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152-FZ. TsODy, databases and notifications on them

1 year, 10 months ago
According to the changes made to the Federal law by 152-FZ Federal law of 21.07.2014 N 242-FZ the notification sent to Roskomnadzor has to contain:

10.1) data on the location of the database of information containing personal data of citizens of the Russian Federation;

Until recently given requirement was not duplicated neither in Administrative regulations of Roskomnadzor, nor in forms of the corresponding Notifications (they are two — for giving in paper and in electronic form — and strangely enough they are different). But as the law - is - the law (the changes 152-FZ demanding to specify location of a DB with PDN became effective this summer), it is logical that Roskomnadzor demanded to specify from operators these data in the notification. And naturally it caused difficulties in operators as could answer a question as where it is necessary to specify nobody.

But everything changes and the Ministry of Communications issued the Order of August 28, 2015 N 315 (links in pdf, a text type).

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The thin ACPI setup on the example of Thinkpad X220

1 year, 10 months ago


Over last few months I quite often had to get into arguments about various portable computers: the vendor is better to break a spear in what disputes and why, to discuss compatibility with GNU/Linux and how in this system to configure this or that function and, periodically, me ask to share configs. Under the influence of these discussions this article was also born.

The most part of the computer experience I use laptops so-called "business of a series": IBM ThinkPad 600, HP-Compaq nc2400, Lenovo ThinkPad X61T, Lenovo ThinkPad X220.

There were short-term breaks when it was necessary to be interrupted by aby-what, that is computers of a consumer segment: Apple ibook G4 and Acer aspire 5112 and came to these moments understanding of how such obvious and usual things strongly are not enough as trekpoint and a docking station.

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Java 8 in a parallel. We learn to create subtasks and to control their execution

1 year, 10 months ago
All hi.
We continue the cycle of articles devoted to processing of large volumes of data in a parallel (the beautiful word, a lie?).
In the previous article we got acquainted also the interesting Fork/Join Framework tools allowing to break processing into several parts and to start side-by-side execution of separate tasks. What new is in this article – you ask? I will answer – more informative examples and new mechanisms for high-quality information processing. In parallel :) I will tell you about resource and other features of work in this mode.

I invite all interested under kat:

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sin 1 ° on the calculator

1 year, 10 months ago
Калькулятор Casio
Important refining — the calculator normal, without the sin button. As in accounts department or in the market.

Under a cat three different candidate solutions from different eras, from ancient Samarkand to the USA of times of cold war.

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We subdue UEFI SecureBoot

1 year, 10 months ago
These promises should be kept if they are made at first in final part of the opus about safety of UEFI, and then are repeated from ZeroNights 2015 scene therefore today we will talk about how to force UEFI SecureBoot to work not for the benefit of Microsoft as it is most often configured by default, and for the benefit us.
If it is interesting to you how to generate the obstvenny keys for SecureBoot how to set them instead of standard (or together with them), how to sign your favourite EFI loader how to prohibit loading unsigned or signed with others conversion keys as the interface for the SecureBoot setup at AMI, Insyde and Phoenix looks and why it, by and large, is not important at all — welcome under kat, but be afraid of a large number of pictures and long console instructions.

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How to work with time stamps (timestamp) in PostgreSQL?

1 year, 10 months ago
The subject of work with time marks in PostgreSQL is badly opened in Russian-language profile publications on the Internet and is a frequent source of problems in work of programmers. I bring to your attention transfer of material from Hubert Lubaczewski, the author of the popular foreign blog I hope, article will be useful to you!


From time to time in IRC or in mailing groups somebody asks questions which show deep misunderstanding (or a lack of understanding) of time stamps, especially those which consider time zones. As I already faced it earlier, allow me to tell that such timestamps as to work with them and what most widespread hitches you can face.

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Mercurial: we change history

1 year, 9 months ago
When I got acquainted with Mercurial, I got all the knowledge from Spolsky's articles (transfer into Habré) which in detail describe the basic principles of work of Mercurial and daily work with it. Long time I used Mercurial in limits which did not exceed the volume of these articles. Likely, for the single developer of it it is almost enough. Almost. But Mercurial much more widely also has today potential allowing editing the change history which existence, in general, is not obvious though these opportunities are rather valuable. And from comments to different articles on version management systems it is visible that many developers do not know about these opportunities. Below I want to carry out the overview of a number of opportunities Mercurial connected with change of history.

About what the speech will go:

  • phases
  • hg commit – amend
  • hg strip
  • hg rebase

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Tibero. First pancake

1 year, 12 months ago
Recently in my life the period of search of new work ended. On one of interviews of this period I learned that in the world there was new DBMS which developers promise to overshadow just about Oracle all-powerful. The tempting promise right there generated at me desire to try this miracle of overseas equipment. It was talked of the Korean Tibero DBMS.

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Rust 1.4 is let out

1 year, 11 months ago
Fairly according to the diagram we meet Rust 1.4. The release incorporated 1200 patches from the moment of the last release. The main attention was paid by stabilization of language, and it is already serious argument, for benefit of the fact that language purchased clear forms, syntax and standard library.

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PROLOG for programmers

1 year, 9 months ago
Language of logical programming PROLOG (further – the PROLOGUE) is represented to most of programmers something confused and of little use for practical application. At the same time, the Internet is based on the symbolic information therefore practically all modern programmers face need to process character data structures, and for this purpose and language of logical programming the PROLOGUE is intended. This language – ideal for work with character structures, text files and for creation of intellectual programs.

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