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Microsoft increased safety of the Edge web browser

2 years, 11 months ago
Microsoft disclosed some technical details of big updating for Windows 10 about which we wrote recently. It is about the Edge web browser for which increased security measures with transition to the special EdgeHTML 13 platform were included. Now the web browser will block loading of those DLL libraries which are not supplied with the digital signature from Microsoft. This measure will significantly increase immunity of the web browser to advertizing software which specializes in implementation DLL in web browsers, and also from malicious software and ubiquitous toolbars.

It should be noted that certain security measures which distinguish it from Internet Explorer 11 were initially taken for the Edge web browser. For example, it does not support the mechanism of outdated types of the ActiveX and Browser Helper Objects (BHO) expansions. Edge also does not use the engine for work with VBScript (VBScript.dll) in which enough RCE vulnerabilities was found.

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As Moore's law influences evolution of technologies of data storage

2 years, 10 months ago
In our blog on Habré we considered a question of influence of relevance for cloud services. But how the situation in area of technologies of data storage is? As Moore's law influences their evolution — Wired edition material is devoted to this subject. We present to yours the main theses of this note.

Each 10-15 years the industry of data storage undergoes serious transformation. Last time it occurred in the late nineties when storage networks appeared (SAN, storage area network). Emergence of this technology allowed the large companies to receive high availability, redundancy and other important characteristics. Now, transformation happens around the Flash technology, but it is not it per se, and in the accompanying evolution of other elements of data-centers.

Moore's law formulated still in the seventies the last century claiming that the number of the transistors placed on an integrated circuit chip doubles each 24 months meanwhile works. In 1970 the speed of processors made 740 kHz. Based on Moore's law today we is had multi-core processors which speed is measured by gigahertzes. This drama break performed for last four decades promoted development of new innovation technologies, like the same virtualization.

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Work with HealthKit. Part 1

2 years, 11 months ago
Our colleagues from Techmas will share experience with HealthKit and an application creation for fitness in the scraper of articles. The first article is input on technology and considers the application which selects personal data from Health.

The HealthKit platform was published by the Apple company in iOS 8. It represents API for third-party applications which allows to use to collect information about a state of health of the user. HealthKit includes the Health application preset by default on iOS8 and iOS9 which displays all available data: physical activity, power supply, pressure, calories, time of a dream and other personal characteristics.

Right after start of a platform developers faced a number of problems which led to temporary prohibition on its integration. Now everything is corrected and is debugged, and applications in AppStore with use of HealthKit become more and more.

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The lightweight designer of parsers with an interactive mode

2 years, 10 months ago
Periodically facing small problems on development of unpretentious analyzers of the text, solved this problem to automate and the academic interest haunted. Originally looked towards Racc (one of interpretations of Yacc), but it seemed me rather not a simple solution for my small tasks and then I decided to develop the unpretentious analyzer. Though, of course, if you develop the compiler or something similar and still commercially, then definitely you should look towards Racc.

But if you want to understand what is the parser and as fast to write it most, at the same time without reading a lot of articles about lexical analyzers like book of a dragon, then forward under kat (though the book very good).

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Microsoft will raise the prices on software

2 years, 11 months ago

In February, 2015 there was price increase at Microsoft corporation for 15-30%. And here the new rise in price since January 1, 2016 on products and services of the known company by all is again predicted. Prices for products of Microsoft will change both for private, and for corporate users for 19-25%. Office products of Microsoft Office and Office 365, software for servers, cloud services based on Microsoft Azure, a line for developers of Microsoft Visual Studio and other products will rise in price. For private users the prices will be raised by 19%, for business — for 19-25%, depending on the program of licensing. Corporate customers and private users still can purchase products of Microsoft and update license agreements at the current prices before their adjustment.

