Connect (); in Russia. The main speakers will be recognized experts of community who will tell about how they see, use or are going to use the latest innovations for developers on .NET — .NET Native, Roslyn, cross-platform development on ASP.NET, the containers Docker, Azure Service Fabric, F# — and many other things.

Event is held with assistance of community MVP.

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The building block application on ASP.NET 5

2 years, 11 months ago
Rather long time when developing websites for the clients I used own simple CMS (Platformus). It was written on ASP.NET+MVC and had closed source code. With the advent of the first beta of new ASP.NET 5 I decided to rewrite the system on this technology to make it cross-platform and, finally, to lay out on GitHub. Since technology very new, information on this question was practically not therefore the solution of some problems managed to be found or it is accidental, or in the course of studying of source codes of ASP.NET 5.

For simplification I prepared and also laid out on GitHub a special test solution – AspNet5ModularApp. Generally I will rely on it in this article, but also I will concern some acceptances and ideas which used in Platformusa (partly, in hope to receive on them any notes).

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Let's Encrypt: receipt of the certificate on steps

3 years ago
In this article the real method of receipt of the certificate from Let's Encrypt in the manual mode for its further installation on the Windows Web server (IIS/Microsoft Azure) or Linux (completely manual mode) will be described. Because of the absence of the official client under Windows for generation of the certificate the Linux distribution kit will be used.


Background: from the very beginning for the website of our Moscow company (according to the link the test beta certificate of Let's Encrypt is already set) the "simple" SSL certificate was necessary for confirmation of the domain and data encryption.

In the first opening days of requests for beta testing the decision to register was also made and recently the letter which reports that now the ACME program will generate the valid certificate for our domain came:

Further we decided to publish article with the step-by-step instruction of process that by the time of release you could already quickly create and begin to use the certificate.

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