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SparkleFormation — the CloudFormation generator of templates with rainbows and unicorns

2 years, 12 months ago

If you seriously use AWS (Amazon Web Services), then for certain know about an opportunity to describe infrastructure by means of JSON templates. In AWS this service is called CloudFormation. In fact this solution allows you to describe a desirable status of any resources available in AWS (instansa, layers of opsworks, ELB, security groups, etc.). The set of resources is called a stack. After loading of CloudFormation of a template the system itself or will create necessary resources in a stack if they are absent yet, or will try to update existing to a desirable status.

It well works if you have a small amount of resources, but as soon as the infrastructure expands problems appear:
  • In JSON there is no opportunity to use cycles and for similar resources it is necessary to repeat the same parameters and in case of change too (not DRY)
  • For the configuration record for cloud-init double escaping is necessary
  • In JSON there are no comments and it has a bad cheloveko-chitayemmost

To avoid similar problems engineers from Heavy Water wrote on ruby DSL and CLI for generation and work with these templates under the name SparkleFormation (github).

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We write tactical game about digits under Android

2 years, 10 months ago
When I only undertook programming (3 months ago), I quickly understood that it is better at once to begin to be engaged in the projects. It is impossible to be all day long at books or courses, but if you begin to do something special, then easily stay behind development from morning to the morning.

This article — the small tutorial how to make logical game with a bot. Game will look here so:

* I will in detail describe rules once again in the section about AI.

Conditionally I separate readers of article into three groups.
  1. Began to program a few hours ago.
    To you it will be difficult, better previously complete some small course on introduction to Android-development, deal with two-dimensional arrays and interfaces. And then load the project from a gitkhab. Comments and this article will help you to understand as as works.
  2. Already you are able to program, but you cannot call yourself experienced yet.
    It will be interesting to you because you very quickly will be able to make the game. I undertook a dirty job on creation of logic of game and an ui-component, I leave you creative part. You can make other mode of game (2 on 2, online, etc.), to change algorithms of a bot, to create levels, etc.
  3. Experienced.
    To you can be interesting to think over AI — to write it not so easily as it seems at first sight. Also I would be very glad to receive from you notes on a code — is sure, I made not all optimum.

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Example of express performance review of SHD by means of the free Mitrend service

2 years, 10 months ago

Studying of a problem with performance and search of solutions are familiar to much not by hearsay. There is a large number of instruments of visualization and parsing of statistics of input-output. Now automation of the intellectual analysis based on Internet services gains steam.

In this post I want to share an example of the analysis of a problem with SHD performance based on one of such services (Mitrend) and I will offer ways of its solution. In my opinion, this example represents the interesting etude which as I think, can be useful to a wide range of IT readers.

So, the customer asked EMC to look at performance unrolled at it in SAN of hybrid storage system VNX5500. The VMware servers on which all turns "in general" are connected to SHD: from infrastructure tasks to file a sphere and the DB servers. Complaints to podvisaniye of the applications unrolled on connected to VNX servers were the cause of carrying out this express assessment.

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As I rewrote 8 months the cryptocurrency to PHP for Go. Part 1

2 years, 10 months ago

"Do not call and do not write me more!!!!" — SMS from my girl Katya came. Through a couple of hours I realized that now I had a heap of free time and I decided to rewrite Dcoin on Go.

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As we made ABBYY FineReader, or the history which occurred 20 years ago

2 years, 10 months ago
ABBYY FineReader – the program for recognition of texts which in Russia is known to much since student's times. This year FineReader is performed 22 years, it is a little younger than our Lingvo dictionary. How so left that together with the dictionary young programmers from BIT Software (at that time ABBYY was called quite so) were engaged in recognition of texts? And what helped Fayn to become one of the programs which are most recognized in the market?

Actually, everything is very logical. If not Lingvo, FineReader'a could and not to be. Everything began with a large-scale and ambitious complex under the name Lingvo Systems. With its help the person could scan the text in one language, pass it through the program and get translation, however, draft, but for understanding of its sense was enough.

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